PLL – Final Theory

Here’s my list of who will be declared as Uber A in tonight’s final episode of Pretty Little Liars. This is in no particular order.

1. Wilden – Because, who in Rosewood has ever hated the Liars as much as he did?

2. Toby (or a Toby Twin) – Of all the significant others, he’s the only one who hasn’t been around much this season and who has not had his story wrapped up yet.

3. Twincer – Because the last time I refused to include the theory I didn’t want to be true, it was true.

4. Mona – Just because I still think it’d be brilliant, especially now that she’s broken down.

5. Jason – His story still hasn’t been really wrapped up either.

6. Wren – Why was he so prominent all the time only to be swept under the rug never to return?

7. Melissa – Only because, her motive could be that since she knew about Spencer being a product of Peter’s infidelity, she wanted to get revenge on her.

Only 2 PLL Episodes Left!

We only have two episodes left until PLL is over forever! When Mona was revealed as A, I thought it was brilliant. Pretty much everything after that has been exactly the opposite of what I want to happen, especially the whole CeCe/Charles/Charolette plot. Keeping that in mind, I’m going to predict the possible end of Pretty Little Liars based on what seems plausible even though I really don’t want it to happen! These next theories are based on posts found and thoughts shared by my roommate and our friend.

Wilden is still alive. Wilden played a very important role in Charolette’s confession to the Lairs. Wilden’s face was also used as a mask. Is that relavent to the truth? Or was it just a scare tactic to throw off the Liars? It seems that no one in the history of Rosewood has hated the Lairs as much as Wilden did/does. Therefore, it could make a lot of sense if he were Uber A.

Spencer has a twin. How often do things happen with Spencer that don’t entirely make sense? Or that are just kind of weird? Hanna thought she dreamt of Spencer helping her. Why did Spencer care so much if Ezra said anything about her being seen with Wren? Why would anyone care if she was seen with him? It doesn’t seem to add up. Spencer’s scene with Toby, though it breaks my heart to say it, seemed a little too much like it could have been a copycat of Jessica, Peter, and Mary. Also, Marlene said she didn’t plan on the show ending like the series. All that means is that Ali doesn’t have a twin. That doesn’t mean another Liar can’t have one.
Mona is going to die. We all know this show is big on death, but not redemptive death, because everyone on this show has pretty much deserved to die or just got way too close to the truth. Mona on the other hand has done everything she can to redeem herself and also seems to be getting incredibly close to the truth! As far as redemptive deaths go, you really can’t get someone better or more fitting than Mona!
Here are my personal thoughts on Mona though: I want to say Mona is just trying to redeem herself by figuring out the game, because the girls don’t trust her, so she had to go behind their back. At the same time though, I still think it would be brilliant if it’s her as Uber A! She’s in our face! She was in our face the first time and and CeCe was in our face too! That or maybe, if there is a second set of twins, it could be Mona? Hanna did say she seems different… though that could just be the crazy shining through….?

Miss Aria You’re a Killer; Not Ezra’s Wife

What do we know about Aria?
2×22 – She’s good at keeping secrets.

3×07 – We’re pretty sure this was not only an acronym.

5×07 – Eddie Lamb recognized her and she freaked out.

7×15 – A has something BIG on Aria!

Based on the above information, let’s assume the following: Ezra Fitz got his under aged girlfriend, Aria Montgomery, pregnant, but she didn’t tell him, because she got an abortion. She got an abortion, because Ezra was under enough heat just for dating her, let alone getting her pregnant. To get the abortion, Aria went to Radley, because it’s basically a don’t ask, don’t tell kind of place where she knew secrets could be kept. Of course, she wouldn’t know for a while how many and dark of secrets Radley could keep, but she knew Radley could keep secrets. After her abortion, Mona found out; or CeCe found out and told Mona, because well they were both A at one point. Mona used this information as a scare tactic for Aria. A few months later, Eddie Lamb noticed Aria at Radley and she pretty much immediately freaked out. Let’s assume Eddie Lamb, who was a nurse at Radley, was there when Aria got her abortion. As Aria and Ezra started to work closer with Eddie, he disappeared. Let’s assume that’s for two reasons. 1) CeCe didn’t want him telling her secrets. 2) Uber A was saving Aria’s dirty little secret for a special occasion. Now, of course, we know that that special occasion was to get Aria to work with him/her. Maybe Uber A would have drawn Aria in sooner, but didn’t have the necessary evidence to reel her in? Idk, but he/she did wait. Of course, because Aria is the liar with the biggest heart–Emily is the most loyal, but Aria feels most deeply–A knew that with the right evidence, he/she could get Aria to do almost anything.

Or, we can get even darker…. what if Aria and Ezra really did kill someone? What if Eddie knew and she killed him too? Probably not, but you know… it is Rosewood!

CeCe Drake…Charolette DiLaurentis… Whatever her name is!

I haven’t watched the episode from 5/30 yet, so Idk what happens in it, but I just have to say that I still think that even though she was Big A, that CeCe was just trying to protect Ali and probably her friends too! She lived in Radley for years, so of course she was psychotic and misguided, but I still think her ultimate goal was to protect the girls from Uber A…

These Boots Were Made for Stalking – Recap and Review

Okay, I finally watched Pretty Little Liars. I must admit, it’s getting better. I mean, it’s not as great as I once thought it was, but it is getting better. So, let me recap and review!

The episode starts with Emily and Hanna discussing how tired they are of playing A’s games, while Aria and Alison are still in it to win, and Spencer just feels super guilty for playing the board game in the first place. After explaining that this is all so ridiculous because they’re not in high school anymore, Emily storms out of the barn. Hanna complains that they’re all supposed to be in this together and Spencer assures her that they are.

Throughout the episode, Emily and Paige are hit with one dramatic play after another as if they were still high school students instead of teachers. While Emily and Paige are discussing Paige’s Alison drama, a young trouble student named, Addison, overhears them. After Paige leaves, Emily finds Addison and confronts her about skipping swim practice the day before. Addison just mouths off at Emily. Later, Emily confronts Addison again in Ali’s classroom and threatens that she will be out of the competition on Friday. Addison mouths off again and leaves Emily and Alison alone. They discuss the A drama, baby drama, and how much worse Addison is than Ali was in high school, not knowing that Addison is listening to them from the hallway and taking pictures of Emily giving Ali a comforting hug. She uses this picture to try to get Paige to believe Emily has been being really inappropriate with her and the other students. Of course, Paige smells the BS from a mile away and takes the info to Emily, telling her that she’ll take care of it. She does this by forwarding “an email from Addison to a friend” to the principal and her parents. Addison 0 Emily and Paige 1.

While leaving Ezra’s apartment above the Brew, Aria is stopped by a journalist asking about Ezra and his reunion with his long lost fiance, Nicole. Furious, Aria sets the record straight and informs the journalist that she is Ezra’s fiance before storming off. “I didn’t realize there were two of you,” the dude shouts after her. Aria meets with Holden to discuss wedding menu plans for her wedding, but instead helps him with a meal that was doubled at the last minute for another wedding. While she helps him, she vents about Nicole and later receives a notification on her phone with pictures and a news article for Ezra and Nicole’s reunion. She plans to confront Nicole, but Holden stops her just in time and they go to eat together.

In the family home, Spencer confronts Veronica again about Mary Drake and Peter Hastings. She mentions how ironic it was that she was placed in Radley so many years after she was born there and asks if Melissa knew. Veronica seems to inform her that Melissa didn’t know enough to know. Later, Spencer tells Veronica that she’s not going to be working with her anymore and she tells Spencer that they’ll be selling the house as soon as possible, because it will be healthy for all of them to sever ties with Rosewood. The following, rather heartbreaking conversation took place next.

With a sad fury in her voice, Spencer said, “Fine. Sell it. It’s just a house.”

“No, it’s not,” Veronica replied. “It’s a home. It’s your home. It’s the only home you’ve ever known.”

To which Spencer says, “It feels different now.”

“Not to me it doesn’t,” Veronica disagreed with a voice full of feeling. “Spencer, it’s not about walls, and a roof, and a staircase. It’s about a family that lived here. A family that I tried to keep together despite all of the lies and losses and the crap that life’s thrown at us. My children made even the worst moments bearable. We got through them together. Not because we have the same blood flowing through our veins, but because we’re a family. All I wanted to do was to make you feel safe and nurtured and… and loved. That’s what made it a home for me.”

Spencer cried, while turned away from Veronica, but quickly wiped her tears and said, “We should go. We’re gonna be late.”

When Mona showed up at Hanna’s place giddy with excitement because Katie really loves all of her work, but really, really loves one dress in particular, Hanna reacts defensively and says that Katie can’t wear that dress. In typical Mona fashion, she won’t take no for an answer and tries to encourage Hanna to reconsider. Later, when Caleb reluctantly admits that he agrees with Mona, Hanna informs him that it’s not only her design, because she took tips and pointers from her former dragon lady of an employer. Caleb tries to remind Hanna how terrible she was and that she had taken enough from Hanna, including their relationship. While discussing the matter with Mona at The Radley, they find Jenna wearing the exact design that they’re discussing. When Mona confronts her about it, Jenna refuses to answer where she got the design.

Spencer calls Marco to come over and he shows up, in his running outfit no less, as soon as he finds her message. After some cooing from Marco, Spencer gets to the point of her call and shows him the letter from Mary, asking him to make finding her his top priority. Of course, he does and she goes down to the station with him. While there, Jenna shows up with a sob story about how Noel told her that CeCe had left a large sum of money for her to get another surgery on her eyes. She claims that Sara was Noel’s first victim and that she was next, so she played along with his game to find the money CeCe left her, so that he wouldn’t kill her. He wanted the money for himself, because his parents cut him off, so he was poor.

Hanna and Emily both receive messages from Spencer about Jenna showing up at the station, while Aria gets some quality Team Sparia time as Spencer recaps in person while Holden is off getting tomatoes for his dish. The two girls discuss the possibility of Spencer getting to know Mary about maybe forgiving her. Unable to get a hold of Spencer, Hanna calls Emily and they discuss the message from Spencer.

While on the phone with Hanna at the Brew, Jenna walks behind Emily with a couple of body guards, so Emily hangs up the phone, telling Hanna she has to go. As Jenna is leaving, Emily catches Jenna sending a message that she hears Addison receive nearby. Tripping over that sketchiness of Addison receiving a message from Jenna, Emily goes to Alison to beg for her spare key to Spencer’s barn so she can try to get answers from A. A makes Emily blackmail Addison with security footage of Addison in a car with her boyfriend behind the Brew when she should have been at practice. After she confronts Addison, Emily receives a text message from A saying to “confront your darkness” and another puzzle piece in her teacher’s mailbox.

Caleb goes with Hanna to spy on Jenna who ends up going to the same place where Hanna is having shoes fixed for Katie to wear with her dress. Hanna wants to confront Jenna, but Caleb does it instead and she basically tells him that her sob story about Noel was a lie. While Caleb is confronting Jenna, Hanna sneaks behind them to go inside the shoe store and of course, she ends up locked in a cage thing that nearly takes her out all thanks to A. Caleb finds her having a panic attack in the cage. Why is that she’s always the one to get trapped, tortured, and threatened nowadays?

When Emily tells the other Liars about her turn with the game and place her puzzle piece where it belongs, Spencer discovers that it’s a map and they realize A is trying to lead them right to him/her. “Game Over.”

Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen–PLL Characters


Once upon a time, Aria Montgomery was my favorite of the Liars. Now, I know that’s probably because I just really liked Lucy Hale and because I am pretty much always immediately drawn to the characters with tragic back stories and or love stories. Now though, Aria is my least favorite of the Liars. In fact, she and Ezra are now my least favorite characters, period. I may even like Jackie and Meredith more than Aria and Ezra, which is saying something because Jackie and Meredith were awful. Through seasons one, two, and parts of three, Ezria was my favorite and they were my favorite characters. Through seasons three and four, they started to lose their appeal, but I longed for they days of season one and two. Plus, if there’s anything I had learned from my original binge-watching obsession, Heartland, it’s that some relationships are worth shipping even if they break up, fight, and or face ridiculous obstacles in nearly every other episode. Obviously, I was hoping Ezria would be one of those couples. Unfortunately, seasons four and five showed me they weren’t one of those couples. Still though, I kept on holding onto hope that maybe true love would prevail for Aria and Ezra. When seasons six and seven came around, they put nails in the coffin of my love for Ezria. I tried to keep hoping, but all hope has been lost. I don’t really care if they end up together or not. In fact, I really don’t care what happens to either of them. They both annoy me now.

Emily and Alison are close seconds on my list of least favorite Liars. They’re just kind of boring. Throughout the whole series, I have felt little to know emotion for Emily. Actually, the only times I’ve ever felt anything for Emily were in the moments with her dad. I didn’t even care when Maya died. I am just completely unaffected by anything in PLL related to Emily Fields. As for Alison, I liked her more when she was dead and missing. I’ve tried to empathize and sympathize with Alison and I do feel for her, but I just don’t like her as a character. She has as a character has added nothing to the show. She couldn’t have stayed dead or missing and it would have been fine with me. Let Charles DiLaurentis be Spencer’s secret brother/sister earlier than the season 7B premiere and let someone else fall in love with a doctor who isn’t really a doctor. That’d’ve been fine with me. at least I would have had stronger feelings about it as time passed. Sure, in the moment, I totally felt for Alison in every one of her tragic reveals, but now that time has passed, I just don’t care.

After Emily, Alison, and Aria, I find it hard to choose my favorite Liars. Even though Mona isn’t included on the official list of Liars, anyone who has read previous PLL posts knows that she’s on my list of Liars right beside Spencer and Hanna. I suppose, these three are my favorites because they are the most relatable, even if I did used to say Aria was the most relatable. They’ve all three felt what it’s like to be rejected. They know how it feels to feel unloved and unaccepted. They know what it’s like to find that one person who looks past all the negative and loves you for the positive anyway.

Even though Mona hit Hanna with a car and tortured her and her friends for years, Hanna has still always loved and mostly accepted her. Does she trust Mona? “Sometimes.” She always loves her though. Even when Mona was in Radley right after confessing to being A, Hanna went and visited her, despite Caleb and the other’s wishes that she not. That’s true friendship. That’s what I want in a best friend—someone who loves me no matter how crazy I am. Thankfully, that’s exactly the kind of best friend I do have. I know good and well that my obsessive tendencies sometimes border, if not cross the line of crazy. And yet, my best friend loves me anyway. She lets me send her excess amounts of posts about my obsessions, she has long, detailed conversations with about my obsessions, and she even joins in on many of my obsessions, sometimes before I’m supposed, sometimes without knowing I’m obsessed, and sometimes after I’m obsessed. That’s true friendship—loving your best friend even if they’re insane. Hanna loves Mona even though she was clinically insane. And Mona? Well, Mona—I think—has and is doing everything she possibly can to prove to Hanna that she loves her too. She’s trying very hard to atone for the sins she committed as A and just as a mean girl in general. Anyway, I love a character who is the redemption character—someone who spends the majority of their time in the story becoming better than they were before and if she does end up being on the A Team or evening being Uber A herself, then that’s even better, because as a story arch, I just thing that would be absolutely brilliant.

As for Hanna, she’s the realest character of all. She doesn’t have any deep dark secrets. Her skeletons are those of a broken family and a broken self-image. She acted out because her parents had marital issues and thus she had daddy issues. She developed an eating disorder because the popular girl told her too. She became the popular and kind of mean girl, because she was bullied and all the other things she has done have either been on accident or with an accomplice. To quote the song “Nervous Girls” by Lucy Hale, “Hanna in her skinny jeans is too damn scared to eat.” That was Hanna Marin for several seasons and long before we even met her. All she cared about was looking good, being popular, and getting the guy, because those were the things she thought she needed to be loved and accepted. Then, Caleb came to town and slowly showed her that none of that stuff was when made her beautiful, loved, or accepted. Of course, she didn’t actually believe that until he left for Ravenswood and came back, but she is finally too that point where she knows Hanna Marin is all she needs to be. Of course, she still struggles, but that’s why she’s such a great character, so yeah, actually, Hanna may be my favorite character of them all. One thing is for sure though, Haleb is definitely my favorite couple!

Finally, there’s Spencer Hastings. She has been rejected time and time again by her various family members. She just learned she was adopted by her mother (which by the way makes all of the other Spencer and Veronica scenes make so much more sense) because her biological mother was in a mental institute. Throughout the series, she has discovered that her father cheated on her adoptive mother not once, but twice and got both women pregnant. Her half-sister Melissa and half-brother/cousin Jason are two of the sketchiest people ever to live in Rosewood. Her ex-boyfriend once made her believe he was working with A and made her believe he was killed in a motorcycle accident. She’s been being stalked for a decade. One of her best friends made her believe she died, then that she was kidnapped, only to confess that she really just ran away. She was placed in the same mental hospital that she would later find out is the same place where she was born because it’s the same place her biological mother and half-sister, or brother, I’m still not too clear on that, was locked up for who knows how long. Spencer Hastings has been a mess throughout the whole series and it’s only becoming more and more clear with every episode as to why it’s totally okay that she’s a hot mess 98% of the time. In fact, it’s basically a miracle she’s not truly insane by now. Actually, at this point, Spencer could end up being A and I wouldn’t blame her in the slightest, because half of Rosewood is related to her and has done tragic things to her anyway, so why not? Then of course, there’s Spoby, who just needs to get back together already, because they’re breaking my heart and I don’t even care half as much about the show anymore as much as I once did.

Anyway, this post was written mostly just because I was reading some of my old posts and couldn’t help but laugh at myself for how much I loved Ezria only to get to a point where they are my least favorite characters! Then, I decided I might as well write about how I feel about the other Liars too while I’m at it.

PLL 7×11 Recap/Tiny Theory Session

Okay, so I watched Pretty Little Liars today! As I stated, I’m going to try to write at least one blog post a week for the rest of the series, since this is what really got me into blogging and since it’s going to be really the last chance I get to theorize while PLL is still airing new episodes. Who knows, maybe I’ll come back and write more once we know who Uber A is so I can try to fit all the pieces together. That’s what my best friend and I joked I would do before the show started its downhill spiral. Anyway, I must admit, I did like today’s episode! It wasn’t one of my favorites of the series, but it wasn’t a bad episode necessarily either. I took notes while watching it, and basically, I’m just gonna share my thoughts of the episode today with a little bit of theorizing as I go.

Ezra’s back. We knew he would be from commercials and teasers, but I do have a few thoughts about him. Does anyone else think he might just be back because Nicole didn’t want him? Or simply because he doesn’t know what he wants? I got that vibe in his first scene with Aria and I got that vibe again when he told her had to go to New York because Nicole’s parents asked him to go. I also get a super weird vibe from him and the fact that he’s always conveniently not around when Uber A stuff goes down. I mean, we know he’s got the tech savvy to potentially build a high-tech board game. Could he be Uber A? Or A.D.? Whatever we’re calling our torturous stalker these days? I would say I think not, since there’s supposed to be a wedding this season and that a little birdy (IMDB) told me his mom is supposed to be another episode, but I just don’t know. I don’t know who to trust anymore! At this point, of the regular characters, Ezra is definitely up there on the “Do not trust” list! Maybe it’s just his acting, I don’t know. I’m just saying, he always seems super sketch.

HALEB! Let me repeat, HALEB! ❤ I know we didn’t get a lot from them, but I don’t really care! I’m rooting for them! Not only because at this point they’re the only couple not having issues, but also just because I love them! That being said, I still haven’t completely ruled out Caleb in the “potential A” department, but that’s mostly just because A is a techy and so is Caleb. Other than that, I don’t really get any sketchy vibes from him, but I could be wrong. After my strong desire to rule out CeCe as A was crushed—even though I did mention she could be a hardcore suspect in past posts—I refuse to even think about not wanting someone to be A.

I do NOT like Paige! She gives me the wiggins (Yeah, clearly, I’ve been watching way too much BtVS, which as you can tell from other posts is my newest obsession)! I don’t know what it is about her, but she does! Again, maybe it’s just her acting—the acting from PLL isn’t as good as I thought it was eight months ago; maybe it’s just that they play better teenagers or something? I don’t know, but Paige just creeps me out! And what’s the deal with her and Alison? Like, I get that Ali was super horrible before disappearing, but once she came back she was fairly decent—at least, as decent as anyone in Rosewood is. Besides, Alison has been through A LOT! Give her a break if she is plays the victim a lot, it’s not like she’s faking—I mean, unless of course she is, but that’s a different story. Alison was forced into hiding by someone trying to kill her and her friends. She found out she had a sister who was originally her brother who was the one tormenting her and her friends and said sister ended up murdered after mending a relationship between herself and Alison. Then, Alison fell in love with and married a man who claimed to be a doctor but whom is really just someone entirely different! Speaking of, is Alison really pregnant? Is her baby really the “baby of a perfect stranger?” Or is the baby Emily’s? And Emily’s right. Why does she and the other Liars have to keep proving their love and loyalty for Alison? They’re only in this stalking/murder mystery mess because of her in the first place.

