The Beginning of the End: PLL

I guess, since I’ve spent so much time blogging about Pretty Little Liars, I should post something about the beginning of the end. The first of the last ten episodes will be airing later this evening. I wish I could say I’m excited, but I’m really not. Do I want to know what happened to Spencer and Toby? Of course I do! By the end of the last episode, I was still shipping Spoby and Haleb, but now I couldn’t care less if Ezria ends up together or not. Ezria was my ship in seasons 1-3 and I still held out hope for them through seasons 4-6, but in 7 I realized they’re a lost cause. Not because they won’t end up together, but because they don’t have the same chemistry they had in the first few seasons. Honestly, I think I’d rather see one or both of them be Uber A than see them end up together at this point. That or Aria can just end up with Jason (assuming he’s sane and not A or a minion, of course) because as twisted as it may be, I always liked them together too. I mean, part of me will still be happy if in the end all three main ships sail off into the sunset (I don’t particularly like Emily or Alison with anyone. I kind of them like them both single), but I won’t be super duper excited like I once would have been.

As for Uber A, at this point I don’t really care who it is. They screwed up everything so much with the CeCe Drake is really Charles DiLaurentis thing that I don’t see how they’re going to be able to save themselves. For a stalker show, PLL had been fairly realistic in most aspects up until the Charles Reveal (except for the whole Ezra writing a book thing, but that’s whatever).  As much as I really didn’t want CeCe to be A, it would have been an EXCELLENT reveal if she had been–not as Charles, but as CeCe, the big bad older college girl that kind of dated Jason and got kicked out of school by Alison. That would have been GREAT! Combine the facts that the CeCe is Charles reveal was a huge let down for a lot of fans, that they jumped five years into the future, and dragged the wait time between 7A and 7B out eight months and you’ve got a huge mess of a series finale that even the most obsessive of girls is really only going to watch so that she can see the end results of a show that up to this point seems to have just wasted a bunch of time and energy.

Don’t get me wrong y’all. I may still theorize and get excited over certain events, especially if they make up for the past season and a half, but no matter how obsessed I may seem, I’ll likely still just be watching to get it over with. That being said, there are still some things that I fully expect to see and get answers for.

  1. Who or what the hell is in the barrel!?
  2. What’s the real story for Toby’s mom?
  3. Why is Wren so relevant sometimes and so irrelevant other times?
  4. ^^ Ditto for the entire