To be honest, I’m kind of digging this new board game A has for the Liars. I mean, it’s totally creepy, but it’s kind of cool too. Speaking of the board game, now we know Spencer is really Mary Drake’s daughter. That means Peter Hastings has three kids—Melissa, Jason, and Spencer, who are all half siblings, because Melissa is Veronica Hastings’ daughter, Jason is Jessica Hastings’ son and Alison’s half-brother, and Spencer is Mary Drake’s daughter and CeCe Drake’s half-sister. So in total that’s five siblings with Spencer coming in with the biggest family since she has three half-siblings, a biological mom and dad and an adoptive mom. Which, btw, answers question number thirteen of my twenty-one listed questions in first blog post of the season, so YAY! Maybe that’s what Maya knew? Maybe, after living in the DiLaurentis house, she learned that Spencer is half-Drake. Idk, but at least that’s one question answered. Oh, and btw, that letter from Mary to Spencer! ❤ 💔 I totally feel for Spencer and her anger toward Veronica for staying in a relationship with Peter after he cheated on her not once, but twice with two different women! And produced a child each time! Kudos to Veronica though for taking Spencer in! Knowing Radley, they probably would have done much worse than just give her up for adoption! Maybe that’s why she felt familiar in Radley? Maybe she visited Mary a bit before growing old enough to remember? I doubt it, since Veronica and Mary seem to hate each other so much, but maybe. Or, maybe it’s just another one of Peter’s lies? Maybe he secretly took Spencer to visit her birth mother?

Okay, and let’s talk about Mona and Hanna! I just LOVE them! And they’re chat totally summed up basically every relationship in Rosewood. Mona: “Do you trust me?” Hanna: “Sometimes.” Mona: “Make this one of those times.” That’s the show right there! They summed it up perfectly! haha. Anyway, I just love them. They are the ultimate screw up best friends! haha.

Spoby! ❤ 💔 We didn’t much from them either, but what we did get was just… ugh! Why didn’t she talk to him about Mary? I know they’re not together anymore and that she’s trying to be the noble ex-girlfriend, but dang it! He was always the one person there for her! I need him to be here for her now and vice versa! Maybe Spoby doesn’t end up together, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be best friends! I see nothing wrong with that as long as they’re not like locked up in a room or the woods somewhere by themselves, because stuff, both A stay and love stuff, happens when couples are alone together! Also, they totally summed up the whole show with that conversation! Spencer: “The world doesn’t work like that.” Toby: “Maybe not the rest of the world, but this is Rosewood.”

Finally, what is up with Jenna in that dark room with A? Is she really on the A team? Or has she been captured by the A team? Or do they have something on her? She smiled pretty hugely after she said, “You said you’d tell me today about the game” and then read that it said, “End game.” Maybe it was a sadistic smile, or maybe it was just a smile of relief. Maybe she’s tired of being one of A’s chess pieces. Only time will tell.

The Beginning of the End: PLL

I guess, since I’ve spent so much time blogging about Pretty Little Liars, I should post something about the beginning of the end. The first of the last ten episodes will be airing later this evening. I wish I could say I’m excited, but I’m really not. Do I want to know what happened to Spencer and Toby? Of course I do! By the end of the last episode, I was still shipping Spoby and Haleb, but now I couldn’t care less if Ezria ends up together or not. Ezria was my ship in seasons 1-3 and I still held out hope for them through seasons 4-6, but in 7 I realized they’re a lost cause. Not because they won’t end up together, but because they don’t have the same chemistry they had in the first few seasons. Honestly, I think I’d rather see one or both of them be Uber A than see them end up together at this point. That or Aria can just end up with Jason (assuming he’s sane and not A or a minion, of course) because as twisted as it may be, I always liked them together too. I mean, part of me will still be happy if in the end all three main ships sail off into the sunset (I don’t particularly like Emily or Alison with anyone. I kind of them like them both single), but I won’t be super duper excited like I once would have been.

As for Uber A, at this point I don’t really care who it is. They screwed up everything so much with the CeCe Drake is really Charles DiLaurentis thing that I don’t see how they’re going to be able to save themselves. For a stalker show, PLL had been fairly realistic in most aspects up until the Charles Reveal (except for the whole Ezra writing a book thing, but that’s whatever).  As much as I really didn’t want CeCe to be A, it would have been an EXCELLENT reveal if she had been–not as Charles, but as CeCe, the big bad older college girl that kind of dated Jason and got kicked out of school by Alison. That would have been GREAT! Combine the facts that the CeCe is Charles reveal was a huge let down for a lot of fans, that they jumped five years into the future, and dragged the wait time between 7A and 7B out eight months and you’ve got a huge mess of a series finale that even the most obsessive of girls is really only going to watch so that she can see the end results of a show that up to this point seems to have just wasted a bunch of time and energy.

Don’t get me wrong y’all. I may still theorize and get excited over certain events, especially if they make up for the past season and a half, but no matter how obsessed I may seem, I’ll likely still just be watching to get it over with. That being said, there are still some things that I fully expect to see and get answers for.

  1. Who or what the hell is in the barrel!?
  2. What’s the real story for Toby’s mom?
  3. Why is Wren so relevant sometimes and so irrelevant other times?
  4. ^^ Ditto for the entire Hastings and DiLaurentis family.
  5. Is Mona on the A Team still or is she really one of the Liars?
  6. What happened to Eddie Lamb!?
  7. Why has Bethany been so freaking important throughout this series!?
  8. Will Spencer, Toby, and Yvonne come out of their gun shot and car accident without too much damage?
  9. Will we ever find out exactly what happened that night when Alison disappeared?
  10. Will we ever find out exactly who Wilden is/was?
  11. Who is Lesli Stone?
  12. Why have the parents always been so close to the mysteries and yet so far away at the same time?
  13. What was in A’s secret files for Mr. and Mrs. Hastings?
  14. Why have Noel, Jenna, Andrew, and Lucas been so close to the mystery of A all the time?
  15. What’s the deal with the NAT club?
  16. “Miss Aria You’re A Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife” needs to be answered! What did Maya know!? And what really happened to her?
  17. What really happened to Holbrook?
  18. What happened to that Sydney chick who was close to Jenna?
  19. Is Spencer really Mary’s daughter?
  20. Who has a twin?
  21. What was Ali really up to all those years between her “death and resurrection?”

And that’s really all I can think of right now, but I’m sure there’s other stuff too.


At this point, here’s what would have to happen for PLL to redeem itself for me:

  1. Mona was Uber A all along! She only revealed herself in season 2 so that she wouldn’t be expected later on.
  2. One of the boyfriends or Melissa is Uber A. Maybe even one of the dads? Byron, Peter, or Kenneth could make sense if the story is spun just right.
  3. Neither Jason, nor Wren are Uber A, because at this point whether I always assumed they were or not, I’d hate to see either Jason or Wren be Uber A. If either of them is, then there needs to be this really intricate story that makes everything make sense. Even then though so many people have suspected them at this point that it’d be kind of lame.
  4. There was never anyone named Charles DiLaurentis and if there was, then it wasn’t CeCe. She just pretended because of x, y, and z reasons.
  5. The expected second twin is Spencer’s and not Alison’s. Or really anyone’s as long as it’s not Alison’s, because the show is supposed to be different than the book, meaning Alison can’t have a secret twin.


Okay, so, it’s been a while since I’ve posted about Pretty Little Liars and that’s because it’s broken me. I don’t even know how to theorize about PLL anymore! After the dollhouse… I don’t know man…. I guess I just feel like I was in the dollhouse with them and didn’t come out of it very well! But Y’ALL! I have a group chat with three friends and my roommate, Anicka Deese, came up with my favorite theory EVER! She gave me permission to copy and paste her theory and post it here. I’m also gonna post screen shots of our reactions to it, because we piece a few other things together, too!
“Theory… Very patchy! Just thoughts I came up with. Not fully convinced of it either but this is my first big theory so don’t be too hard on me lol.
I dig Courts Wilden theory. Them bringing back Wilden as the masked persons gotta mean something. Street Cred to you on the Wilden portion Courtney.
Mary has three kids: Spencer, Bethany and Wilden.
Spencer’s dad is her biological father and since Mary is seen as unstable, Peter Hastings got full custody of Spencer. This is whySpencer had that weird dream about being in Radly. She was born there.
The blond girl in Spencer’s baby book is Bethany.
Cece is actually a Dilarentis. When her parents put her in Radly,Mary Drake looked out for her which is why she called herself Cece Drake.she didn’t want the Dilarentis name anymore and took on Mary’s who was actually there for her.
It all started “That Night” when Bethany was killed. This made Mary Drake furious. On top of that, her daughter was dead and she was locked up in Radly while Mrs. Dilarentises daughter Ally got to live the perfect life. Mary wanted revenge and manipulated Mona into being her first A. Mona was so insecure and mentally unstable due to Alys bullying she was convinced. Mary invited her to be on the A team.
After Mona was locked up, Mary needed a new A. She had already had an A that bullied the girls, but she was wanting more. So she got Cece to start torturing the girls. Cece was easy to convince to be on the team. Cece felt like Mary took care of her and wanted to repay her for that. Cece always looked after Allison because even though she had so much anger toward her family, Aly was still her little sister. So as much as she tortured her, she also cared about her well being.
Wilden was so protective of Cece because that’s his cousin. So caught up in Alliso s disappearance because she’s his cousin and dead Bethany’s his sister. He was after the girls the whole time because Mary insisted they were guilty.
Cece was so emotional when she found Mrs D dead because she was her mom and she still loved her
Mary has always hated Mrs D because Mrs D wrongfully he her put in Radly after she was the one that let the baby die back in the day
Mrs D took everything from her. Her life when she put her in Radly, her kids because of it. And now Bethany is dead
Wren was hired by Mary Drake to be a spy and get info on her daughter Spencer. That’s why he met Melissa in the first place
Mary also created NAT as part of her A team to spy on the girls. Ian went rogue and tried to kill Mary’s daughter Spencer and in turn, she killed him.
Melissa knows more than she’s ever said but is being on the A Team to be a spy and protect Spencer. Wren let her in on everything after Ian’s death. Wren may or may not be on Melissa’s side and secretly working with Mary too. She cannot tell anyone what is actually going on at risk of being killed or framed.
Spence has mental issues from Mary.

“Maya Knew” maya found something in the house about Mary

Garrett was on the A Team but after giving Spencer a clue when she visited him in Jail, Mary wanted him dead too.
Eddie Lamb was at Radly all along and knows everything. Mary had him killed after he gave them the sketch book
Everyone that knows Mary, is scared of Mary
A Team is real, and Mary is the leader
People who got in the way – Ian, Eddie, Maya, Mrs. D., Garrett – They’re all dead.”

AND FOR YOU VIEWING PLEASURE–Something that very much seems to prove Melissa is not a villain but is DEFINITELY connected!

Tick-Tock, [Liars]–PLL Season 7

**Disclaimer** Pardon the “French” you’ll read throughout this post. I decided to keep it real today and post exactly what I was thinking as each major thing went down.


I’ll be honest. I was not super excited about the final season premiere of Pretty Little Liars after last season. I’m still not a fan of the Charles to Charlotte storyline, but whatever. I’ll live with it IF season seven continues to be as intense as the first episode was! I don’t think I’ll ever be as obsessed with PLL as I was when I first watched it, re-watched it, and then watched it again. After this premiere though, it just may have me hooked again! This premiere was so intense it had me on the edge of my seat the WHOLE time I was watching! They didn’t even show her that much, but I think this episode proved me to me that Hanna is my favorite Liar! I always thought it was Aria and or Spencer. I was wrong though. There’s something about this episode that has me thinking Hanna is my favorite Liar now. Let me just walk you through my thought process as we progressed through this first episode.

We run into the clock tower at the church with the Liars and Lovers. All we see is Hanna hanging from the ropes the same way Ian was so many seasons ago. (Side Note: We never did learn the actual truth about what happened to Ian. Do you think we will this season? All loose ends have to be tied up right? Including the grand mystery of whatever the hell was/is in the barrel!? NO! I haven’t let that go and I won’t until we learn the truth!) All I could think was “NO! NOT HANNAH! NO!” Then, when we figured out it was just a mask on a dummy I thought, yelled, and tweeted, “Screw you, PPL! How DARE YOU make me think that!!!!!” (Fun fact: My uncle actually read my tweet and asked, “Are you okay?”) Like FOR REAL! I was so pissed I didn’t even feel relieved at first! The relief finally set in though after moment when I realized the body being a dummy meant Hanna was alive!

EVERY TIME Elliot showed up on the screen all I could think was, “Damn you, Elliot!!!!” Why can’t Ali have just ONE PERSON who doesn’t betray her or give up on her even for a moment? Even Emily has had a few moments when she gave up on her, until she believed in her again.

I may or may not have gotten irrationally excited when they mentioned Snookers at Hollis! Then when Spencer asked Aria, “Do you know where that is?” or whatever it was that she asked. I just laughed. Does she know where it is? Is she familiar with it? DUH! That’s where she met and made out with Ezra for the first time! It’s also where he first started to lie to and betray her, but that’s in the past now… right? I don’t know. To be honest, I have a hard time with that. In real life, if I found out someone was lying like that to someone I loved, I wouldn’t be too quick to forget. Sure, I’d forgive, but I would not want her with him. We love the Liars right? They’re like our friends, or maybe even like our family. We’ve spent years of our lives with them! We’ve put just as much, if not more, energy into helping them solve the mystery that is “A” as they have. To quote Dumbledore from Harry Potter, “Of course it’s all in your head, but who’s to say it isn’t real?” That’s not an exact quote, but it’s close enough. The Liars and Lovers are our friends and family just as much as our nonfiction friends and family are. Anyway, on with the post.

When “Spencer” was with Hanna in the dungeon, all I could think was, “Be careful Hanna! That’s not Spencer! It’s them! They’re in a mask! It’s not her! Don’t tell them anything!” I also thought maybe it was a good thing Hanna thought it was Spencer. If it really was someone pretended to be Spencer, then they would know that Hanna would tell her the truth. That would be she was telling the truth when she said she didn’t know who killed Charlotte.

When “B-26” started playing, it pissed me off! I thought it was A at first. I thought, “What!? No! Not B-26! Why!?” Then they showed it was just some random kid and I was even more aggravated! Our emotions are already working overtime right now; we do NOT need to be tricked! Then when Aria went back to Ezra’s and said, “I don’t need to know what we are tonight. I just need to be with you.” My heart melted a little bit. I may not know exactly how I feel about Ezra and Aria being together, but I do believe in first love. Sometimes first love makes you do irrational things. I also believe people can change, so maybe, I hope, Ezra has changed and is here for Aria 100% no questions asked. They never really discussed that issue. They just kind of let it go, which really annoys me.

DUDE! Haleb flames were sparking all over the place tonight! Poor Spencer can see it and Caleb is probably just confused. Yes, he does have feelings for Spencer. He is in love with Hanna though and he just found out that she tried to come back for him, but it was too late. He had already left. He has to be feeling some kind of way about that! If he had just stayed maybe half an hour longer, they would still be together! Besides, Spencer needs to get over Caleb! I was a fan of Spaleb for a little while, because it’s always a little fun to have drama like that every now and then. It’s Haleb and Spoby time now though! I NEED a Spoby moment! We all do!

Mary Drake was first a patient at Radley for the death of a child in her care. What child? We need to think about this. I have a feeling it will come back and we’ll find out that this child was a relative of one of our own Rosewood residents. Do you think we might find out that Charlotte was never Charles? Maybe Charles was the kid that died under Mary’s care. Could Charlotte be Mary’s kid who they just claim was Charles? Maybe Charlotte was the true name of the kid who died and Charles took her name when he changed. The Hasting’s still have a big secret we briefly learned about in the season five finale when the Lovers were looking through A’s files. Who knows who the kid was. We’ll find out soon I’m sure.

Did Ali kill Charlotte? Ali is a lot of things. I don’t think she’s a murderer though. I mean, maybe it’s like with Spencer and Melissa with Alison and Bethany. Maybe it was out of self-defense. Alison loved CeCe and she loved Charlotte. She wouldn’t hurt her, not without being provoked. Who knows?

Caleb ran off with the jacket? What a moron! Caleb! If you would have just waited you might have been able to find Hanna and save her! You moron! You sick in love moron!

“Run, Hanna! Run!” I was quite impressed with Hanna’s escape. I mean, by now, you’d think she’d know a thing or two about being able to escape the evil clutches of A, but still! She impressed me. Then of course freaking Mary had to show up and OH MY GOSH! Just look at that face! THAT was the face I’m pretty sure I made too! Though, I was a little more angry-shocked than terrified-shocked!



Mary isn’t Uber A! She was driving when the dude dressed in black picked up the jacket. It could have been Elliott; I don’t know if I believe it was though. He had been asleep at Alison’s when Emily was there not too long prior to this event. It’s definitely a man. I truly believe it is a man. At this point what woman could it even be? All the women are spoken for in one way or another. At first thought I’m thinking it could be the following suspects. Wren Kingston–because I won’t let that go until the series is over. Jason DiLaurentis–when I first binge-watched PLL Wren and Jason were my first suspects. Peter Hastings. Kenneth DiLaurentis. Byron Montgomery–all the dads have always just creeped me out, well, except Emily’s dad. May he rest in peace.

Also on the list, though not so seriously: Lucas Gottesman–he’s kind of creepy too. Though, he may just be super socially awkward; he has been referred to as “Boo Radley.” Noel Kahn–he’s gotta come back some time, right? Andrew Campbell—he creeps me out too, though idk if it’s because of PLL or if it’s because of his role in The Foster’s. Either way, I’m not crossing him off my list quite yet.

When Elliott went to see Alison, my thoughts went something like this: “Stupid Elliott!!!! No! Damn you!!!!!!!” I HATE him so much! I don’t hate many people, fiction or nonfiction, it’s just not in me to hate someone. I hate, nay, I loathe Elliott with an absolute passion! Nobody claims to love one of my Liars and even marries her only to betray her the way he has! Ugh! I hate him! Then, to make it worse, he had to go and say, “I’ll make sure live a long life. Rotting away in here…. I know you killed Charlotte.” I do have to admit a small part of me is holding onto the hope that maybe, just maybe, whoever is behind all this is wearing an Elliott mask too.

This is going to be a VERY GOOD and EMOTIONALLY TAXING season y’all! They may need to reopen Radley as a mental institute again just so that we can all check in as patients. In a really weird, totally creepy, and absolutely unstable way, it just may be comforting for us to be patients at such a familiar place. We’ll spend all of our time their trying to piece together all the pieces to the puzzle once we have our answers anyway, so we might as well do it where all roads end—Radley Sanitarium. Anyway, I’m actually super excited about this season and I can’t wait to see what happens next! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to turn out my lights and attempt to sleep. I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to sleep after everything that has happened in two of my three favorite Freeform shows though, but I’ll try. Pray for me y’all! Send positive vibes! Do whatever it is you do for people who need a good experience in their life! I’ll be praying for myself and all of you to be able to shut down your brains and sleep. It may not be possible this season though. It’s like the final minutes in a really intense sports game. It’s crunch time! It’s now or never for our plotting, scheming, and theorizing minds to figure out the truth of Pretty Little Liars before all is revealed in the next year!

~~~ O.G. ~~~

P.S. I just looked through an episode guide and  one episode is called “The Wrath of Kahn!” What do you think tha means? 🙊😰

Finally Caught Up on Pretty Little Liars

            So, I kind of fell three weeks behind on Pretty Little Liars, because my TV stopped working during the episode in which Byron and Ella announced they’re back together. Then, after that, I kind of just had one thing after another getting in the way of my regularly scheduled PLL time. Let me tell you though, I’m almost glad I waited, because I could not have chosen a better week to get caught up! I mean, gosh! Them Spoby feels got me making the Toby face again. Sad TobyWhy!? Why do they have to put us through this? As much as I love Ezria, Spoby actually hits me with the most feels! I think, at this point, my heart might actually break more if they don’t end up being end game than it will if Ezria don’t end up being end game. Ugh! And that Haleb scene from whichever episode it was (I binged all four episodes in a row, so they kind of ran together.) Honestly, I do really like Jordan and I wouldn’t be totally bummed if Hannah ended up marrying him in the end as they plan to, but I would have a little piece of my heart permanently lamenting the loss of our beloved Haleb. And don’t even get me started on Ezria! Gosh! Those two are ridiculous, and I mean, come on, there is no way Ezra did not intentionally break the news to lover boy Liam about his relationship with Aria being much more than platonic! Clearly, he’s still got some major feelings for Aria and she obviously still has feelings for him! How could they not? They became a couple in the very first episode and have been through EVERYTHING together!

            So, let’s discuss all of our relationships (platonic, romantic, and friends) in a little more depth here. Hannah is trying so hard not to care about Rosewood’s hottest new couple Spaleb, because she does love and Jordan and they are engaged. However, she also still loves Caleb—he is her first love and all—and she wants to see him happy, even if it is with one of her best friends, her maybe especially because it’s one of her best friends. If it were me, I’d be grateful to know my first love was with one of my closest friends if he wasn’t with me. To me that’s the best way of knowing that he’s with someone really great and you also don’t have to say goodbye to being in each other’s lives just because you said goodbye to the relationship. I for one sometimes wish that I could still of my first love in my life, though, it’d probably be easier if we were both in relationships, which I’m not, and who knows if he is. Anyway, so there’s that Haleb vs Spaleb thing. I think Spaleb, though, they are kind of starting to get on my nerves the more I think about Spaleb means Spoby isn’t a thing.

            Then there’s Ezria vs Ariam (idk if they have a couple name, but I like the sound of Ariam for Aria and Liam, so I’m sticking to it.) These three are a HOT MESS! They’re coworkers, Liam is dating Ezra’s ex, and now Aria is working very closely with Ezra to work on their book. Add in the fact that Liam showed up to find Ezra waiting with Aria at the hospital after she was burned, things really are heating up (sorry, couldn’t pass up that pun!) Liam is cute and if Ezria wasn’t a thing, I’d honestly really like him with Aria, but I still feel like Aria (and Emily) has had the worst time getting over the whole ‘A’ thing and now that there’s a new ‘A,’ Ezra is clearly the only one she can go to with her fears, because he was there for her the first time. Sure, she could go to Liam, but it’d be entirely new territory for him, and I don’t know, I just don’t think he’d be okay with not going to the police quite yet. Liam isn’t like Ezra, Caleb, and Toby; he doesn’t know how many times the Rosewood police have turned on the girls no matter how solid their evidence has been. I just, I really think Aria needs to be with Ezra. He’s the only one who understands her. He’s a writer, a friend, a lover, and a Rosewood resident, so he gets it, whereas, Liam would never be able to understand.

            Spoby! The last scene with them and the flashbacks of them… I was crying literal tears! How could you not get teary-eyed for that? Team Spoby or not, that scene really hit me in the feels! Then, when Spencer went and called Yvonne to tell her she was there for her if she needed to talk, I was just… very impressed, especially since we know Spencer obviously still has feelings for Toby.

            Finally, can we talk about the girls and Mona? Did I miss something? What happened between the Dollhouse and now that made the girls suddenly turn on Mona again? She is one of them, and honestly, it really bothers me that she’s not considered one of the Liars! She may not be in every episode, but she’s just as much a Liar as Alison, Aria, Emily, Hannah, and Spencer are! In fact, she might as well be considered the biggest victim, given what she went through to try to redeem herself after Radley and considering the fact that she was in the dollhouse longer than the other girls! That’s just my humble opinion though, I guess.

            In regards to theories, I really don’t have any formed yet. It’s like I have a bunch of thoughts in my head, but they’re all just tiny elements swirling together in a pool of unformed theories. Here’s what I sent my “Partners in Theorizing” though. I’ll even include the typos for the sake of keeping it real:

I’m against this… But… That face mask looks eerily like Mona! I mean… I still think it’d be great for Mona to be again, since she already was, but I also just really want her to be good! Haha. Part of me thinks they’re pulling a CeCe and it’s going to be Leslie, since she was bey prominent for a few episodes and suddenly went away… But, I also feel like that’s what they want us to think…. Tbh, I’m not sure if I trust Liam or Jordan either though… Liam especially! He always seems like he knows more than he’s letting on. Then of course, there’s always the usual suspects named Melissa and Wren… Though, the flashback of their breakup seems like it could have been a clean break for him not to be in the show anymore… Or… His strong reaction to finding out about Melissa’s secret about Bethany could be a clue that he had something to with it too…. Idk? I’m not striking anyone off the suspect list, but I’m also not really adding anyone either… The creepy reported guy is rather suspicious too!

The One About Toby (and a bit about Theories)

I take it back! I am NOT okay with Spaleb! Nope! Not at all! Did you see Toby’s face when Caleb told him? No! Okay? No! It was close to the same face he made in the hotel when Spencer was talking to him about how she felt when he just let her cry outside his apartment! Then, as if the face wasn’t enough, he looked down at the ring he would have given “what’s her face” had he not been so tormented by the thought of Spencer and Caleb being together! Officer Toby didn’t propose like he had planned! Why do you suppose that is? It couldn’t possibly be because he’s still in love Spencer, could it be? I mean, he didn’t all have just a glimmer of hope on his torn face when he asked Spencer if she would be returning to DC at whichever time she would be allowed to, am I right? Ugh! My heart guys! It hurts right now!


^This is the face^

Let me tell you why the look on Toby’s face hurt me so much more than the look on Hannah’s face. It’s because Hannah is happily engaged to Jordan, who by the way, is a total sweet heart! And yeah, I get it, Toby was on the verge of being happily engaged to “what’s her face,” but I don’t know… there’s something different about Toby. Hannah, I guess, I don’t know, she just…. Before that scene when she went off on Spencer about already being Caleb, she actually seemed like she could have been happy for Spencer and Caleb to be together. Toby though, his immediate response was heartbreak. He couldn’t even look at Caleb when he wasn’t telling him it was okay. Hannah pretty much looked Spencer dead in eye when she told her it was okay. Now, don’t get me wrong, I fully believe Hannah loves Caleb as much as Toby loves Spencer, I just think Hannah might be slightly more able to deal with Spaleb than Toby can.

Let’s talk about that morning after scene though! Was it just me, or did it seem that even in the happiness and bliss of the moment, did Spencer seem to be a little bit remorseful? To be, she seemed a bit hesitant, like she could of a feeling of regret. I mean, I really do like Caleb and Spencer together for a short time and I really think they like each other, but I think Spencer loves Toby and Hannah. I wouldn’t be surprised if Toby ends up working with the girls again to beat this “big bad” or if Spencer goes to him one night when she needs to talk and something happens with them, and or the same scenario could take place with Hannah and Caleb! A girl can dream, right?


Okay, now let’s talk about this “big bad!” How creepy was that final scene? Like, seriously! He took off a LITERAL face mask! Not like the ceramic ones Charlotte and her minions wore, but like a flesh like mask! CREEP-Y! *skin crawls* This “big bad” is seriously out for blood! He’s not playing any games! His text message was serious when he said he’s hiding in plain sight! CREEPY! *skin crawls again* I don’t know if I can handle this! I just…. Ugh! I am CREEPED OUT! And, in case you didn’t notice, his glasses are totally the same as Leslie Stone’s!


Last, but certainly not least, Byron…. Creepy or not? If you say not, then I will question your sanity even more than anyone already questions the sanity of Pretty Little Liars fan! Byron is seriously CREEPY! I’ve kind of always thought so! I don’t care that he dated his student, I do care that he cheated on his wife, made his daughter lie, and gave his daughter hell for dating a teacher, when she learned it from him. There’s also something incredibly creepy about a man who has so much hatred for a girl his daughter’s age—any scene he’s had with Alison!

It’s Realistic; Get Over It

Okay, so I don’t really have any PLL theories that either new or fully formulated, but I do have a thought or two that I want to share about what has happened in Pretty Little Liars season 6B so far. Mostly, I have something to say about what happened in the last moments of the episode that aired January 26, 2016. That’s right. It’s time to talk about the ship that is Spaleb. I have a group chat opened with two of my roommates and one of our friends that is specifically dedicated to Pretty Little Liars conversations. In this chat, my roommate Ana and our friend, Courtney, shared how absolutely MAD they are about this whole thing between Spencer and Caleb. I shared how much I like it. *ducks from the things being thrown at me by you furious Haleb and Spoby shippers*

Okay, now that that’s out of your system, let me explain. Rosewood is one of the tiniest towns imaginable. I mean, there are like what, ten families that live there based on how many families show up in the show? And yes, the four liars and Caleb all moved away from Rosewood for five years, so they had plenty of time to meet many more fish in the sea. Aria has a new boyfriend and Hannah is even engaged, so why can’t Spencer be with someone who isn’t, ya know, Hannah’s first (and only) true love? Well, let’s see. Do Aria and Liam really seem happy? Sure, yeah, they could be happy together, but will Aria ever really be able to express herself fully to him about everything that happened to her in high school? Will he ever be able to understand why or how she became the woman she is? No. The answer’s no, especially not when you can see in his face that he clearly knows Ezra was something much more important to Aria than her high school English teacher. Can Hannah and Jordan really be happy in their proposed marriage? They do seem happy. They could certainly make it work, right? The same is true with them though that is true of Aria and Liam. Jordan will never really be able to understand who Hannah is, and I don’t Hannah even really wants him to understand. She’s still in love with Caleb.

Caleb, Toby, and Ezra (and maybe Lucas) are the ONLY men who could ever really hope to understand the girls because they were there when everything went down. They experienced it all with them. That is why it makes the most sense that if Caleb can’t with Hannah and Spencer can’t be with Toby that they be together. They’ve had a connection since that very first moment together in Ian’s office when Spencer was trying to break into his desk to get her laptop. They went to high school in a small town where all the liars grew up and so it makes sense. In a small town, it’s completely unrealistic that of the four liars (six, if you count Alison and Mona like I do) that none of them ever dated the same guy (well, except Noel Kahn, but does he really even count?). Pretty Little Liars, in all its drama and craziness, is actually very good at being as realistic as possible. Therefore, at some point, one of the best friends was bound to date one of the same guys as one of the others. It makes the most sense that that same person would be Caleb. I mean, it’s not like Emily is going to date either Toby or Ezra and she’s the only one who’s really had any kind of relationship with any of the guys any of the other girls have dated, other than Spencer and Caleb.

You can deny it all you want, but Spencer and Caleb are really cute together and also really good for each other. I don’t think they’ll be together for long, because I think it’s inevitable that all of our OTPs get back together, at least for a little while, before the end of the show. Still though, Caleb and Spencer could be very good for each other. They’re almost total opposites, and for that reason, they can help each other become stronger, healthier people. It’s not like they’re doing anything behind Hannah’s back. Hannah’s the one who put two and two together in the first place. Spencer didn’t exactly broach the subject on her own. She simply asked Hannah, who freaked on her, about how she and Caleb are. That’s when Hannah asked and can really expect Spencer to lie? That would be bad friendship, not Spencer doing what Hannah suggested she do by exploring her feelings for Caleb. If it were me and I broke up with Caleb two or three years ago, was engaged, and found out that one of my best friends might have strong feelings for him, then I would want her to define those feelings. If Spencer didn’t confess and define those feelings, then at some point they would have exploded and it really would have ruined her relationship with Hannah like everyone seems to believe this thing with her and Caleb will. I don’t think it will. I think it will make them stronger. It’s the perfect adult conflict that Pretty Little Liars is trying to give us. They’re not in high school any more. Hannah and Spencer spoke like the grown adults that they are and silently determined that if they want their friendship to survive, then Spencer can’t just bottle up her feelings like she always has. She needs to let them out and figure them out. Besides, Hannah is engaged and Jordan seems to really love her, so until they break up (assuming they will) then Caleb is fair game.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts on Spaleb vs Haleb. I’m sure a LOT of people will have negative feelings about this post, but that’s because having ships and OTPs makes us irrational sometimes, so we forget that any good story needs to be realistic. Realistic for a story like this is having one of the girls be with one of the other girls’ ex’s.

Pretty Little Liars Predictions

I’m posting this post at exactly 7:00pm central time on Tuesday, January 5, 2016, so that it posts exactly one week before Pretty Little Liars season 6b premiers on ABC Family—unfortunately now known as Freeform. As of right now, before we see anything in context, this is my prediction for what will happen between the episode that airs on January 12 and the last episode of season 7. It is based off of things that we never learned the answer to in the finale and things that we have learned from previews and interviews.

First and for most, the biggest question is, “Who is ‘he’?” Who is the new big bad? Who is, who will likely be, Uber A? I think it’s whoever was really in charge of the NAT Club. In season 3, there is a scene in which Jason is talking to Spencer and he confesses to her that, “Sometimes, I think they were taking orders from someone else.” Obviously, “they” would be Ian and Garrett, since they were the only other official members of the NAT Club. Despite the fact that the finale was a bit disappointing in some areas of explanation and that Marlene King’s explanations of those poor explanations only made it worse, I still believe that she does not place things in the show for no reason. In fact, I’m still holding out hope that maybe “Miss Aria You’re A Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife” has a secret meaning, though it could have simply been a red herring. I absolutely do not believe Jason’s comment was a red herring, because not enough people have talked about it. I fully believe it’s going to have some kind of relevance come the rest of the series. Who knows, maybe ‘he’ is still Jason? Or maybe Wren? Though I doubt it has anything to do with Wren, since he was one of the most talked about suspects toward the end of 6A, it is always a possibility. OH! And we still have to find out what was in the barrel!

In regard to relationships, if only one of the couples ended up together, I would guess that it would be either Ezria or Spoby, but I’ll give the pros and cons to all of the couples getting back together.

EZRIA: Aria and Ezra were incredibly toxic for each other. Aria was pretty much addicted to him and he was just a little bit crazy. As we come into the new season though, it’s been told that Aria will have a new boyfriend and Ezra will be an alcoholic. However, I’ve also read that since Aria is a publisher—or maybe an editor, I don’t remember—she’ll be working with Ezra on his new book. The first scene of her alone, when she picks up his book and a deep reminiscent look floods over her face, one can assume she still has deep feelings for him. Of course she would, he was her first love and quite possibly her FIRST. The kind of feelings she had for Ezra can’t just go away. Anyway, despite the fact that they were toxic for each other, they were good for each other. Together, they got through things in their lives that they may not have been able to get through without each other. I also think that Aria is going to be the one who brings Ezra out of his slump and back into a good, healthy place in his life.

SPOBY: Spencer and Toby were also a bit toxic for each other. Even more than Ezra was a drug for Aria, Toby and Spencer were drugs for each other. I mean, Toby literally drove Spencer crazy! And, because of Spencer, Toby almost died because he unintentionally took drugs. Despite that though, other than Emily, Spencer was the only person who believed in Toby and Toby was often the only one who believed in Spencer. When their lives were falling apart, they held each other together, maybe not in the healthiest ways, but they did hold each other together. They were also always really good sleuthing partners, so I’m sure they’ll end up sleuthing together again and if not end up together, they will have a few moments.

HALEB: Hannah and Caleb have the healthiest relationship in the whole show; they were even healthier than the relationships the parents had. For that reason alone, I think they probably won’t end up together. I think it would be so like the Pretty Little Liars’ writers to have it so that the healthiest and most perfect relationship of the whole show end up being the one who got away, especially since Hannah is engaged. That’s not to say they won’t end up together for a temporary period though, because I’m sure they will. Hannah, with her daddy issues and eternal love for Caleb, will probably have a few issues with her fiancé and run to Caleb for comfort. If Pretty Little Liars decides to go for a cliché story line though, as they did with the “secret sibling is the enemy” plotline, then Hannah and Caleb will definitely end up together, because that’s how it is in all of the cliché love stories—Girl is engaged, girl goes back to hometown, girl runs into first true love, girl and first love click again, girl ends up with first love.

PAIGE AND EMILY: According to a sneak peek of Mona and Allison, Emily and Paige have been talking again in California. I don’t have much to say about them, but I really don’t think they’ll end up together. They never trusted each other and they were always fighting over one thing or another.

MIKE AND MONA: This is the couple I actually really want to be together! They were so cute together and Mike was the only person who ever believed Mona could be more than the crazy girl from Radley who stalked four girls from her high school.

Why I’m Mad that *Spoiler* Is A

If truth be told, then I am not happy with tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars. I honestly probably would have been happier if Toby, Ezra, or Caleb were A. I don’t care that my suspicions about Jason and Wren were wrong, because I’m actually kind of glad I wasn’t right about them being A. After all the time and energy I’ve put into trying to figure out the mystery, it would have sucked if my original theory was right all along. Let me just count the reasons why I’m not happy with who A is:

1.      The mystery suspect is a secret family member, really? Come on! Transgender or not, that’s so overused!

2.      CeCe was only in 11 of 142 episodes of Pretty Little Liars and was not in the twenty episodes leading up to this finale.

3.      “A” should have been someone who had a personal vendetta against each of the liars—someone like Jenna, Toby, Lucas, or Noel.

4.      The whole thing with CeCe and Jason dating was just wrong on so many levels and should not be in a show on a channel with ‘family’ in the title.

5.      “A” should have had a motive that we could have suspected before Charles was introduced at the end of season five.

6.      CeCe being “A” would have made so much sense on its own if she had just been CeCe and not Charles and maybe had a little more face to fans time in a few more episodes.

7.      “A” should have at least been introduced in the first or second season once or twice before actually being A and stealing the game from Mona.

8.      If CeCe spent the whole summer with the DiLaurentis family, Kenneth should have at some point at least suspected CeCe of being Charles. Gender Transformation or not, a parent doesn’t just forget their child altogether, especially not to the point that he doesn’t notice you after a long summer together.

9.      Speaking of spending a summer with the DiLaurentis family and Jason having a thing with CeCe, Jessica should have made CeCe put an end to things immediately! Seriously, EW! What king of mother, even one as shady and psychotic as Jessica, would let her children date each other?

10.  “A” has always been so organized and had everything so well thought out, but to hear CeCe explain her story, you would think everything was just kind of sporadic.

11.  As far as the Charles storyline goes just in general, how did Mr. Hastings not know about him when he had the affair with Jessica? Is he lying about that too? Did he know that Jessica had a son who was only a few months old? Or did Jessica lie about that too?

12.  I always knew I should have written something specific about CeCe, and that at the end of my last post I should have said, “If it’s not a guy, it’s CeCe,” but I didn’t so I’m also a little mad at myself!

13.  (to be continued… if/when I think of more reasons to be upset.)

My Final List of Top Suspects

With only 4 hours left until we learn the truth, I’ve decided to write a short list of my top ten suspects.

Andrew Campbell (12 episodes) because I have always thought he was oddly sketchy… He may have a cover story, what with having a thing for Aria and wanting to protect her, but maybe that was just a cover story?

Caleb Rivers (104 episodes) because he’s a tech genius whose back story nobody knows. He’s one of the few characters the liars met after it all started. His and Hanna’s relationship is pretty much perfect compared to every other relationship in PLL, so it would make sense.

Detective Darren Wilden (21 episodes) because, even though he is dead and we did see his body in a casket at the funeral, since when is death the final factor in PLL? How perfect of a cover story would it be that Charles pretended to be a detective, who never liked the girls in the first place, and never was able to figure out who “killed” Alison. Like, Wilden’s life goal was to pin everything on the Liars! Who else is that bent on the Liars destruction?

Ezra Fitz (139 episodes) because he’s lied once, what’s to keep him from lying again? He did seem to go a bit overboard with his desire to write his book. Do we really believe he would go to such extremes as to secretly watch the girls, just to get material for his book? Or was he really watching them because he’s A?

Jake (9 episodes) because it never made sense that the last scene of him was him punching his punching bag that was full of knives… Maybe he’s not A, but idk that we’ve seen the last of him…?

Jason DiLaurentis (32 episodes) because he has personal connections to every dead character and to each of the six liars as well (but I also think he might be dead because, as my roommate pointed out, Charles’ last scene next to Alison said something like “It’s just you and me now at the end.)

Lucas Gottesman (29 episodes) because the anagram for Charles DiLaurentis is also “Nerd Lucas Is A Liar.” In season three, there were many Boo Radley references directed at Lucas which could mean he is not as sketchy as we think he is, or it could be something trying to throw us off.

Noel Kahn (22 episodes) because he is super sketch and the reasons behind his sketchiness never really were explained! Also, the cast and crew of PLL have been wearing shirts that say, “It’s No Lie.” Marlene King loves anagrams and “It’s No Lie” could be an anagram for “It Is Noel.”

Toby Cavanaugh (80 episodes) because if any character in this show has reason enough to hate the liars it is Toby for what they did to him and Jenna. He’s also super sketchy. He and Spencer also have a lot of issues. Maybe it’s he’s not who anyone thinks he is.

Wren Kingston (20 Episodes) because my gut instinct has said it his him since the beginning and because we were told between season five and six that we would have enough clues at this point that we should be able to figure out who A is. At this point, everyone seems to think Wren is A.


If Charles/A is someone the liars didn’t know before the first episode my top suspects are:

1.      Wren Kingston

2.      Caleb Rivers

3.      Ezra Fitz

4.      Jake

If Charles/A is someone older than the liars and the same age as Jason:

1.      Wren Kingston

2.      Jason DiLaurentis

3.      Detective Darren Wilden

4.      Ezra Fitz

If Charles/A is someone the girls have thought is their age:

1.      Noel Kahn

2.      Lucas Gottesman

3.      Andrew Campbell

4.      Caleb Rivers

5.      Toby Cavanaugh

And just in general, my top 5 are:

1.      Wren Kingston

2.      Jason DiLaurentis

3.      Noel Kahn

4.      Lucas Gottesman

5.      Detective Darren Wilden


A year ago this month, I started watching Pretty Little Liars. I watched 4 ½ seasons in the 9 days leading up to the season finale for season 5a. One of those nine days was with me watching the show for 23 hours straight, only breaking to shower and eat. Because I crammed more than 100 episodes (4708 minutes…. 79 hours….3.2 days worth) on top of having work and sleep to worry about, I didn’t have a lot of time to theorize until after I finished catching up. I did have two theories, or really gut feelings, while watching the show though: Either Wren or Jason is A. With all the theories flying about Wren being A now, it would be easy to assume I’m just saying this to join the bandwagon, but I’m not. You can ask any of my coworkers. Wren has been my reflex answer any time the topic of “Who is A” has been brought up. The only reason I haven’t really written about him yet, is because I’ve been lacking motive and have had way too much time to doubt my gut. The thing is though, I have spent a LOT of time in my 21 years watching and reading mysteries. I even watch things like 48 hours with my grandparents, and they can testify that my gut instinct has rarely been wrong before! I pretty much always know, at least half way through the story, who the suspect really is. That is why, I am finally writing this post about Wren and following my roommates advice. I’m not holding back anymore or leaving any room for doubt. WREN IS A. If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong, but I’ll be wrong because I said someone IS A and not because I didn’t say someone is A. I’m not even going to list all the reasons that it would make sense that Wren is A, because there are already so many blog posts that list all of the same reasons. I just wanted to write something to finally say that I believe Wren is A and that I’ve thought so all along, even amongst theorizing about other people. I do not claim that I ever said he IS A, because I never said he IS. I’ve simply said he COULD be. Now though, with only one episode left, I am saying that WREN IS A.


1) Eddie Lamb is in the Barrel!

2) Melissa or Jenna are Black Widow.

3) CeCe or Sara are Redcoat!

Radley Sanitarium and Rosewood Secrets

What is Radley Sanitarium? Radley is a mysterious psychiatric hospital that has more secrets than Rosewood has as a whole city. Radley Sanitarium’s biggest secret is that it is at the heart of all of Rosewood’s secrets. Radley is more than a Sanitarium though. Radley is a home. It was a home to two of our Liars, a home to one of our Liar’s boyfriend’s mother, it was home to one Rosewood’s biggest secrets,—Bethany Young—and it was even once home to “A” himself.

In the very last scene of tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Alison, and Jason confronted their father and demanded that he tell them who Charles DiLaurentis is. Mr. DiLaurentis slowly sat down, looked up at them desperately, and answered their question. We did not hear the answer though, because the camera screen zoomed away from them, showing us a hooded character watching them from outside the house. In the preview following though, we heard Alison telling the Liars that her father said Charles is dead. I truly believe that Mr. D believes Charles is dead. The look on his face when he sat down to tell them seemed to prove this fact. However, I also believe that Mrs. D did NOT believe Charles was dead. I think Charles was in Radley for some reason and that something happened to him while he was there to lead Mr. D to believe he was dead, whereas Mrs. D knew the truth was that Charles ran away or something. I think that is why Mrs. D was so intensely involved with Radley while she was alive.

I also believe the theory that Spencer was in Radley as a child is also true. I believe that Spencer was in Radley for some reason as a child, maybe she knew that Jason was her brother, but was lead to believe she was crazy for believing that or maybe it was worse than that, who knows? Nonetheless, I believe Spencer was in Radley and that she met Charles there in Radley, or maybe that she knew Bethany Young and Bethany talked about Charles, because she knew him. Think about it. Why and how could Spencer seem so comfortable in Radley if she had not at some point in her life spent time in that awful place before? This would explain why Peter Hastings felt the need to be so involved in Toby’s search of Radley, because he did not want Toby to know Spencer had been in Radley once before been in Radley. Should this theory not prove correct, then I suppose maybe Spencer knew both Jason and Charles as a child, but was led to believe, the same way Jason was, that Charles did not exist. On the other hand, maybe, just maybe, since she and Alison are the same age, she just simply does not fully remember him, because she was too young to remember him. But wait! Didn’t Peter Hastings claim that the DeLaurentis’ did not live Rosewood for a while? Yes, but, he has lied on more than one occasion before, so who is to say he wasn’t lying this time as well? Or, still, maybe they didn’t live there at first, but maybe after Alison and Spencer were born, they did live in Rosewood, just long enough for Spencer to know Charles before whatever happened to him happened?

Fast-forward in Radley’s future for a few years and we can see that Toby’s mom was once a resident, possibly at the same time as Bethany Young. The public records say that Toby’s mom jumped out of a window at Radley and died. Suppose this is not true though. Suppose that she was pushed. Why would she have been pushed? Well, she was a blonde and so was Mrs. DiLaurentis who was allegedly working at Radley while she was a resident. It seems extremely obvious that Bethany loathed Mrs. DiLaurentis, so suppose Bethany plotted to push Mrs. DiLaurentis out the window, but got confused by the blonde hair and pushed Mrs. Cavanaugh out the window instead.

Fast-forward a few more years and we see that Bethany Young does have some major connections to the DiLaurentis family, because she was at their house the night Alison disappeared. So far, what we know is that Byron Montgomery, CeCe Drake, Ezra Fitz, Jenna Marshall, Melissa Hastings, Spencer Hastings, and Toby Cavanaugh were all there that night and that they all had something to be angry with Alison about. Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, and Hanna Marin were each there that night too. For whatever reason, Bethany escaped Radley to be there that night. Because we know that Alison, Bethany, and CeCe were all wearing the same outfit that night, we can assume that any one of the previously mentioned characters could have had their own reasons to do something horrible to Bethany, thinking she was Alison. While we are on that note, what if Sara Harvey does not actually have anything to do with that night or any of the Liars on a personal level at all? What if the next morning, as Alison and Sara were both running away, they ran into each other and Alison somehow managed to convince Sara to trade clothes with her. Maybe “A” wasn’t as clever then as he is now and simply captured Sara instead of Alison? If Sara does have more to do with the Liars than briefly meeting Alison and being mistaken as her by “A,” then I think it is because she was also in Radley at some point as a child. Suppose, maybe she is the real person whose father had an affair with Mrs. DiLaurentis. That could explain a lot as well, including the fact that she said she was tired of pretending her father would come back and be different.

A year and a half later, Mona is put in Radley for confessing to being “A.” While there, she makes herself at home. At first, she presents herself as mentally unstable and incoherent to everyone except for “A,” or “Redcoat,” who is seen talking with her in the very last scene of season two. This is the first scene to lead us to believe that while Mona may have be “Original A” she is not “Big A.” I believe that Mona might have started the “A Game,” while someone much darker and more psychotic was also plotting against Alison and the other girls. I suspect that maybe Charles wasn’t “Big A” until he found out that it might be easier for him to succeed in his plans if he took over the “A Game.” Maybe Mona was happy to allow him to join the game or maybe he threatened to reveal her identity if she didn’t let him take over. Who knows? One thing is for sure though, there is a woman working with “Big A,” maybe as a minion or maybe as “Uber A.” Regardless, I think it’s either Sara (who would be doing it, because she basically has no choice, or because she wants to get back at Alison for being the reason she was captured by Charles in the first place) or CeCe (who I have always been a fan of, but the more I think about it, the more it seems like CeCe may not be as much on Team Alison as I have hoped. After a while, Mona gets out of Radley, but then she goes in again for a little for some extra investigating.

Not long after Mona got out of Radley, one of our four beloved Liars lands herself in Radley as “Jane Doe.” I feel like we never did get a satisfying answer as to why Spencer was so willing to be in Radley, and to claim to be someone else for a few days, but I think in the next few episodes we will see why Spencer was content to be in Radley for a while. I think it could come down to the fact that Spencer somehow felt like Radley was a familiar place. Perhaps because she was in Radley for a little while as child?

Let’s not forget that Aria, though not as a patient, was also in Radley for a while, volunteering with some of the patients in order to try to figure out the secret about Bethany, Mrs. DiLaurentis, and about Radley in general. She and Hanna both also snuck into Radley one night to speak with Mona about who might still be threatening them. Because she knew others were listening, Mona spoke in a code that only Hanna could understand though. One strange thing that she said, and maybe the message itself was relevant, was, “Miss Aria You’re A Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife.” We know that based on Mona and Hanna’s code, she was saying, “Maya Knew.” What we do not know is what Maya Knew. What we also don’t know is whether or not the words Mona chose to use were significant or not. Based on the preview for next week, in which Spencer asks, “What if we really did hurt somebody,” and the fact that Marlene once said in an interview that each Liar still has a big secret to be revealed, I think that at some point we’re going to find out that the Liars have more to do with “that night” then they remember.

Finally, because someone in a black hoodie was seen watching the DiLaurentis’ as Mr. DiLaurentis told Ali and Jason about Charles, I no longer think Jason knowingly has anything to do with “A” (unless the hooded figure was simply a minion trying to fake us out) I thoroughly believe that Wren Kingston is both Charles and “A.” Since the very first time I watched Pretty Little Liars (in August 2014 just before 5A ended) I have had this gut feeling that either Jason or Wren is “A.” To this day I have not been able to pinpoint why exactly I believe Wren is “A,” because it would mean he has to have something personal against each of the Liars, which I can’t figure out just from looking at Wren, but my gut instinct has never been wrong before, so I’m just gonna go with it. Wren has been around way too much, and at way too intense of times, to simply be a love interest. The facts are that Dr. Kingston is pretty much the only character in Rosewood who could easily obtain medical supplies and we know that “A” has had quite the supply medical supplies. “A” has also shown a preference to Vodka, which Wren has also done. Furthermore, it just does not make sense that Wren has always been around (prior to season 5) for most of the extremely intense situations. And, for the record, of all the characters still alive, Jason and Wren are really the only two characters old enough to have their own endless supply of money. Sure, Ezra is old enough as well, but he is not rich. He has been a teacher, and now the owner of The Brew. Neither job pays well enough to pull off all of “A’s” elaborate schemes AND to build such an intense dollhouse for the Liars, besides, he is pretty much always with Aria or Caleb and Toby. It was revealed in season one that Jason received a large sum of inheritance money from his grandmother and Wren Kingston is a freaking doctor, which means he very likely has a large sum of money lying around as well.



P.S. I also think Eddie Lamb is in the barrel! It could potentially be Paige, because “A” never lets someone leave Rosewood that easily, but to me it makes more sense that it’s Eddie Lamb or randomly disappeared without a trace.

6×01 Recap – Game On, Charles

I write recaps because everything makes more sense when I write it down and share it! 🙂 Actual theories to come shortly!

The very first scene of season six episode one shows a mysterious blonde watching the Liars run through the Doll House in an attempt to escape. When they run out of the doll house, they find themselves outside with a fence surrounding them. Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Mona all start running toward the fence to climb it until Spencer yells at them to stop because it’s an electric fence. Then the door slams shut behind them. They spend a number of days outside without food or water because Charles is angry with them. Eventually he opens the doors for them again and summons them all to follow the lighted passage way. After they enter the dollhouse again, Charles sets off a gas bomb and drags Mona away from the Liars. When they wake up, each of them is naked under white sheets lying on medical tables as if in a representation of being dead in a morgue. Mona walks into the Morgue dressed as Alison in a candy stripper’s outfit. Acting as Alison, she answers the Liars as quickly, but honestly as possible. Then A’s female voice speaks up over the speaker ordering each girl to go to their rooms. At first, Mona tries to defy A’s orders, but then she and the others follow the paths to their rooms. As quickly as their doors close behind them, we hear each Liar scream in horror from what sounds like unseen torture.

Eventually the mysterious blonde girl takes food to the Liars. At the bottom of the door, we see Spencer’s agonized eyes peek through the food slot and she starts screaming Mona’s name. Spencer’s tormented screams trigger those of the other liars and they are soon all calling Mona’s name. The blonde, who we know is not Mona, covers her ears as if to push away the desire to get the girls out. Whoever this girl is (Bethany Young? Sara Harvey?) fans know that she has likely been in the dollhouse since “that night” when one blonde was killed and another blonde, Alison DiLaurentis, went missing—almost three years.

Eventually the Liars’ bedroom doors come open and each girl is prompted to come out. Each of them is dressed in the same kind of clothing that they wore almost three years ago when the “A” torture all began; Aria even has a pink stripe in her hair. They all look as if they just faced the worse kind of torture they have yet to have been put through. This is seemingly proven by the fact that none of them wants to talk about what happened. The female voice directs them to go to Alison’s room where they must prepare for her arrival. They find boxes full of Alison’s things. They also find a newspaper declaring Alison’s innocence in Mona’s murder case, but Hanna believes it’s probably fake. One of the liars asks, “If A brings Ali here, does that mean he won’t need Mona anymore?” As if in answer to this question, fans are shown a desperate shot of Mona trapped in a pit where she is begging Charles to pull her out so that she can prove she will follow through with being Alison this time.

While the Liars are unpacking Alison’s bedroom, Spencer finds a toy in Alison’s box with the initials “C.D.” and Aria finds a message written on the closet wall that says, “He’s going to kill me. – M”

Each girl discovers things in their rooms that prove A has been planning to capture them and trap them in the dollhouse for a very long time—things that they believe have been missing for a very long time. Hanna reads a newspaper that says her mom has been taken to the hospital due to the stress and terror of the Liars being missing. Aria begins to threaten A after talking about how it must be for their families to know they are missing. Spencer begs her to stop though and she does. Spencer says, “A is making this house our home” and tells them that Charles is a DiLaurentis.

Mona sits curled up, rocking back and forth, singing “Hush Little Baby” while in the pit.

The generator shuts off and the Liars try to find their way to Charles’ vault where they will attempt to bargain with him. Spencer leads them to a room where she believes a secret passageway will lead them to Charles’ vault. She is right, because Emily finds a secret door that leads them into the room where Spencer saw the video of Charles, Jason, and Alison with Mrs. DiLaurentis at the Campbell apple farm. In the first room, each of the liars begin to realize that Alison and Charles would have grown up together. As they make their way into Charles’ room, Emily says, “A does have a soul.” The video begins to play again. When it stops playing, Spencer looks directly into A’s camera and says, “Game on, Charles.” She threatens to burn the film for Charles’ video and everything else that is his. When he doesn’t react she sets fire to the film and other things in the room.

Outside of the dollhouse, we see a band of reporters outside the DiLaurentis house waiting for Alison to come out and speak about her friends now that her conviction for Mona’s murder has been overturned. Before Alison comes out of the house, the main reporter talks about how the police and other Rosewood residents assume Andrew Campbell is the mastermind behind all that is going on because he seems to have gone missing at the same time as the Liars. After Alison comes out of her house, she talks about how the liars have been her rock through of the horrible things that she has been through. She begs Andrew not to hurt the liars as Caleb and Ezra collectively listen to Alison speak and then turn away as she finishes her pleading. In the end, Alison begs that no more reporters or police bother her and then turns around to go back inside. Inside her house, she talks with the police and her dad about how calling Andrew out on the video was to make him believe she was alone and hope that he would come try to capture her.

Ali gets a blocked call. Tanner orders her team of officers to be quiet and prompts Alison to answer the phone. When she answers, all they hear is the lyrics to a song called, “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree.” Believing that this call will lead Andrew to come capture Ali, Tanner leads Ali downstairs, locks her in a room, and leaves an officer to watch after her for safety.

Upstairs in Ali’s bedroom, Toby finds a black hoodie sitting in a rocking chair. When he turns the chair around, he and Tanner see that it’s just a dummy with a pig mask with a cell phone ringing in its pocket. Tanner assumes that Alison escaped to go meet Andrew, when in reality, she actually meets up with Caleb and Ezra. The boys assure Alison that Toby is on their team and will always know where they are just in case something bad happens. They also give Alison high heel shoes that have a tracking device in the heel so that they could keep track of her while she went to meet A.

While one of the officers is watching a news video, the reporter was standing outside Radley with words flashing across the screen saying, “Radley Sanitarium’s doors are closed on the heels of unexpected sale” and the doors have a giant sign saying “Permanently Closed.” Also in the video, they see someone in a hat while behind the reporter outside the DiLaurentis house. They assume it’s Andrew, but could it be Jason? Or Charles?

After Caleb and Ezra drop Alison off in the woods, Ali waits. Then she hears the song “Walking After Midnight” by Patsy Cline playing in the distance. She follows the music and finds a deserted car with the radio playing. She opens the door, sits in the driver’s seat, and starts the ignition. A GPS starts talking and directs her to Tyler State Park, Pennsylvania. There the car stops working, her phone has no service, and the Road Side Assistance button doesn’t connect to anyone, but is instead a recording of a male’s voice (which sounds strangely like Peter Hasting’s voice). The male’s voice directs Alison to go to the back of the car, and open the trunk. There she finds a note that says, “Put on the clothes and start walking. Leave everything else behind or they die.”

With a box of things labeled as “Andrew’s” next to her, Tanner reads a journal with a page that says, “It’s people like them, people like Aria with her aloof, doe eyes, and Spencer, that smug over achieving know nothing know it all, and Hanna and Emily that are the root cause of all that is bad in this world. They like games? Well so do I. I fantasize about watching them scream, about watching what it takes to make them turn on each other. It’s not that I hate them, I don’t. They aren’t evil. They just play everyone like they’re game pieces. Like pawns. I’m no pawn, and they can’t play me.” While she’s reading this, Toby comes into the office, explaining that they found a lead on the car that they found in the video with the guy in the ball cap. Toby’s lead is at the same park where Caleb, Ezra, and Alison are.

After a while, when Caleb and Ezra realize that Alison hasn’t moved, they stop driving, get out of the car, and find the car empty. They find the letter for Alison and find that she took off her shoes, but pointed them in the direction in which she went.

While the liars are setting Charles’s room on fire, he is watching them but also watching Alison and trying to decide what is more important to him—the room that seems to have his only personal belongs in it or meeting Alison and bringing her to the dollhouse. While he’s trying to decide, we see another black hooded character watching the liars burn the room. Then A sets off a fire alarm and the girls start running.

At this point, Caleb and Ezra have found Alison wearing the yellow shirt she wore “that night.” They start walking away. Then they hear the fire alarm, go back to where Alison was, and find smoke coming up from the ground. They start digging but then find something in the distance and run toward it.

The liars run away and start searching for Mona. When they find her, she is hysterically happy and begs them to get her out. They find a rope and throw it down to her. When they get her out, they start running until they find a way out of dollhouse.

As Caleb, Ezra, and Alison try to bust the door open to the basement cellar that they find, the girls bust out of the dollhouse through the same door as the smoke from the fire follows them. Hanna runs straight into Caleb’s arms, Alison and Emily run into each other’s arms, Spencer and Mona hug each other, and Aria throws herself into the arms of Ezra who tells her, “I thought I lost you!”

When the police arrive they check Mona’s vital signs. Some of the officers run into the dollhouse and one of them yells, “There’s another girl down here.” A female officer talks to the mysterious blonde girl in the same yellow shirt Bethany and Alison wore and asks her name. “Sara Harvey,” she answers.

One of the girls says, “We met Sara’s friends remember. They’re from Courtland. She went missing when Ali did.” Last, but not least, Emily asks, “Ali, who is Charles DiLaurentis?”

The NAT Club and Charles

In season 3, Jason and Spencer talk about the NAT club. Jason talks about being the one who came up with the idea and Ian being the one to video everything. He said, “Sometimes, I thought he might have been doing it for someone else.”

Could someone else be Charles (Jason’s probable twin)? Aka, A, just like we always thought?

The Couples (again)

Let me get a few thoughts out about the couples,

SPOBY: First of all, prior to the last few minutes of last weeks’ episode, I have been really mad at Spencer! She knows that anything Toby does is for her safety (even if he does go a bit overboard sometimes) and yet she goes and kisses not one, but two, other guys! Geez, Spence! You’re dating Toby Cavanaugh and he even told you he was only avoiding you to keep Tanner’s suspicions off of you as much as possible, and you still go and kiss two others! YAY, though! Toby FINALLY confronted Spencer and told her that he refuses to choose between her and his job and then they kissed—it was sweet, romantic, passionate, and everything we haven’t seen from them, or really any couple, throughout most of the season!

EZRIA: I am so over the Ezria drama! If by the end they aren’t happily together with at least one more of those “kissing in the high school parking lot” level of epicness scenes, then I’m going to be so mad! Despite the fact that their relationship was initially entirely unethical, they are still my favorite TV couple EVER! I NEED them to be together by the end of this! If they aren’t, I’m probably going to crawl up into a ball and cry more dramatically than is dramatically necessary! Like, this show has my brain and heart on overdrive and I’m pretty sure I’m going to need several years of psychoanalysis after it’s over! Aria needs to get over her fling with Andrew, which Spencer totally called, and go back to Ezra! She’s broken, yes! He’s part of the reason she’s broken, yeah! BUT, he has still been with her through this whole mess of drama—her family drama, her drama with A, her drama with Alison—all of it! Anyway, I was SO happy during the scene when the love interests were together and Ezra slammed his hand against the wall! It was really his first scene of real and genuine concern about Aria in a VERY LONG time! Ever since they started showing him as sketchy season four, he’s been so worried about her finding out his secret, her not forgiving him for it, and now for her missing life because of him and ultimately that it would cause him to lose her for real that he hasn’t done anything to keep her! Even in the first three seasons, he was almost sitting in the back seat and letting Aria control the direction of their relationship! It’s kind of pathetic really. He needs to step up and be the man in the relationship, and now, for the first time he did it! He slammed his hand against the wall, declined an offer of ice for his probably swelling hand and said in a very aggressive and desperate way, “I don’t need ice! I need to find Aria!” Way to go Ezra! Now just keep that resolve when you actually find Aria and tell her how much you care!

HALEB: There’s not really a lot to say about Caleb and Hanna, and that’s because they’re basically the perfect couple, at least in regards to Rosewood couples, and most couples in general! Caleb will do ANYTHING for Hanna, expect leave her as she asked him to, and that’s what makes him so great! Even Spencer said it; Caleb is the essence of a perfect boyfriend! Everything he does for Hanna is AMAZING!

The Many Names of A

We’ve heard several names to describe “A”–Original A, Big, and Uber A.

Original A – Mona

Big A – Charles DiLaurentis

Uber A – ???


I have a feeling the A game won’t be over until Charles is unmasked, AND Uber A is given a face and name!


From here on out, I’m going to post my theories as I think of them… Even the ridiculous ones, because at this point…. My brain is pretty much fried and anything could be true, so why not post about anything?

One of my roommates likes to read random PLL theories and many of the goofy ones she sends are about Pastor Ted. So…

Just for a minute, let’s role with this “Ted isn’t who he says he is” theory. Mrs. D was having an affair with Bethany’s dad…. Suppose Ted is Bethany’s dad. Assuming all these “Charles is a girl” theories are wrong, that will still leave us with questions about Bethany. If she’s not the twin, then she has to have a dad who isn’t Peter. It could be Ted…. He’s the only character so far without any secrets…. And we all know “Rosewood is held together by secrets.”



A lArge bAnk Account

Okay, let’s think about “A” and Pretty Little Liars in a logical manner. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but in the first two seasons when Mona was “Original A,” her plans were not normally very elaborate or expensive, but manipulative and well thought out. She did not have the money to support much else, especially when she had an in with the Liars as Hanna’s close friend. “Big A,” however, seems to spend more and more money as each scheme following season two escalates into another. Let’s suppose three things are true: “Big A” has a lot more available money at his/her finger tips than Mona had at hers, “Big A” can easily and quickly access this money, and the money comes directly out of “Big A’s” checking account without the help of anyone else. That would eliminate Mona, Jenna and Toby, the Liars, and the Liars’ siblings, from being possible suspects. As high school students (and Jason, as a kid who has lived with/under his parents throughout most of the serious) the only money they would typically have access to is the money in their parents’ checking accounts. Unless the parents are helping that would mean the kind of access “Big A” has to immediate funds is virtually impossible for the kids. Therefore, the only remaining suspects we have in this argument are Ezra Fitz, DOCTOR Wren Kingston, and CeCe Drake.

Because Ezra Fitz has already been discussed in Ezra Fitz and Mona Vanderwaal – Partners in Crime I won’t really say much about him. However, since we’re talking about money in this post, I must point out that Ezra likely doesn’t have money, but his mother is manipulative and ruthless enough that she really did cut him off when he moved away from New York, and honestly, teachers do NOT get paid enough to fund such elaborate schemes as “Big A” does. Furthermore, he did help Emily and Aria find Varjack, so it would make sense to remove him from our list of suspects.

Then there is DOCTOR Wren Kingston. He’s a freaking Doctor, so of course he has money! He is also as sketchy as or sketchier than anyone else in Rosewood ever has been. We also know he has a thing for younger girls. First, he had a three-season long on again/off again fling with Spencer, then he seemed to have a bit of chemistry with Hanna, and finally, he seemed to get along very well with Mona. As far as we know, he doesn’t really have any reasons to have a vendetta against the Liars, but maybe that’s the point. Maybe he’s just psycho and has decided to prey on the unsuspecting lives of a few young girls. Often in psychotic cases that involve stalkers and/or murderers, the vendetta has less to do with the actual victims and more to do with the suspect’s past. Perhaps, Wren is “A” and his reasons have less to do with who he’s stalking and more to do with why he, of all people, is the one stalking them. Or, perhaps, he’s just another older man who had a thing with Alison and she pissed him off enough that he went after her friends.

Finally, there’s CeCe Drake. More times than not, I will defend her, because I want to believe she’s the only person who never turned her back on Alison, However, Alison did allegly get CeCe kicked out of school and never has seemed to actually like Aria, Emily, Hanna, or Spencer. Furthermore, we do know she spied on Aria and Ezra for a while and that she was on Ezra’s payroll for some reason.

“A” for Aria?

“I’m ‘A;’ ‘A’ for Aria, ‘A’ for Anonymous.” These are the words that have come directly out of Aria Montgomery’s mouth. “Hey, Big A, wait up,” is what Mona Vanderwaal, aka the original “A” once said to Aria. We all know that of all the Liars, Aria is repeatedly referred to as “the best at lying.” As a theorist, I consider myself to be one of Aria’s most faithful supporters, but even I must admit that there is staggeringly substantial evidence to lead one to believe that Aria could be “A” or at the very least that she could be on the “A team.” However, because I really don’t think Marlene King would make one of the Liars be “A,” I have not and will not look for any evidence against any of them. All the same though, I would like to share a few theories by other people who have done the work to show that “Aria is A.”

The Mirror Theory

70 Reasons in 15 Minutes (Keep in Mind, I don’t agree with the whole video, but most of it is pretty convincing.)

Now, if the above theories were true, then Aria would need to have reason(s) for being “A.” In season five, when Mona labeled the Liars with words describing why Alison chose each of them to be in her group, she labeled Aria as “caring/compassionate.” Generally speaking, most people who care a lot tend to go to extremes to prove they care and sometimes the line between right and wrong is blurred for these people and their big hearts. I suspect that if Aria is “A,” it is because she literally cares too much for her own good. Despite the dysfunctions of the group, Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer were best friends before Alison disappeared. While they were best friends, it was painfully obvious to Aria’s caring heart that they were incredibly mean to Mona, whose desperate desire was to be a part of their tight-knit group.

After Aria and her family left for Iceland and as she and the other Liars began to drift away from each other, I suspect that Aria and Mona began to form a long distance friendship. I suspect that Aria and Mona might have even already had some kind of a friendship. Because the “A” text messages started up again when Aria and her family returned to Rosewood after being gone for a year, I suspect that Aria and Mona might have had some kind of an arrangement planned so that the Liars would be friends again and include Mona in their friendship. When things didn’t go as planned, I suspect that is when Mona took her “A game” against the Liars to a whole new level.

After Mona revealed herself as “A” to Spencer and was locked up in Radley because of it, I suspect that the irrational side of Aria’s caring tendencies took over and led to her doing incredibly psychotic things for the sake of keeping her friendship with the other Liars intact. Things with Aria’s life, “A’s” behavior, and the Liars’ friendship tend to exist in parallel. When Aria’s life seems to be in a downward spiral, the Liars’ friendship tends to  become stronger and stronger, and then when the Liars’ friendship is strong, “A” tends to do the most damage. If my fellow theorists are correct, then these parallels are not coincidences, but proof that “Aria is A.” For me, the one thing that might convince me that “Aria is A” is that even Ezra, a man who credits love at first sight (despite his originally impure motives) for his relationship, suspected Aria of being “A” as seen in the picture below.


In conclusion, it is completely plausible that “Aria is A;” however, I do not believe she is “A.” If I am wrong, and she is “A,” then I believe it will be because compassionate people like her thrive off of the confirmation of genuine relationships. Therefore, in her desperation to know that she will not be abandoned (as she likely felt when she found out her dad was cheating and probably how she felt when Alison disappeared) she went to psychotic extremes to make everything work with her friends, her family, and with Ezra.

Ezra Fitz & Mona Vanderwaal – Partners in Crime

It is a proven fact that Ezra and Mona worked together, for some unknown reason, for at least one period of time as shown in episodes 14, 17, and 20 of season 4. From these episodes, we know that Mona seemed to feel very intimidated by Ezra, while he seemed to feel very threatened when she tried to back out of their partnership. With four episodes left until we get our biggest and most important clue about “Big A” and only two seasons of the show left, I’m sure the question of “What the heck were Ezra and Mona doing working together!?” will be answered. Until then though, I’d like to present my theories about them: Ezra’s Book, Working as “A,” and Working against “A.”

Ezra’s Book

Being the boyfriend of Aria, who was one of Mona’s five victims when she was “A,” Ezra knew about everything Mona did to torture the girls; he also knew that “A” knows everything. Therefore, Ezra’s “get the story at all costs” mind, probably thought that asking Mona for help would give him an inside look that not even being Aria’s boyfriend could give him. Second hand knowledge can only get a writer so far. To get the full story, one must go undercover and actually witness the story as it happens. Thus, Ezra recruited Mona to watch the girls for a different reason than torture. He wanted her to watch them for information to add to his story. I think that is why Mona initially started to date Mike. I think she was using him to get closer to Aria, because Ezra, having broken up with Aria, couldn’t be as close as he once was. Then things got complicated though, she actually started to fall for him (what is it about the Montgomery’s? Anyone of the opposite sex who starts to get to know them seems to fall for them almost immediately). Mona even told Ezra that things were getting complicated, and Ezra seemed to know it was about Mike, but his response was, “It’s always been complicated,” because he was in love with Aria, the same way Mona was falling in love with Mike.

Working as “A”

Many people theorize that Ezra has been excessively sketchy throughout the whole serious to have simply been writing a book. Mona has been proven to be psychotic and mentally unstable. They both knew Alison before she disappeared. They are also both the only people that Ali talked to “that night” whom she did not threaten and question about sending the “A” messages. They are the only people, other than the Liars and Toby, who have been in every mid-finale and season finale, as well. They both have tendencies of seeming extremely suspicious. Because we know that they have both done seemingly unforgivable things and been forgiven by Aria and Hanna anyway, it would seem that they would be the perfect culprits to continue the “A game.” Few people would suspect either of them of being “A,” now that they both have pretty evidence laden cover stories. That would be why they were working together in season four. Mona and Ezra were working together as “A” for a while, but then Ezra stole the game from her. (Marlene has tweeted that there is only ONE “A”) Mona could have thrown a fight, but she didn’t want to, because it would mean hurting Hanna again and hurting Mike by hurting Aria. Hanna was finally reconnecting with Mona in such a way that they had the potential of becoming best friends again and she and Mike were getting pretty intense in their relationship together. The last thing Mona wanted to do was ruin her friendship with Hanna again and ruin her relationship with Mike as well. Therefore, she didn’t initially fight when Ezra stole the game from her.

As things continued to heat up with her and Mike though, and as Alison reappeared to potentially steal Hanna away again, Mona started to look for “A” again. She wanted to prove to herself, the Liars, and most importantly Mike, that she really had changed and that’s why she was acting so sketchy. She was working with “A/Ezra” as a double agent in order to try to stop him.

Working Against “A”

Ezra is in love with Aria, Mona is not only in love with Mike, but also best friends with Hanna, and both Ezra and Mona have begun to grow pretty close to each of the other girls. Video and camera equipment is not cheap, and Ezra and Mona both had their own impressive collections of equipment. After giving up their original uses for their equipment, Mona and Ezra decided to join forces to protect the girls from “A.” As omnipresent as “A” is, I imagine that it would be impossible for Mona and Ezra to watch them so closely for their own reasons without also catching glimpses of “A” as well. “A” is clever, virtually undiscoverable, and incredibly sneaky, but no one is invisible to cameras and video cameras. At the very least, Ezra and Mona must be able to watch the videos back and trace “A’s” every move, thus being able to plot and plan ways to capture “A” in his/her tracks eventually. When Mona felt like she and Ezra had enough evidence on “A,” she decided to pretend to be on “A’s” side so that she could unmask him/her and gain the love and respect from the girls that she so desperately wants after turning their lives into living nightmares for two years. Both Mona and Ezra still feel guilty about what they did to the girls and feel as if, even though they’ve been told they’re forgiven, they’ll never fully redeem themselves unless they can capture “A,” reveal his/her true identity, and get him/her locked up forever.

“Pretty Isn’t The Point”

Just when you start to think nothing big is going to happen, something momentous happens! In two previous posts, I discussed the possibilities of Mona being alive and possibly plotting her own death. In another post, I discussed how Jason could be “A.” And, in my second to last post, I spoke about Alison and everyone else. Tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars may have very well shed some light on the fact that many of the things I have said could be true! So, let’s talk about what we saw tonight. Recently, Mike has been acting really, really shady. Many people suspected that was because he is “A.” I theorized, with my friends, that it had more to do with the fact that he knew something about Mona that no one else knew. Tonight, we found out what he knows.

In one episode, the Liars suspected that Mike stole their blood and gave it to “A.” While that has not been completely and totally ruled out, because he’s proven that he really is in love with Mona and love, especially in Rosewood, makes you do crazy things, we do know that the blood he was truly concerned with was Mona’s blood. Many had theorized (and I may or may not have touched on this subject before, I can’t remember) that Mona had been taking her own blood and storing it away somewhere to use as the “evidence” for her alleged death. Tonight, we see that that was indeed true. Mona had been taking her own blood, storing it in a mini fridge, and told Mike that she was going to use it to stage her own death in order to meet “A.” While Mike was telling Aria about this, he started to cry’ thus, proving that he really does love Mona. Mike has always been way too angry and tough to start crying unless he really does love Mona.

I suppose it is possible that Mona was telling Mike the truth when she was telling him that she was bottling her blood, so that she could disappear, and blame her death on Alison, in order to meet “Big A.” However, things are rarely so simple in Rosewood, especially when it comes to Mona and the other liars. Furthermore, Mona seemed way too ridiculously excited to be meeting “Big A” to be really trying to save the girls. I suspect that there are really only two other options here, aside from Mona actually telling the truth for once that must be taken into consideration. Unless Mona and Alison are working together in this whole thing and have a brilliant beyond brilliant plan to take “A” down, I feel like it would be way too hopeful for anyone to believe that both Alison and Mona will survive the “A” attacks and reveal themselves not to be “A.” Therefore, I believe Mona was either murdered (because she seemed way too confident in the fact that she would be safe if she disappeared) and stuffed into that barrel after all, or that she is “A” and everything she has been doing up this point has been her last stitch effort to throw the trail completely off of herself and onto Alison and the other Liars.

I also really think that Mike is going to be murdered or seriously injured. I presume that it will play out in a very strategic and revealing manner. I suspect that, if Mona is dead, then Mike will simply be very injured, but if she’s alive, then he will be murdered. I don’t think Marlene would have two major characters be murdered at the same time, especially when we’re about to have the most major clue ever to be revealed for us. Also, that would just be really depressing and I think we need as many of our Liars as clear minded as they can be for this next stretch before “A” is revealed! If two of them have someone close to them be murdered, then havoc will be reeked and “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

AND, in the end, when we saw “A” or “A’s” minion in Mike’s room, it looked a lot like a man, or at least a girl wearing extra layers. There are two men that Alison has tortured but have yet to come up with cover stories—Jason and Lucas—it does not seem incredibly unlikely that either of them would be doing “A’s” dirty work. Especially, since getting Alison thrown in jail was planned and Jason is ultimately the one who put her there. Then, there’s still always Wren, who we still know nothing about, and has always been super sketchy!

Now, let’s talk about the relationships! Has anyone been paying attention to Spencer and Toby in all this mess? What about Aria and Ezra? Dude! Underlying all the intense “A” action, we’ve been having some mildly intense drama for the couples as well! Toby has been avoiding Spencer, which he explained tonight was because Tanner still suspects Spencer of criminal activity, but what did Spencer do? She didn’t stop Jonny when he kissed her! Geez, Spenc! What kind of a girlfriend are you? If you’re feeling lonely, you could have at least kissed him BEFORE Toby told you why he has been avoiding you! Not afterward! Gosh! Then there’s Aria and Andrew, if he’s not gay, then he definitely has a thing for Aria, who by the way is still technically dating Ezra, even if we haven’t seen him or them in a while! I mean, they never officially agreed that they would take a break for her to “experience life” did they? Didn’t think so! So, I’m suspecting that Aria and Andrew are going to have a thing, or Ezra’s going to step in, just in time and win Aria back, even though he hasn’t actually lost her. He’s just being overly sensitive about Aria’s letter, which yes, was probably a little truthful, but oddly enough, her relationship with him has been the most normal part of her life in high school. How could he not see that? Why would he try to push her away…again? I don’t know… your guess is as good as mine, but I certainly hope SOMETHING happens with them soon, because I’m kind of getting worried!



P.S. Happy 19th Birthday to Sasha Pieterse! Open-mouthed smile

Mike and Mona

Okay, so, I have a friend named, Courtney, and we are basically the walls on which we bounce our theories off. I share my theories with her and she shares hers with me. When we see each other, we seriously skip right over small talk and shoot straight into talking about our theories. We are very serious theorists. This morning, because I went to bed fairly early last night, I woke up to ten text messages from her where she was brainstorming and came up with a brilliant theory about Mike and Mona. I am going to share her theory here, but I’m going to share it more elaborately than her text messages could (due to space) and I am going to combine them with the theories that I have already shared, including the one that my best friend, Shelby, thought up. There’s basically two sides of the equation: 1) Mike knows Mona is alive. 2) Mike knows/thinks Mona is dead. And each of these sides have two or three of their own facets.

Mike knows Mona is Alive.

He is working with Alison.

He knew Mona is “A” before they started dating. Therefore, he was either playing her to make her think that he really cared about her, when in fact he did not. Or, he had an Ezra moment, when he started out just using Mona to find out her secrets, only to find that he was truly falling for her, thus making everything a million times more difficult. Should this be the case, it would explain why he always gets defensive over Mona, while still saying, “She wasn’t a kind person” and basically saying she was an awful person. Because despite it all, he loves her anyway.

He dated Mona before finding out she is “A.” It’s kind of like Aria in the “Ezra’s writing a book and he’s been using me since the very beginning” scenario. Mike is blinded by love. Despite the fact that it hurts and sucks that Mona only started to date him because she was using him, he really does love her and he dares to believe that she loves him too.

He’s working with Mona.

Mona is (still) “A” (again) because in the beginning, her original intentions were simply to get rid of Alison and recruit Hanna. However, when Aria came back to Rosewood, Mona knew that her return would likely mean that she and Hanna would reconnect with the other girls, thus leaving her in the background. She couldn’t handle the idea of losing her best friend, so Mona decided she would do whatever it takes to keep Hanna as a friend. Somewhere along the way, her desperate need for a friend has driven her to do things she would have never imagined herself doing. Now it’s too late though, she’s too far into the game to change now. She must succeed in what she originally planned to do. Thus, she recruited Mike to be on her team. While in the process of recruiting him, she started to fall for him, and she knew that wasn’t good, because Aria wouldn’t stand for it. So, she plotted to convince Mike that his sister and her friends were the bad guys. Then, when she disappeared, it was an act to make Mike truly believe that the girls were evil. Therefore, Mike is now working to find Mona’s body and pin everything on the girls, because that’s what his lovesick heart believes is the right thing to do.

He is blinded by love. Enough said.

Mike knows/thinks Mona is dead.

“A” has convinced Mike of numerous things.

“Miss Aria You’re a Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife.” Is it just me or did it sound like some kind of a double forewarning when Mona said that to the girls? I never thought it meant that Mona was on the “A Team.” Now, I think it meant that Mona would eventually try to pin things on Aria and her friends. This could be what the forewarning was. Mona, or “A”, is trying to pin her alleged murder and everything else on Hanna and the other girls.

Where’s the body? “A” obviously knows where Mona, or her body, is. There’s no way “A” doesn’t know, especially since it seems incredibly likely that Mona is “A.” “A,” or Mona, wants Mike to find her/body. I don’t know why, but it is possible.

Mike is working with Alison. Assuming Mona is dead, Mike would be working with Alison for one of two probable reasons. Alison is the killer and she is trying to keep Mike as far away from the trail of evidence as possible, thus keeping the liars as far away as possible while they are on a wild goose chase to follow Mike and keep him out of trouble. OR, Alison knows who did kill Mona, whether she knows who “A” is or who “A’s” helpers are, Alison certainly knows something. AND/OR, Mike is in reality in love with/secretly dating Alison, and was simply using Mona to find answers about “A” or to keep Alison out of trouble because of the answers or “answers” Mona found.

Finally, Mona prepared him for her death. Mona knew that the closer she got to sniffing out “A,” the more likely she was to be number one on the hit list, so she found answers, has a bunch of clues, and left some not only for the liars, but also for Mike, because she does/did love him and wanted to make sure he was safe and happy with her gone.

“A” for Alison, “A” for Anonymous

Alison’s Army

I have been slowly formulating a theory that there are two “A Teams” in the world of Pretty Little Liars, but I have felt like I have not had sufficient enough evidence to support my theory. Now, I do feel like I have sufficient enough evidence. Alison has an army, but it is not the “A Team.” Alison’s Army is a group of people who have been doing things per Alison’s request since the very beginning of the series—Noel Kahn, CeCe Drake, Mike Montgomery, possibly some others.

In the first season, Noel Kahn tried to get close to Aria Montgomery. Maybe he was truly interested in her, and maybe he was not, but I definitely suspect he was working for Alison since the very beginning. Throughout most of his relationship, or lack thereof, with Aria, his highest goal was breaking up her relationship with Ezra. Could it be possible that this was his goal because Alison asked him to do it? Maybe, Alison put him up to it because she knew that Ezra was using Aria and the other girls to write a book, or at the very least, she knew that he definitely knew who Aria was all along and that she suspected his intentions with Aria were less than admirable. Do you remember when Noel was caught watching Hanna and Aria at that cupcake place where Hanna was pushed by “A” to eat all those pig cupcakes? I suspect that he was simply watching out for Hanna, per request of Alison, to make sure she did not go too far like she had once upon a time.

In season three, CeCe Drake randomly appeared at The Brew, where the girls almost always happen to be. Why, of all the places in Rosewood, would we be introduced to CeCe Drake at The Brew while she was quoting word for word something that Alison said in another episode? I suspect it is because Alison sent CeCe to Rosewood to test the girls. I suspect in the beginning, because she technically hurt them more than anyone else based on the fact that she considered them friends, Alison thought “A” was one of the girls. However, after seeing them get so entangled with “A,” who had been following her long before (s)he was following them, I suspect Alison realized that none of them were “A,” but she wanted to make sure. Therefore, she requested that CeCe go to Rosewood and test the girls. I suspect that Alison assumed that however the girls treated CeCe, knowing that she was basically who Alison would be in a few years, would be the same way they would treat her if she came back. I suspect that once the girls showed that they wanted to treat CeCe as civilly as possible, it proved that they were still loyal to Alison, despite the fact that she put them through crap for years.

Finally, in this season, Mike Montgomery has been acting super sketchy. Naturally, everyone’s minds automatically go to the thought of “What if Mike is ‘A.’” I will be honest, I started to think it a little bit, but now I’m not so sure… actually I am. I am very sure that Mike is not on the “A Team.” First of all, that would be too obvious, especially since we know “A” will not be revealed until at least half way through season six. Second of all, Mike is that younger, but not too much younger, brother of the best friend who used to be really dorky, but is now kind of hot, so we kind of like the “bad boy cred,” but we also want him to stay the sweet and innocent younger brother forever. Then, of course, there are the actual reasons he would not be “A.” Despite his anger issues and his differences in communication with Aria, he really does care about her. You can see their sibling bond play out multiple times throughout the series. In any case, he has been talking to Alison and communicating with Cyrus, aka Hank Mahoney, as of late, which would serve to believe that he is a part of Alison’s Army.

Also, let’s not forget that in season one, when Noel was threatening to overthrow Ezra, we saw Mike and Noel talking in the courtyard. We were led to believe that Noel told Mike “someone” was dating Aria’s favorite teacher, Ezra Fitz. Mike is not stupid, if that were all Noel told him, he would still fit the pieces together and realize that Aria was the one dating her teacher. I do not believe that is true though. I believe that both Noel and Mike knew long before this incident that Aria and Ezra were dating and I think it was Alison who told them, because she wanted to make sure they were both keeping an eye on Aria, just in case Ezra broke her heart.

The “A Team”

Now for the “A Team…” Mona Vanderwaal is obviously a part of the “A Team,” Jason probably is, and Wren Kingston is likely a part of the “A Team” as well.

We all know that Mona is still alive; she has been missing for far too long for her to be anything but alive. The only real and complete evidence we have ever gotten from Rosewood is that anyone who has been missing for longer than one or two episodes at most is always still alive. Therefore, Mona is still alive and well, or at least alive. How do we know this? Well, the proof is in the pudding. Who was the one to help Alison escape and hide for two years? Mona. Mona helped Alison escape and Mona is the one who did not tell anyone Alison was still alive; instead, she played dumb to the whole situation. Is it really so unbelievable that Mona would do the same for herself after seeing Alison live in hiding for two whole years? I don’t think so, especially since Mona’s reasons for hiding are likely different from Alison’s reasons for hiding. Just think about it. Who, especially in Rosewood, would ever suspect Mona of being “A” after she was already put in Radley for being “A?” Very few would suspect that! And that is why it is a brilliant plan! Mona allowed the girls and police to discover the truth so that no one would ever suspect her again! It was her plan all along to be caught so that she could get into Radley and work on far more elaborate plans than the fairly simple-minded plans we saw in seasons one and two.

Jason DiLaurentis may be one of the sketchiest people in Rosewood! He spent his high school years drinking beer and getting high. As well as being a drug addicted alcoholic in high school, he also started the NAT club with some friends so that they could spy on unsuspecting girls as they undressed and did other things in the so-called privacy of their own bedrooms. He claims that he cannot remember anything that happened the night Bethany (his theoretical sister) died and Alison (his half-sister) disappeared. He was missing for Alison’s funeral and much of the first season. He had stalker-like pictures in his shed of Aria sleeping. He may or may not have genuine feelings for Aria, whose main “A drama” revolves around her relationship with Ezra being destroyed. He may or may not have caused trouble with Emily on that elevator. He has been seen intimately conversing with Mona. He has slept with Ashley Marin. He is generally just a very sketchy guy.

Wren Kingston is also super sketchy. He is one of the many men who cannot seem to resist his attraction to young high school girls. We know very little about him or his past. He has already shown that he is comfortable breaking medical laws by giving Melissa strong medications for Ian and letting CeCe Drake and Hanna Marin into Radley Sanatorium without appropriate identification. He also seemed to be pretty close to Mona while she was in Radley.

Double Agents

Every good mystery has a few double agents. Double agents are the people willing to work with or for both sides of the war in order to gather and pass information from one or both sides to anyone asking for the information or simply to save themselves from any incriminating information that any side might have on them. We know that Caleb Rivers, Toby Cavanaugh and Spencer Hastings have definitely been double agents. We also know that Ezra Fitz has also technically been a double agent because he was spying on the girls just as much, if not more intently, than “A” him/herself has. He was especially working more intimately against the girls, because despite what he may or may not have been feeling for Aria at any given time, he did use their intimacy to gather information, which he did in the end swear to use only for the chance that it may keep Aria, and by extension, the other girls safe. However, there are also other characters who may be double agents whose motives we don’t know for sure. Lucas Gottesman and Jenna Marshall are also probably double agents.

Lucas, a victim of many of Alison’s cruel jokes, has every reason in the world to hate Alison and work against her on the “A Team,” but for the same reasons, he also has every reason in the world to hate Mona and work against the “A Team.” Therefore, it is likely to assume that he has been working as a double agent since the beginning of time, or at least since he tried drowning Hanna in the lake. We know that “A” recruited him to try to get rid of Hanna, he more or less confessed that himself, but we can also assume that he has likely been protecting the girls in some ways as well because he is pretty much in love with Hanna and true love makes you do the craziest of things.

In addition, Jenna is likely a double agent as well. We know that she has had a lot of anger toward Alison and the other girls for blinding her, but we have also seen that she has tried to put that behind her many times. We know that she worked against the girls when she was trying to find the flash drive that held her darkest secret on film, but we also know that she claimed in the Christmas episode that she was working with Alison now. If that is true, then it is safe to assume that wherever she is, if she is still alive, then she is doing some kind of work for Alison so that they can finally take “A” down. I suspect that if nothing else, Jenna is working with Alison because she knows that the other girls have done everything in their power to show her that they are truly remorseful over blinding her, especially Hanna, who pulled her out of Jason’s burning house.

Furthermore, I kind of think Mike and Mona have acted as double agents as well, but in less obvious ways. For example, I really think they do/did have feelings for each other, but Mike knew that Mona was/is “A,” so he knew that he could really do anything about it, so he used his relationship with her to learn as much about her as possible so that he and Alison could take “A” down once and for all. I think Mona eventually found out that Mike was using her and that is when she staged her death.

It is also possible that Mona is not still “A” and that she and Alison are working together to bring down “A” because as much as they hate and fear each other, they hate and fear “A” even more. However, my primary theory for Mona is that she is still on the “A Team.”

In conclusion, I truly believe that there are two secret teams in Rosewood—“The A Team” and “Alison’s Army,” aka “Redcoat.” If anyone has any thoughts to challenge or add this theory, I am more than open to hearing them. I have been formulating this theory in my head since I finished watching season four a few months ago and it has been driving me crazy to figure out some kind of proof to back it up. Now that I feel like I have found proof, I cannot wait to find out more in the last few episodes of this season, before next premieres and we find out at some point in that season who really is “A.”



Expansion on Previous Posts Based on New Evidence

Okay, so now that we’ve been given a few more clues and since a lot of the cast and crew for PLL are talking, I’ve got to reevaluate some of the potential scenarios for future PLL episodes. We’ve gotta talk a little bit more about the barrel. Then we’ve gotta talk a little bit about some of the characters who are becoming a lot more developed right now. And, later we’ll talk about the characters most likely, or most suspected, of being “A.”

First, let’s talk about the barrel. In two previous posts, I talked about how Mona, Holbrook, Melissa, Jenna, Paige, and Sarah (Ali’s alleged lookalike) could possibly be in the barrel. However, after recent developments, I must contract some of my previous mentions. Holbrook is definitely not in the barrel. He is alive and probably not well. He seems like he’s gone crazy or something. I don’t know what Alison, or maybe “A,” did to him, but he is not the man he once was. He’s actually kind of psycho, not a “This guy is definitely “A”’ kind of psycho, but “this guy belongs in Radley,” psycho. Jenna is also probably not in the barrel, because in an interview, Keegan Allen (Toby) said that he doesn’t think there will be a scene with him and Jenna any time soon because Tammin is spending a lot of time with her daughter. Tammin has been posting a lot of pictures of herself and her daughter in Australia (their homeland) the last few months, so maybe it’s true. Maybe Jenna just isn’t around right now. At this moment in time, I think it’s most likely Mona or Paige in the barrel, but who knows?

Now, what the heck is going on with Mike? He’s been acting a little psycho too. Maybe he’s just angry that Mona is dead, or missing, or whatever. Or, maybe he’s working with or for “A.” Whatever he’s doing, he’s certainly hiding something, and I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to figure out what is going on! Then there are Ezra and Toby who are like totally not acting like the amazing boyfriends we know they can be! They both seem to be pushing their girlfriends away and I just can’t figure out why! Toby joined the police force so that he could help Spencer and the girls, but he seems to be doing nothing but pushing them away. Now, there could be a perfectly logical reason for this. He could know a lot more than he’s leading on to, because he is a police officer, and he just doesn’t want to drag the girls into it. That’s perfectly logical, and quite frankly, I hope it’s true! The girls are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, but it is still totally romantic for the boyfriend to swoop in and save the day! Then there’s Ezra. Sure, his reasoning for suggesting he and Aria break up is perfectly reasonable, because he doesn’t want to stand in her way for new and exciting experiences, especially after she missed out on so much during high school, but haven’t we already been here and done that? I mean, gosh! He definitely already played the “Why don’t you try to be interested in your peers” card! I can understand why he thinks Aria meant at least a little bit of what she told Jackie, and it’s probably true that she does realize she missed out on a lot for Ezra, but I don’t think she ultimately cares! She had chance after chance, especially after finding out about the book, to cut herself loose from her relationship with Ezra, but she has chosen him EVERY TIME! I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they do legitimately break up again this season, but we all know they’ll back together again. If they don’t there will be a LOT of upset fans and I don’t think the creators of PLL are the kind of people to willingly leave their fans angry and broken.

Finally, who is most likely and most suspected of being “A?” Mike, Jason, Mona (assuming she’s still alive), and Alison are the most likely to be “A.” Toby, Ezra, and Caleb are the ones who know the most about the girls, and they could very likely be “A.” And the girls are each the most suspected of being “A.” However, Noel Kahn, CeCe Drake, Jenna Marshall, Melissa Hastings, Lucas G., Wren Kingston, and the Hastings parents are still super sketchy and unexplained as well. Who’s to know? I don’t know… Right now though, if I had to pick my top 3 suspects, I would pick Jason, Mike, and Mona (not necessarily in that order) for my most suspected. I’m trying to keep my theories open-ended for now though. That way, at the end of season 5 when we have all of our important clues, I won’t be close minded to any of the possibilities.



P.S. As of two seconds ago, I just watched a new promo for next week’s episode and saw that Andrew (the brainy kid who seemed to like Spencer) is back and probably tutoring Aria. To be honest, I always thought he was kind of strange too…. He also keeps coming back at random times…. Maybe “A” has just trained me not to trust anyone, or maybe I’m onto something… I don’t know, but I’m sure his reappearance has to mean something…. Maybe Aria will date him for a while? She’s already dated the popular bad boy (Noel), an older college guy (Jake) and had a fling with that other guy (Riley), and she’s had a LOT of history with her “bad teacher,” she might as well date the brainy guy, right?

P.P.S My brother just watched last night’s episode of PLL and suggested that Holbrook could have possibly been the angry guy talking to Mona the night before she was murdered while she was talking to Leslie… SO, that’s a theory! Especially since we now know that Holbrook is kind of crazzy and super psucho!

Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me

What to say about tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars…? It was extremely interesting. One of the Liars’ parents is finally seen again and that is Spencer’s mother who was talking to Alison’s lawyers to find out information about her and who might be questioned in trial. While Emily, Spencer, and Aria are watching Mrs. Hastings from across the street, they also see Holbrook get out of a car and walk into the police station.

While the Liars are sitting inside the brew a random redhead walks up to them and introduces herself as Lesli, Mona’s friend from out of town. When Lesli starts talking about Mona as if she were thebest friend who knew her better than anyone else, the girls become weary about her because the last time an unknown friend showed up it was CeCe and they still don’t trust CeCe.

Hanna and Caleb are at the police station and overhear Holbrook yelling at other police as he gathers his stuff and walks out of the room. He looks at them and says, “Perfect. Just perfect.” Then he walks away. Hanna later tells the girls that Holbrook was suspended for inappropriate behavior, such as being in a relationship with Alison and possibly cheating on her lie detector test for her.

Spencer goes through her mother’s papers and finds a list of people who have been visiting Alison in prison. One of the signatures both surprises and terrifies her so she goes to Aria to tell her that the signature was Mike’s. Naturally, Aria refuses to believe that Mike has been visiting Alison, who allegedly killed his girlfriend, but she agrees to confront him about it anyway.

When Hanna and Lesli go to Mona’s house together, Lesli picks up a book and asks Hanna if Mona ever talked to her about it. Hanna has a flashback of a time when Mona did talk to her about it. In the same flashback, Mona asks Hanna for three wishes and then shares that if she could have any wish, she’d wish for a stop watch that could stop time and space so that she was the only one moving or doing anything. She would be able to spy on people without them knowing. After the flashback Hanna says, “Mona was always thinking. She just wasn’t thinking what we thought she was thinking.”

Hanna and Lesli walk into The Brew with Mona’s book and Mike is there. He notices that they have the book and gets really defensive. He demands they give him the book so he can take it back to her house where it belongs. Hanna is able to calm him down and assure him that she will make sure it is put back where it belongs. After Mike walks away, Lesli tells Hanna that she was on the phone with Mona the night before she was murdered. She tells her that she heard a man’s voice over the phone telling her to get off the phone and talk to him. She is confident that it was Mike who was talking to Mona.

Hanna has another flashback of that night with Mona. In the flashback, Hanna asks Mona about Alison coming back and wonders if they would even notice her. Mona snaps that of course they would notice her, even if she cut and colored her hair. They would be the one’s she wouldn’t notice. She would be crazy and be locked into Radley “and no one gets out of there.”

While putting Mona’s book back, Hanna finds an audio tape hidden in the spine of the book. She quickly leaves and someone follows her. While she’s driving, Hanna notices that it’s a cop car that is following her. She opens the car door, picks up a long tool of some sort (it looks like a crowbar or something) and walks toward the other car. No one is in the car but then Holbrook shows up behind Hanna. He starts rambling, as if he’s drunk or insane, and asks, “How does a girl like Alison become a girl like Alison?” He goes on about how, because of her, the career that looked so bright and promising was now ruined. Hanna calls him out and says that a man like him should have been able resist the advances of a young girl. He goes on to say something about Tanner and how she knows everything.

The new male character, Jonny, talks to Spencer about something he’s making for The Brew for Ezra and explains that he was “inspired by Rosewood. This whole town is strung together with whispers (secrets and lies).”

The Liars listen to the tape of Bethany and she says, “she’s not the only one who can make plans.” The liars assume that it’s Alison that Bethany is speaking of, but of course, we can’t know for sure. At least, not yet.

Aria notices that Mike is leaving the house and follows him. She follows him to a bridge over a lake (it seems to be the one where Spencer confronted Melissa about the masks she had made). Mike takes a bag out of his pocket and leaves it on the railing of the bridge. When he walks away, Aria goes to inspect the bag and it appears to just be a bag of gummy candies that he left for someone. Mike turns around and confronts Aria. She tells him not to come back and not to talk to Alison again, but he says, “Nobody’s giving me orders anymore.” He also tells Aria, “Be careful going home through the woods.”

Mrs. Hastings tells Spencer that the blood spot found near the barrel was Alison’s.

Hanna tells the Liars about her confrontation with Holbrook and explains to them that he doesn’t know half of the stuff they thought he knew. Both she and Spencer wordlessly suggest that Mike has been the one helping Alison. Aria still doesn’t want to believe them and tells them that he won’t be seeing her anymore because she told him not to. However, Mike doesn’t listen and he does go to see Alison again. After discussing what they heard Bethany say on the recording, the girls suggest the possibility that what happened in Alison’s back yard “that night,” was a trap for someone… They just don’t know for whom or by whom.

In the final scene, we see that Liars were finally one step ahead of “A.” “A” goes into Mona’s room to find the recording but discovers that it’s gone.

Also signed at the time of the list was “Sarah Hernando.” If you remember correctly, in the past there was a girl named Sarah who seemed to be a lot like Alison who disappeared the same day Alison disappeared and was liked about the same by her group of friends as Alison was liked by her group of friends. This could be nothing, because the name is slightly different than what you’ll find when searching Google or YouTube for connections between Alison and the girl, because her name was originally “Sara Harvey.” However, it is extremely likely that this could be the same girl. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time someone’s name was changed on the show. Wren Kingston’s original last name was “Kim,” and Toby Cavanaugh’s original name was “Marshall.”

In the flashbacks of Hanna and Mona, we seem to be given two potential hints or clues. First, I’m sure many people might be taking Hanna’s comment about Alison coming back in disguise as a clue that Hanna knew Alison wasn’t dead and that she would indeed come back. Perhaps, Hanna knew about Alison’s “Vivian Darkbloom,” disguise. It wouldn’t be the first time one of the liars knew a random fact about Alison that they didn’t seem to find important to mention to the girls. Or maybe, Hanna was working with Alison? Or possibly even spying on her as “A” or as Mona’s assistant. Who knows? Everything is possible right now. Also in the flashback, when Mona talks about stopping time and spying on people without them knowing, she seems to be hinting at being “A.”

The clip the liars hear is of Bethany talking sinisterly about and to someone. The someone she is talking to is supposedly a psychiatrist or something and the person she is talking about is allegedly Alison. How can we know that though? We can’t right now. For all we know, she was talking about Jessica, she could have been talking about Mona, or she could have been talking about whoever “A” really is. And it is still possible that Mona is still alive and still “A.”

Mike specifically says, “Nobody’s giving me orders anymore.” This seems to entail that he had been taking orders from someone before. Lately, many things seem to be pointing to Mike possibly being “A,” but what if he was simply working for “A.” What if he has been doing a sort of “Toby move” where he works for “A” in order to protect Mona? Or Aria even? Anything is possible in Rosewood. Regardless of what he meant by that statement, he is clearly working with someone that he doesn’t want Aria to know about. Maybe he knows Mona is still alive and he brings her things that she may want or need? Or maybe he’s working with “A” and brings “A” things. Or maybe still, Mona and “A” are one in the same? Who knows?

What do you think? What stuck out to you about tonight’s episode? Please agree with or contradict my theories. Go into more depth about them if you can. I’m not even sure these are necessarily my theories. They are simply things that have gone through my head that I know other people are probably thinking.



P.S. Here is my best friend’s theory:
“Mona isn’t dead. She’s A and never stopped being A. But I think Mike was dating her because he is working for Aly, and Aly was trying to bring Mona down. And now he is visiting Aly in hopes they can still stop Mona.”

Who’s In The Barrel: Part Two

Who’s missing? Well, we haven’t seen Melissa in a while. Jenna hasn’t been seen since the Christmas episode. And, Paige hasn’t been seen or heard from since she allegedly moved to California. Based on Rosewood’s history, it would make sense that one of these three girls would be found in the infamous barrel that we’ve all grown to hate because no one will tell us what’s in it! If you stop to look at the facts, it would make perfect sense that one of these girls would be found in the barrel.

Fact: As far as we know, no one has seen or heard from Melissa since she left that video confession for Spencer to watch. Theory: “A” killed Melissa, because she is Spencer’s sister and “A” knows that, even though they always fight, Spencer does love Melissa. Tanner made it a point to tell Toby that he couldn’t tell anyone what is in the barrel. That would be why he “blew off” Spencer at the end of the last episode because he knows he can’t look at her or talk to her without telling her that Melissa was the one in the barrel.

Fact: Jenna has been mysteriously missing since the Christmas episode and prior to that she was as much of a prominent character as she has usually been. Theory: Knowing that Toby knows more about of the “mysterious” events and murders that have happened in Rosewood than any of the other police, “A” decided to find a way to distract him from his work. Thus, (s)he murdered Jenna, stuffed her in the barrel, and tipped off the liars, knowing that Toby would find out. The hateful part of Toby’s love-hate relationship with Jenna may normally be stronger than the love part, but they are still step-siblings, and Toby always seems to have a soft spot in his heart for Jenna. That would also explain why he’s avoiding Spencer. Not only is their relationship a little rocky right now, but he is also feeling emotional about Jenna and doesn’t want to talk to Spencer about it because 1) he doesn’t know how he feels 2) Spencer and Jenna always had a very complicated relationship.

Fact: Emily hasn’t been able to get a hold of Paige since she moved to California. Paige’s move to California seemed very abrupt and random. Theory: Because Paige is about as connected to “A” as any of the Liars’ significant others, “A” didn’t want her to leave Rosewood, because if she did, then the other girls might get the idea that it’s okay for them to leave as well. Of course, if any of the girls left Rosewood, then “A” wouldn’t be able to continue his/her game and that would make “A” very upset. Thus, once the Liars’ find out that it’s Paige in the barrel, “A” will send them a message saying, “No one leaves Rosewood unless I say so. – A”

General Theory: If any of these girls is in the barrel, then it would be because we’re getting down to the boiling point of finding out who “A” is and the writers are starting to eliminate as many suspects as possible, so that it will become easier for us to decipher who “A” really is.

The Bin of Sin


Aria told Ezra the truth about her letter to Jackie. At first, he told her that it was a brilliant move, but then he read the letter again and realized that the letter was so convincing because there was at least some subconscious truth to what Aria wrote. When he told Aria what he thought, he told her that they should spend some time apart so that she can really experience college. She told him she didn’t want to; that she could still experience college while being with him. He asked her to at least consider it and she promised she would. Her last scene shows her looking through the school yearbook and realizing that while everyone else had extracurricular activities listed under their pictures and names, she didn’t, because her only extracurricular activity was going home with the teacher.

Hanna finds out that it’s her name on the lease for the storage unit that contains all of the evidence from Mona’s murder case, possibly including her body. She puts on her Nancy Drew shoes and sleuths her way into sneaking herself into the storage unit without being detected. When she and Caleb get into the unit, all of the evidence is gone, except for the barrel that the Liars suspect holds Mona’s body. While she and Caleb are walking away from the unit, Toby and Detective Tanner intercept them in the hallway.

Tanner, who is always suspecting the Liars of everything in the first place, becomes even more suspicion of Hanna and Caleb, especially after she and Toby find that the cables for the security cameras have been cut. She and Toby do discover what is in the barrel, but the camera does not show what they find.

After that, Spencer calls Toby to question him about why he didn’t warn them that he and Tanner were going to the storage place, especially after she informed him that she was worried about Hanna. He told her that his reason for not telling her was because Tanner only told him where they were going while they were driving. She asked him if he would come talk to her, but he told her that he couldn’t, because his job required him to keep quiet and because he would be at work late. That was a lie though, because as soon as he hung up, he walked to his truck and left the station.

In other news, the new worker at the Brew, which is now apparently owned by Ezra, has a thing for Emily. Aria and Spencer were almost frozen to death while following the GPS on Mona’s computer, because they thought Hanna and Caleb had taken it, but really it was “A,” whom they suspect is Holbrook, Ali’s alleged lover. Emily was also there and she saved them from dying. Also, Jason is feeling pretty bummed, because he slept with Ashley and she is trying to keep a distance, because Ted proposed to her.

My Thoughts and Theories

First of all, let me talk about Aria and Ezra. Anyone who has met me or has read any post from this blog knows that I am and will forever be #TeamEzriaForever. HOWEVER, even though I do LOVE them and dream of them being endgame, I do kind of want to see them break up just one more time because I still really want to see Aria and Jason as an actual couple. From the very first moment that Jason and Aria started flirting together, I have thought that, if it were not for Ezra, Jason would make a great boyfriend for Aria and she would make a great girlfriend for him. Even if he does end up being on the “A Team,” which may or may not be my primary theory at the moment, I would still love to see them again. I’m not really sure why, but I do love them together.

Now let’s talk about how cute and perfect Hanna and Caleb are together! Like seriously, they will literally do ANYTHING for each other! Caleb, who has already explained why he cannot be charged for a murder, is even willing to be convicted if it means helping Hanna attempt to clear her name! Ezria may be my favorite, but Haleb really is the best!

As for Spoby, well…. They’re kind of always surfing among the rocky ocean waters. They rarely have their heads above the water for more than a few seconds before going under again and finding themselves facing worse obstacles every time they turn around. It’s really not surprising that they are facing issues right now, but what is surprising, or rather irksome, is that Toby works for the Rosewood Police Station. As corrupt as they have been in the past, one would think that the last place anyone, especially Toby, would apply to work, is the Police Station. Toby is working there though and I feel like that should be an unforgivable offense, unless he decides that his relationship with the Liars, especially Spencer, is far more important than his job with the station. If he doesn’t pull off sone really incredible plan that gets all the Liars off the hook AND captures whoever the real murderer and stalker is, then I will be very disappointed and upset!

Furthermore, according to Marlene, Mike is supposed to start acting super sketchy in future episodes. I would suspect that there are two possible reasons for this: 1) He is helping Mona, whether she’s dead or not or 2) He’s on the “A Team” for many of the same reasons that I stated Jason would be on the “A” team.

In conclusion, did you watch the preview for next week’s episode? Did you see that Holbrook was very much alive and well and talking to Caleb and Hanna? Therefore, Holbrook is definitely not the one in the barrel. It is also extremely unlikely that Mona is in the barrel, because nothing that is ever highly suspected in the show is ever true. Thus, it should be assumed that an unknown body is in the barrel, or something else entirely is hiding in the barrel.



P.S. Does anyone else think that Detective Tanner seems extremely sketchy? She must be hiding something? I’m not sure what or why? BUT, she IS hiding SOMETHING!

Who’s in the barrel?

What’s in the barrel? That’s the question on every Pretty Little Liar’s mind right now. We all have theories and arguments, but I think we can all agree on one thing: There is a body in that barrel. The two most talked about theories are Mona and Officer Holbrook. Though, after talking to a friend about it, I personally think it’s Holbrook, I think there’s equal possibility that it would be Mona or that it could be a major new plot twist and be someone else, like maybe that random girl, Sarah, whose posse came to talk to our own Pretty Little Liars that one time. So, let’s talk about the possibilities.

It’s Mona. Okay, maybe it is Mona. Maybe, for once, the PLL writers decided to make things “easy” and just have it be as simple as it sounds. Maybe “A” found out that Mona found out who (s)he really is and decided to get rid of her so that no one else would find out, especially not the Liars.

It’s Holbrook. As my friend, Courtney, said, “Whenever someone goes missing for really no reason, they end up dead.” This might just be the truest statement ever made about Pretty Little Liars. Alison is the only Rosewood resident to ever go missing and then come back. Based on past events, it is more than likely that Holbrook is dead and in that barrel. However, even if he’s not the one in the barrel, it’s still extremely likely that he is dead.

It’s Sarah. Someone recently mentioned that one of the random things to happen and not really be explained in Rosewood was that group of four friends who heard about the liars and went to talk to them because they had a friend disappear at the same time that Alison disappeared. Marlene recently said that by the end of the show, all of the random subplots we’ve seen would be explained. Maybe this will be one of the ways she’ll connect that story to the main plot? Who knows? I don’t really think that that would happen at this point in the story, but it would make a pretty good plot twist and if it’s not Mona or Holbrook in the barrel, I feel like the plot twist would have to be as big and random as this theory.

My Theory on Jason DeLaurentis

When I originally started writing this blog, my plan was not to write about who I think could potentially be “A,” but instead who probably isn’t “A” until the end of season five, but after tonight’s episode, a theory came to me that I just can’t shake and I really want to write about it, so I am! I read earlier (unfortunately I can’t remember where) that Marlene King allegedly posted something along the lines of “You’ll feel sorry for “A” when you find out who he/she is” on her twitter page. Then while watching tonight’s episode and thinking about it afterward,  I thought of an interesting, often visited, theory. Jason is “A.”

In an interview, Marlene said only one fan has ever figured out who “A” is. In another interview, she clarified that it wasn’t so much “who” the fan suspected that was unusual, but the “how and why.” So, who’s to say it’s not Jason? He’s had major connections to four of the five liars and has been scarce in some episodes and fully there in other episodes. To me it makes sense that he very likely could be “A.” In this post, I’ll list several of the reasons why I suspect him as being “A,” but by stating as many facts about him as I can think of.

Last thing we knew, Jason claimed that he could not remember any relevant details about the night Alison disappeared and Bethany was killed. After the incident, as he told Aria, he woke up to a note saying, “I know what you did.” One would suspect that Jason didn’t really do anything, but that “A” simply planted the note so that he would feel guilty. How do we know the real work of “A” wasn’t in fact that Jason was showing Aria the note in an effort to throw the suspicion off of himself? He also didn’t show up at Alison’s funeral. He may or may not have a good reason for that, but odds are whatever his reason may be, it’s not a good one. His sister had been allegedly murdered and he couldn’t even show up. Why? Was he the one who killed her? Or, did he know that she wasn’t really dead? Either way, it would take some inside scoops to know that information.

He has close connections with four of the five liars. First, he’s Alison’s brother and he always seems to take second place in the eyes of his parents compared to her, the sister he always seems to speak of in a jealous tone. Second, he is Spencer’s half-brother because of Jessica DiLaurentis and Peter Hastings’ secret affair. Third, he continues to seem to have a thing for Aria. He even kissed her in season two. If Jason were “A” and genuinely loves and cares for Aria, it would explain why the worst thing that generally happens to her is constant attacks on her relationship with Ezra, the man she chose over him. Fourth, as shown in the last two episodes, Jason now has connections with Hanna, because he allegedly slept with her mother.

The N.A.T. Club: Jason DiLaurentis was one of the founding members of the N.A.T. Club, a club created for the sole purpose of secretly watching and filming unsuspecting girls for entertainment. “A” is known for filming and photographing just about everyone in Rosewood, especially the Liars. If he is “A,” it would give more explanation for the pictures Spencer and Emily found in Jason’s tool shed of Aria sleeping. And, speaking of the N.A.T. club, he is the only founding member who is still alive. Coincidence or convenience? You decide.

Evidence? Most of the “evidence” anyone in Rosewood has found has allegedly pointed toward Alison and Spencer. Bethany, Jessica DiLaurentis’ possible other secret children, is dead. If that is true, then one of Jason’s sisters (whom also got more attention from Jessica than he did) is dead, another is in jail, and the other one is constantly being framed for people’s deaths. Maybe that’s why Jason was an alcoholic druggee in high school? Maybe he knew about Spencer and Bethany and just wanted to forget about it instead of confronting anyone, that is until after he graduated and “A” showed up, taunting Alison, potentially murdering Bethany, and stalking Spencer (and the other girls.)

Motive: Alison and Bethany were given more attention from his mother than he was, so he got jealous and decided to get rid of them if he could. This would explain why they were both there “that night,” why they were wearing the same clothes, and why they were both buried to be found in his biological father’s and half-sisters’ backyard. Spencer receives more attention from their biological father than he ever has. It would make sense that Melissa would be stalked too, but one must remember that Melissa was dating an NAT member and that she was seen with Ali and with the other two NAT members “that night.” That could have been his way of giving her an easy way out. Or it was simply that he knew she hated Alison as much as he did. Since the days when she wore pink highlights, Aria has always been a subject of his attention. He respected her and admired her for living outside of the box. He presumably thought she was beautiful (just about everyone does.) He kissed her. He allegedly took pictures of her while she was sleeping. She seems to get less of the brunt than any of the other girls do. Could this be because he is trying to spare her? Hanna replaced Alison as the “it girl” in school after she disappeared, maybe Jason didn’t like that? After all, Alison was his sister, even if he possibly tried to kill her. Finally, Emily also seems to get less attacks from “A,” than Alison, Spencer, and Hanna. Could it be because “A,” aka Jason, doesn’t really have anything against her accept the fact that she is close friends with Alison and Spencer?

My theory is likely faulty, but I didn’t really do any research like I have for my previous posts. However, even if it’s not the right theory, you must surely admit it’s a pretty interesting one? Anyway, tell me what you think? Could I be right or am I totally wrong? You decide!



P.S. I just remembered that Emily and Jason were connected for a little while in season (I think) 3!

Ezra, Toby, and Caleb :)

This week, instead of writing about the new episode, I’m going to write about the three male leads—Ezra, Toby, and Caleb—and their relationships with the girls.

EZRA FITZ: Ezra, Ezra, Ezra… He’s been quite the naughty boy! First, he illegally dates his student. Then, he secretly dates her behind her parents’ backs, even though they know and don’t approve. Not only does he secretly date her, but he also sleeps with her. Next, his girlfriend who is in high school learns that he got his high school girlfriend pregnant (but thank God, we find out that that was a lie). Later, Aria finds out that Ezra initially only spoke to her because he knew that she was a best friend of Alison DiLaurentis, a girl who was the subject of a book he was writing. Finally, he serves alcohol to five more of his underage students for Christmas dinner and later appears in front of them in only his boxers. Needless to say, Ezra may teach very well, but that doesn’t stop him from being a very bad teacher.

Regardless of his immoral tendencies as a teacher though, (almost) all of us still love and adore him. And it’s because of the way he treats all of his students, but especially Aria (I mean, aside from the whole “lying about the way they met” thing, but whatever). He treats them all like friends and helps them out whenever he gets a chance, like when Emily needed a tutor, he helped her out, and even gave her a make-up test of sorts when she failed, but still passed (thanks to Aria’s Mom), an English test. For more on Ezra go to the blog post I wrote about him called The Truth About Ezra Fitz.

TOBY CAVANAUGH: He’s the misunderstood troubled guy that every girl wants to love because the nurturing female instinct we have comes out at full strength when we see a guy like him. With his messy hair, black leather jacket, and constant run-ins with the law, he can’t help but wear an uneasy, brooding look on his face at all times. Behind his tough guy exterior though, we see a soft and warm heart of gold. He wants and tries to see the good in everyone, even though it’s sometimes very difficult for him, due to the fact that he’s been burned by just about every person who’s ever crossed his path. He’s sweet and he’s charming, and everything he does is in order to protect Spencer first, Emily second, and then, if he has time, himself. Even his darkest moment of all, the moment when he sold himself to the devil, aka “A,” as a minion, he was doing it because he was hoping it would keep Spencer safe.

CALEB RIVERS: Like the relationship of Ezria, the relationship of Haleb also started based on a lie. Jenna paid Caleb to get close to Hanna so that he could find a key that would lead Jenna to a USB stick that held her deepest, darkest, most regretted secret. When he realized he and Hanna actually had something going for them, though, he called things off with Jenna. Hanna found out though and ended things with him, for the first of many times. Eventually he came back though and made things right. They started dating again and everything was going fairly smoothly, until he broke up with her again because of what he learned in Ravenswood. (I’m not too sure what he learned, because I can’t find anywhere to watch Ravenswood, but it has something to do with that other girl dying and turning into a ghost) Finally, as of right now, Caleb and Hanna are happily dating again.

ARIA MONTGOMERY: Aria is the seventeen-year-old student of Ezra Fitz, the man who is not only her teacher, but also her twenty-five-year-old boyfriend (he was eighteen when he allegedly got Maggie pregnant, and Malcolm was mentioned to be seven years old in the episodes shortly following Ezra’s birthday.) Even though she has lied to everyone she knows because of her relationship with Ezra, their relationship has done a lot of good for her. In the beginning, it was a pleasant muse to distract her from her family drama and the drama that came with Alison DiLaurentis. Soon, it became a full-fledged relationship that has tested her in every way imaginable, though it has lead her to lie to everyone she’s ever known, it has also shown her how much she is willing to give for something or someone that she loves. She said it herself, “When you love someone, it’s worth fighting for no matter what the odds.” Furthermore, it has helped her grow up in ways that not even “A” could push her to grow up.

SPENCER HASTINGS: In the beginning, she was Toby’s biggest opponent, few people wanted him locked up more than she did, but then things changed. She watched him walk through the city as little boys crossed the street, just so they wouldn’t cross his path. She followed him into an alley and watched him lean against a wall, slide down it, and cry. Watching this softened her heart toward him and they eventually started working together to find out more about Jenna. As they worked together, they started to fall for each other, until they were eventually head over heels for each other. It got to a point that they were so in love with each other that Spencer put herself in Radley because she thought he was dead. Though it is still debatable whether she purposely landed in Radley or whether she was legitimately mental over Toby, we do know that she was willing to sell her soul to “A” in order to find him, and that in itself is enough to consider her crazy.

HANNA MARIN: She’s the peasant who turned into the princess and fell in love with a frog. A blonde with blue eyes who used to have money, Hanna Marin is the kind of girl who, based on stereotypes, is more fitted to be dating someone like Noel Kahn. Instead she dates Caleb Rivers, a long-haired boy with a dark past, unpredictable present and future, and the brain of a CIA agent who can hack into just about anything you want him to hack into. Their rollercoaster relationship is as typical as a high school relationship can get. They have broken up numerous times, fight about everything, and make up as if nothing happened, even if it’s been months since they were last happy together. They try to keep each other safe by lying to each other about what they’re doing sometimes, but everything they do is for the safety of the other.

In conclusion, Ezria has the unhealthiest relationship of all, based on the fact that everything has revolved around lying to each other and the people around them. In the end though, they are my favorite, because even though they have been toxic for each other, they’ve been able to filter out the things in their relationship that suffocate them and find the things that give them life. Spoby has the most passionate relationship. Of all the characters (other than Alison DiLaurentis), Toby is probably the most misunderstood character of all. Spencer is the only person in Rosewood who truly loves and understands him despite his tough exterior. She’s the only one who is willing to give up everything just to be with him. Toby understands Spencer in ways that no one else does; he’s completely and totally willing to drop everything and do anything for her, even if it means running away with nothing but her hand in his. Finally, Haleb has the most normal and healthiest relationship. They fight and break up, kiss and make up, and give each other all the space in the world to figure life out. They keep secrets from each other, hide things about their lives, and still trust each other with every ounce of trust they have.

Ezria: “It feels so good, but you’re so bad for me.” – Bad for Me by Megan and Liz

Spoby: “I fell in love with him the way you fall asleep—slowly, then all at once.” – Hazel Grace from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Haleb: “If you love something, set it free. If it was meant to be, it will come back to you.” ― Meg Cabot



Emily Fields: She has an interesting relationship with both Ezra and Toby. Her simple relationship with Ezra is that he tutored her and now they’re somewhat friends. Her complicated relationship with Toby is that of a homosexual girl who is lost and confused and might be falling for a guy, but learns that she isn’t, he’s just a very good friend who becomes the first person to really accept her for who she is and not who she pretends to be. In a way, Emily and Toby understand each other in a few ways that not even the girls understand Emily and not even Spencer understands Toby, but that’s what makes them a great pair of friends. They’re always there for each other, even though we rarely see them together.

Who Killed Mona Vanderwall and is She Really Dead?

Spencer Hastings is no longer on trial for the death of Bethany Young. Mona Vanderwaal was allegedly murdered in her home by a blonde haired woman. Alison DiLaurentis is now in jail for the death of both Mona and Bethany. All seems to be going well for four of the six liars, but is all as it seems? Just before being arrested, a very scared Alison told her long lost friends that she was not “A” and that by allowing her to be arrested, they were giving the real “A” exactly what (s)he wanted. Not one Rosewood resident seems to believe her though, and with good reason, all the evidence points to Alison as the one who murdered Mona, and possibly Bethany, too. This is Rosewood though; you can’t take evidence as it comes. You have to dissect it once, twice, and a dozen more times before you have the real answer.

Based on this truth, there is little to no reason to believe that Alison killed Mona. It is also perfectly reasonable to doubt that Mona is truly dead. Yes, the girl in the video looks suspiciously like Alison, but no one can prove that it is her, at least not right now. For all we know, “A” really is framing Alison. Or maybe, Mona faked her death so that she could leave Rosewood. She is the one who helped Alison fake her own death for two years, who’s to say she isn’t doing it for herself as well?

Theory One: The video is the first honest piece of evidence the Rosewood police have ever found. The video has not been tampered with, Alison did show up at Mona’s house on Thanksgiving Day, and she did drag Mona from her bedroom, down the stairs, into the living room, and outside the house in a fit of murderous rage.

Theory Two: “A” wore a blonde wig to look like Alison, went to Mona’s house, confronted her in her bedroom, and murdered her because she knew too much.

Theory Three: “A” is a blonde (CeCe Drake, Meredith Sorenson, Hanna Marin, Hanna’s step-sister Kate) who is not Alison. That blonde went into Mona’s home and murdered her.

Theory Four: “A” has a blonde minion (see before mentioned blondes) and the minion killed Mona.

Theory Five: Mona staged her death. She got someone to wear a blonde wig, come into her house, pretend to drag her down the stairs, and make it look like she was being murdered.

Theory Six: Mona and Alison realized that “A” was bigger than their hatred for each other decided to work together. Alison really did go into Mona’s house, which is why she won’t tell anyone where she was, and helped Mona fake her own death the way Mona helped her two years ago.

Theory Seven: Alison has a twin who has been traumatizing her for years and decided to frame Alison for the murder of Bethany and Mona.

Theory Eight: Bethany is Alison’ twin, Bethany is not dead, and Bethany killed Mona.

Theory Nine: That blonde girl who was friends with that other random group of five that showed up in one episode is somehow apart of everything and she is the one framing Alison or is the one who was really murdered “that night.”

What do you think? Which is your favorite theory? Do you have a different theory? Please share your thoughts with me in the comments! 🙂



5×14 – Pretty Little Liars: Through a Glass, Darkly – Episode Overview

Tonight, the second half of Pretty Little Liars’ fifth season premiered. The episode takes place three months after Mona Vanderwaal was allegedly murdered and all eyes are turned suspiciously at Alison DiLaurentis. Even her four closest friends, or maybe ex-friends, suspect that Alison killed Mona. No one can prove it though, because Alison’s dad, Kenneth, and brother, Jason, both swear that she was with them during the time that the crime was committed.

Rosewood’s four little liars refuse to believe Alison’s alibi though, so Emily and Spencer decide to do whatever it takes to prove Alison’s guilt. They drop in at the DiLaurentis home and find Jason, whom Spencer confronts, accusing him of lying about being with Alison on Thanksgiving. At first, Jason refuses to admit that he was not with Alison, but then Spencer plays the “I’m your sister too” card and Jason’s silence says everything. After Emily and Spencer leave, Jason confronts Alison about where she really was on Thanksgiving. Alison swears up and down that she is being framed for Mona’s murder, but does not answer where she supposedly was instead.

Toward the middle of the episode, Emily and Spencer go into Mona’s home to place false evidence that Alison was indeed at the Vanderwaal home on Thanksgiving. While looking for a place to leave strands of hair from Ali’s hairbrush, Spencer looks inside the air vent and finds a hidden camera that she suspects Mona setup for evidence and safety.

After the girls tell Hanna and Aria about their find, Hanna goes to Mona’s mom and suggests that she ask the police to search her home one more time, because Mona had mentioned to her that she had wanted to set up hidden cameras around the house. Mrs. Vanderwaal follows Hanna’s advice and the police do find the hidden camera. On the camera, they see that Mona was dragged down the stairs and around the house by a blonde that looks suspiciously like Alison. The police decide the video is proof enough that Alison was the murderer and call Jason in for more questioning. This time, Jason admits that he lied about Alison being with him and that the person in the video does look like it could be Alison.

In the last few minutes of the episode, we see the police pull up at the DiLaurentis home while Alison is inside. Scared, she tries to run away, but the other four liars stop her in the yard and don’t let her pass. She argues that they are wrong. She did not kill Mona and that by letting the police arrest her, they are giving A exactly what (s)he wants. The girls don’t listen though and Alison is arrested. The final scene with the girls shows that A, presumably Alison, arranged for celebration fireworks to leave a giant “A” in the sky to scare them. The doubt is obvious in the girls’ eyes though; they seem to second guess their decision to believe that Alison is “A.”

Also throughout the episode, Aria worries about her future, because she has not been accepted by any of the schools where she has applied to attend. In an effort to find out if she or “A” is the reason that she’s not getting into the schools, she goes to Caleb to help her hack into the school systems to see why exactly she was rejected.

In addition, we watch Mike react, or not react, to Mona’s alleged death. For the most part, he seems stone cold, almost as if he doesn’t care, but then he has a talk with Aria and admits that he is hurting. He hates seeing the whole town, including Aria and the girls, pretending that they liked and knew Mona, when they didn’t know her at all. Aria asks Mike to tell her about the real Mona one day and Mike stares blankly at her before starting to cry. As Aria walks away, she hears Mike’s sobs for Mona, and stops at the exit of the living room to cry with and for him.

Finally, we see that the Young family has decided to revoke their decision to let Spencer go freely after being suspected of being Bethany Young’s murderer. However, Alison’s alleged murdering of Mona causes the police to believe she also killed Bethany, so Spencer is set free, while Alison is locked up in a prison cell.

After the episode ended and the “what’s to come” preview aired afterward, we see a brief picture of Jackie Molina, aka Ezra’s ex-fiance and one of Aria’s personal enemies. It is unknown at this time why Jackie would be shown in a preview for season five, when she hasn’t been seen since midway through season two, but it can be expected that if she’s showing up now, she’s going to have some major shade over her!



Who Isn’t “A?”

Warning: Do NOT read if you have not watched passed the Christmas episode!

“Who is “A?” That is what every person in the PLL Army is asking. However, I suggest, we stop asking, “Who is ‘A,’ and start asking, “Who isn’t ‘A?’” Everyone has a theory about who might be “A.” Many think it is Aria or Alison, maybe Ezra, or possibly someone’s secret twin. I highly doubt it’s any of them though.

I. Marlene King is a BRILLIANT writer. She is smart, incredibly clever, and extremely sneaky! I doubt that she would ever make any of the five girls be “A.” Smart writers never have their sleuths double as the villain. The whole reason people read and watch mysteries, like Pretty Little Liars, is to figure out “Who-dun-it.” Stalker/Murder mysteries are supposed to be as realistic as possible. If any of the girls are “A,” then it would mean that they have tortured themselves for the past two years for no other reason than to make friends, family, and fans alike believe that it couldn’t be them. Realistically, no one would torture themselves the way “A” has tortured them just to throw away suspicion. Furthermore, Spencer has not only technically already been a part of the “A TEAM,” but she is also suspect number one on the Rosewood Police’s suspect list, which can pretty much rule her out as being “A.” As for Alison, who did everyone, including the other four Liars suspect of being “A” in the very first episode? That’s right, Alison; therefore, she couldn’t possibly be “A” because we’ve all kind of been suspecting it the whole time. A great writer wouldn’t allow her viewers to discover the criminal in the very first episode. As for the other girls, most of the “Clues” gathered for theories against them can be picked apart so fast it will leave your head spinning, rendering the theories weak, at best.

Other popular theories try to prove that one of the “bed buddies” is “A,” which is absurd! Ezra, Toby, and possibly Caleb each have alibis as to why they couldn’t be “A,” Maya was murdered, and Paige… well, Paige could still possibly be “A,” but I highly doubt it. As we all know, if you abided by the warning signs and only began to read this upon watching season four of the show, Ezra’s alibi is that he was writing a true crime novel about Alison’s disappearance and that he originally only talked to Aria because he knew she was one of Ali’s closest friends. Then, upon finding that he was truly attracted to Aria, he stopped writing the book, only to pick it up again when everything in his life was seemingly upside down. Toby’s alibi was that he really was on the “A TEAM,” but only because he wanted to protect Spencer. Finally, Caleb’s alibi is that he worked with Jenna, before falling for Hanna, and probably that he faced a lot of crazy crap in Ravenswood that now makes him weary and skeptical of everything else. However, until we find out if he and Alison are connected in anyway (they always seem to share strange glances now that she’s back in Rosewood), we can’t completely rule him out as a suspect.

We also can’t really claim that Melissa could be “A” anymore either, because she revealed that the reason she was being so sketchy was because she buried Bethany Young in order to protect Spencer, whom she thought had killed Bethany in the first place. Thus, also potentially ruling out Peter Hastings, whom we know knew the truth about Melissa.

Furthermore, we may also be able to rule out Peter as a suspect, because his secret was that he is really Jason’s biological father, as well. However, we can’t know for sure if that’s a reliable alibi or not, because Peter is such a shady guy, that he may have very well attempted to kill Alison for blackmailing him and later killed Jessica DeLaurentis for saying that she couldn’t protect him anymore.

It’s liable that we can also rule out Noel Kahn and Cece Drake as suspects as well, because as it seems, their sketchiness has been based on the fact that they knew Alison was still alive. And that they have been and probably still are helping Alison escape the evil clutches of “A” and now the distrusting, watchful eyes of Alison’s “ex” best friends.

Other than that though, we can’t for sure rule out anyone except for those characters that have been killed. There are few characters that we can possibly rule out, based on certain evidence, but it’s not really proven evidence, so I won’t include them in this post, but in another post at a later date.



Alison DiLaurentis: Malicious or Just Misunderstood

In life, there is always a mean girl. She’s the girl whom everyone hates to love. There’s just something about her that makes you want to be her best friend, even though you know she’s one of the cruelest and most manipulative people around. She’s a bully and she doesn’t seem to be happy unless someone is whimpering for mercy at her feet. Deep down though, you know there’s a loving and caring person hidden inside that cold, black heart of hers. That sweet and innocent person doesn’t want to come out though, because she’s been hurt and tormented by someone else, someone who made her believe that having a vulnerable and sensitive side makes you weak. In Rosewood, Pennsylvania, that girl is Alison DiLaurentis.

Alison DiLaurentis is a beautiful girl with a rich daddy and a quick wit that can get her just about anything that money can’t. She used to be the ring leader at Rosewood High School, where all the guys wanted to date her and all the girls wanted to be her best friend. Just before her sophomore year though, she disappeared and didn’t comeback for over two years. Now that she is back, almost everyone hates her and her previously known as best friends think she is “A,” a psychotic murderer who has been stalking and tormenting them since the beginning of their junior year of high school. if you look at the evidence though, it just doesn’t make sense that Alison is “A.” Sure, there’s a possibility that she might have worked with “A” at some point, but she is not “A.”

In the first few episodes of season 5, all Ali can seem to think about is staying safe and possibly getting Aria and Ezra back together. Not only does her fear of being found by “A” seem genuine, but her concern for Aria and Ezra does also.

In 5×03,  Peter Hastings finds Alison walking the Rosewood streets alone at night. When she recognizes him, Alison seems afraid and on edge. It seems to me, that if either of these two are “A,” then it would be Peter and not Alison. (More on my Peter suspicions in a later post)

In 5×05, on her first day back to school, the background song is “Begin Again” by Rachel Platten. The lyrics to this song talk about wiping away the past, erasing your mistakes, and cleaning up all the messes you’ve made. It’s sung from an almost timid and shy point of view. I think it’s important to pay attention to the theme of this song when judging Alison, because if you do, her actions leading to this moment and following really seem to line up with the song.

     In 5×04, she looks at her social media profile and finds hateful comments after hateful comment. While she is looking at the page she seems genuinely sad and hurt over the comments, as if she truly regrets her actions toward everyone before she left. Then, before meeting up with her friends in front of the school, she apologizes to two of the girls she used to bully. Later, in 5×05, she apologizes to Paige and Emily for the way she treated them as well.

Also in 5×05, when Mona confronts Alison at the church, Ali seems to try to start off by being nice to Mona, but Mona doesn’t have it. She antagonizes Ali until she puts up her wall once more and starts talking smack back to Mona. Then, after she slaps Ali, she slaps her back. As if realizing that she is slipping into her old mold and giving Mona what she wants in the process, Ali walks away. The next day at school, Mona shows everyone the secret video she took of her confrontation with Alison the night before. It’s edited though. It neither shows Mona’s initial antagonistic comments, nor that she slapped Alison before Alison slapped her. The few people who were rooting for Alison to be a different and kinder person turn on her at this moment.

The last scene in 5×05 shows the girls and their boyfriends sitting in Emily’s living room watching a news report about the body found in Alison’s grave. When the name “Bethany Young” is announced, you can see a glimmer of recognition in Alison’s eyes. Stronger than recognition though is a look of mixture, shock, and fear. Skipping ahead to 5×13, we see that Alison did in fact know who Bethany was, that she might be afraid of her (based on the way she asked about her to Mona), and that she allegedly invited Bethany to Rosewood the very weekend she was murdered (I say “allegedly,” because in Rosewood, you never take “evidence” at face value). Finally, when she is talking to Mrs. Fields in 5×07, she repeatedly says, “I was ashamed.” I don’t think she said this for show. I think she really meant it. I think one of the reasons she was gone so long was because she was ashamed of the girl she was–the girl everyone in Rosewood knew to be malicious and manipulative– the girl who let everyone believe was dead.

Several episodes later, after the girls have shown that they don’t trust Alison, Ali puts up another wall and acts as if she neither wants, nor needs the girls to help her make it through “A’s” torment. She even enters the Ice Ball to another song by Rachel Platten called “Fight Song.” The lyrics to this song are similar to those of “Begin Again” but are sung in a more upbeat and empowered manner. The lyrics also speak of how she’s going to prove to everyone that she’s okay, she can take care of herself, and she doesn’t need anyone else to believe in her. However, while the girls and their significant others eat Christmas dinner together at Spencer’s house, Alison peeks inside the window to see them having fun without her. The look on her face when she turns away from the window is absolutely heartbreaking. It seems that in that moment, she realizes that she has completely blown her chances of making amends with them, at least while “A” is still out there tormenting them.

    I do not believe Alison is, was, or ever will be “A.” I think she is simply a girl who was raised in a household of deceit that made her put up walls to protect her from being hurt by other people. I believe that in season 7, after “A” is revealed in season 6 (according to Marlene King), that Alison will be able to reconcile with the other girls and that, among other things, the whole season will show the Liars trying to make things right with everyone, particularly Alison, and that Alison will spend the season genuinely trying to gain back everyone’s trust.



The Truth about Ezra Fitz

Warning: This post contains spoilers from every season of the show! If you are not completely caught up with PLL, DO NOT READ THIS!

In season four of Pretty Little Liars, after the girls found out about Ezra’s book, Emily asked what was on everyone’s mind. “If he’s been watching us, then he has to know about “A.” How could he just sit back all this time and not do anything to help you?” Aria answered, “It’s simple. He never really loved me.” After I cried my eyes dry because of the empty look on Aria’s face when she said that, I started thinking. When you look at Ezra from the subjective view of Aria and the other girls who have been in close contact with Ezra, it makes sense that Ezra was just a really sketchy writer. But if you look at it from the somewhat unattached slightly objective view of an outsider, you can see that Ezra really does love Aria and he was protecting her from “A” all along. Throughout each season, Ezra shows his feelings for Aria in different ways.

Season one shows how conflicted Ezra feels about his relationship with Aria. Sure, the beginning makes Ezra look like a perverted jerk when you look at it knowing that he knew how young Aria was and made out with her in the bathroom of a bar anyway. After watching every other Ezria scene after that, I kind of want to cut him some slack though, but only because in reality, if she was already out of high school, the age gap wouldn’t really be considered that big of a deal. Besides, there are so many scenes throughout the rest of the series in which Ezra talks about how he only talked to her for research, but as he talked to her, he felt an unexpected connection to her and couldn’t help falling for her on the spot, that I can’t help but love him.

Aria and Ezra spend the first half of season one on a roller coaster ride of emotions. It seems like every other scene with them shows one of them trying to convince the other that they shouldn’t be together. That is until episode nine when Ezra shows up after spending three and a half episodes in New York.
Here’s how I picture Ezra in New York. He was sitting in his room at his parents’ place thinking, “I can’t do this. I need to end things with Aria before things get even more complicated. But wait, how will I write my book? Never mind. Who cares about the book? I’m in love with Aria. But what about her parents, other teachers, and the school board? I can’t put her through that. What if I just leave Aria and Rosewood all together? No. I can’t leave Aria.” So, he cancels his book deal and goes back to Rosewood where he sees Aria almost kiss Noel. “Okay, I definitely need to end things with Aria. She needs a normal relationship.” But then she reads his poem and he can no longer deny his feelings for her. So he asks her to meet him and they make up and make out…again.

Then Aria found out about Ezra’s ex-fiance, Jackie and “Bam!” Everything exploded and didn’t really slow down until the end of season two. First, it was Jackie, then it was Jason, next it was Jackie again, and finally it was Aria’s parents. Ezria literally spent the entire second season fighting outside forces and trying to make things work. If that is not enough to make you believe Ezra truly loves Aria, then remember what he said in the finale. “No matter how hard I try. I can’t stay away from you.” Let me also point out that this is just one of the many scenes in which Aria was with Ezra while something huge was going down with “A.” I used to think it was kind of sketchy that Ezra was regularly able to be with Aria the moment of or immediately after an “A moment,” but not anymore. Now I find it sweet and charming. He was watching “A” so he always knew when Aria needed him and he was almost always there for her!

In the season three premiere, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer were called down to the police station and Ezra showed up to take Aria to dinner. I’m sure Ezra knew how risky it would be for him to show up where the police and one or both of Aria’s parents would be, but he didn’t care. He wanted to see for himself that Aria was okay.

Then, in the Halloween episode when Ezra had to cancel his plans with Aria, but then showed up anyway, I’ll be honest, I felt like that was really sketchy too, but now I know it was Ezra being Aria’s knight in shining armor. He knew about “A” and he knew that Aria was in trouble, so he showed up to make sure she was safe.

Finally, in the season finale, when Aria wanted to break things off with Ezra, he unhappily obliged because all he wants for her is safety and happiness.

In season four, Aria and Ezra spent most of the season acting really awkwardly around each other. Aria was dating a guy named Jake and Ezra was just acting super sketchy, but that didn’t stop them from caring for each other. They shared a secret cabin together and Ezra even set the passcode to “B-26.” Amidst the time that Ezra was acting sketchy, Aria found out why. Ezra knew and dated Alison, before knowing Aria. In fact, Alison was the reason he knew Aria. He initially only talked to Aria, because he was writing a true crime novel about Alison. Because of this, Aria assumed that Ezra never really loved her. We know that can’t be true though, because even when Aria tried to hate Ezra, he did everything he could do to protect her and win her back. First he gave her the space she asked for; then, he took a bullet for her and her friends.

More importantly to me though, is how has been acting in season five. He’s kind of like a wounded puppy who is afraid to move or make noise because he knows that he doesn’t deserve Aria’s forgiveness, but he wants it anyway. So, he just follows her moves. When she’s cautious with him, he’s cautious too. And when she throws caution to the wind, of course he does too! He wants her to know that his love for her is, was, and always will be real, but he doesn’t want to push her. That’s how you really know Ezra loves Aria. He waits for her and he’ll continue to wait if he has to.

If he knew about “A” all along and if he really does love Aria, why didn’t he do more to protect the girls from “A?” It doesn’t seem like “A” knew he was onto him/her. Well, the answer really is simple. He was afraid. He didn’t want to lose Aria and he knew that by going after “A” he would have to tell Aria how he knew about him/her. And he knew that doing so would be risking losing her.

So, even though it kind of makes him seem like a whimp because he lied to Aria, he’s really just a love sick guy who, in the end, was able to use his lie to protect Aria and her friends from being shot by “A.” Who can blame him for keeping the book a secret anyway? Not only did it reveal that his meeting with Aria was originally a lie, but it also showed that he dated one of her best friends. Would you want the love of your life to know that about you? I doubt it! So leave poor Ezra alone!

Forever Team Ezria,

P.S. Let’s talk about Ella Montgomery for a minute. In one of the season 5 episodes, Aria is talking to Emily on the phone and Ella overhears her saying, “I’m the one confusing things, Em. I can’t trust Ezra, I don’t. People don’t change just because you want them to.” Now, we all know that only one person is less of a fan of Ezra than Ella and that’s Byron, so I think it’s safe to say that if Ella is willing to talk to Aria about Ezra and even go as far as to say, “Aria, listen to me, I don’t know what exactly happened with Ezra, but Zach is not going to be the one to write the book on relationships in this family. Not if I have anything to say about it,” then I think it’s safe to assume Aria and Ezra should indeed be together. Sure, Ella doesn’t know what Ezra did, but who cares? Clearly, Ella knows how much Aria and Ezra love each other and with that look in her in eyes when she is talking to Aria, it’s clear that she thinks they belong together, whether she wants them to be together or not.

The Truth about Mona Vanderwaal

Warning: This post is chock-full of Pretty Little Liars spoilers. Most are from the first two seasons, but there are a few from season four as well.

Picture an uber nerdy, basically friendless girl who is one of the main targets for the school mean girl. What if that mean girl disappeared? Would you blame the nerdy girl if she took her chance to become the new “it girl?” Would you blame her if she took the “weakest link” in the original “it girl’s” clique and became her best friend? I highly doubt anyone would say anything to her for either of those things. But what if, after all her hard work, the nerdy girl felt like she was losing her new best friend to her old friends? And what if she felt like the only way to get her back was by torturing the girls in an attempt to break them up again? Now, that is something to talk about! So, let’s talk about Mona Vanderwaal, but first let’s talk about Alison DeLaurentis, the “it girl” who picked on Mona.

As Hanna Marin described, Alison DeLaurentis is the kind of girl who can simultaneously be your best friend and you worst enemy. She knows exactly how to make you feel like a precious diamond, even when she’s treating you like a piece of trash. No one knew why she wanted to be Alison’s friend, but every girl did, especially Mona Vanderwaal. Before Mona could join Alison’s team of “it girls” though, Alison was murdered. At least, that is what the police led everyone to believe, even though it was untrue. The truth is, Alison DeLaurentis faked her own death and Mona Vanderwaal helped her do it. Why? Because if you can’t join them, beat them.

After Alison left Rosewood and the polar opposite girls from her clique fell out of touch, Mona made her move. She befriended “Hefty Hanna” Marin, the “weakest link” from Alison’s clique. Together, they turned themselves into the school’s new “it girls.” More than that though, they became best friends. After a year though, Hanna and her old friends started to reconnect, unintentionally leaving Mona feeling left out again. Because she was afraid of sliding back into her old role as the friendless girl she used to be, Mona decided to do whatever she had to do to keep Hanna as a friend. Every Pretty Little Liars fan knows what Mona did to the girls, but unless you have rewatched the first two seasons, you may not know how she did it. That is what this post is about. I am going to share some of the things I noticed when rewatching the first two seasons of PLL.

Season One
In season one, there were five major clues I noticed about Mona that helped the whole “Mona is A” thing really come together for me. I identify the clues as “Shoplifting,” “Camp Mona,” “Welcome Home Hanna,” “Heartbreaker,” and “Heartbroken.”

The pilot episode introduces Hanna and Mona as shopping buddies who walk straight past a security camera while wearing stolen merchandise. Somehow, Hanna is the only one caught and charged for the crime. That never made sense to me. Why on earth would Hanna be the only one caught? Surely, “A” was not above going after a close friend. Why should (s)he be? After watching it with a new perspective, I understood. Mona was A! “A” wouldn’t let herself get caught for something so trivial.

One of the most obvious “Mona is A” clues was “Camp Mona.” First, we see Mona invite “Hanna and her clanna” to go “glamping” with her. Then she walks away and the girls start looking for reasons why they can’t go with Hanna, until “A” sends them a text saying (s)he would be there. The next day, Mona claims she received a text from someone called “A” and uninvites Hanna from her party, even though she knows she’ll go anyway. At “Camp Mona,” we hardly ever see Mona, and that is because “A” is busy sending the girls on a wild goose chase.

Less obviously, Mona also gave us a clue at Hanna’s house right before the surprise “welcome home” party. She said, “Whoa, what was that? I just saw a shadow at your door.” As I’m sure Mona intended, Hanna started freaking out. There were many other ways that Mona could have set Hanna up for the surprise, but she chose the creepiest way. Why? Because Mona is “A!”

Also less obviously, we were given a clue that maybe “Mona is A” when Hanna was told to break Lucas’ heart at the dance. Who, other than maybe Alison, would care enough to make Hanna break Lucas’ heart? Mona, that’s who!

Finally, when Caleb left a letter for Hanna with Mona, she ripped it up and threw it away. When questioned, she claimed that it was to protect Hanna. That was a lie though. We know that in those episodes, “A’s” main goal was to break Hanna’s heart. As Hanna’s best friend, Mona, aka “A,” knew that the best way to break Hanna’s heart was by making her believe that Caleb left without saying goodbye. It worked.

Season Two
Now for the “Mona is A” clues from season two that led up to the big reveal—“The Cafeteria Scene,” “Truth-Up Day,” “The Cellphone,” and “Never Around.”

After Dr. Sullivan suggests that the girls spend time apart, there is a scene in which the girls sit at four different tables for lunch. We see a shot of Mona with the hint of an evil smirk on her face before the camera moves away from her. Next thing we know, the girls receive a text from “A.” “Look at you. All alone in a crowd. I win! Xoxo – A.”

Throughout the episodes of season two, we see Mona trying to befriend Hanna’s other friends, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, and Spencer Hastings. In the “Truth-Up Day” episode, Mona goes as far as to hack into the school computer, collect classified information, and get out without being caught, all to help Emily get back on to the swim team. This should have been a dead giveaway for all of us. Mona is supposed to be clueless and Caleb is supposed to be the only tech savvy person in school.

As Ashley Marin and Ella Montgomery, Hanna and Aria’s moms, get closer and closer to finding out about “A,” Hanna destroys her phone so that no one can see her texts from “A.” She gets a new phone though. From who? “A” herself—Mona Vanderwaal.

Finally, did you ever notice who was never around when the girls got “A” messages? That’s right. Mona!

Mona was “A” and it all makes sense now! Mona had her moments when it was so easy to like her or at least to believe she was too clueless to be “A” and that is what made her the perfect suspect! In the end though, she will always be one of my favorite characters. Sure, she was manipulative, sinister, and a bit psychotic, but she was not heartless. In fact, I believe she had one of the biggest hearts in Rosewood. She was just a broken-hearted girl who never fully recovered from being bullied as a kid. All she wanted was to be loved and accepted by “it girl” Alison DeLaurentis, “cute boy” Noel Kahn, the other girls, and most importantly her best friend—Hanna Marin.

Until next time this is Brittany Alexandria, daring you to keep obsessing over the things you love! Because we could always use more hope and passion in this world! xoxo

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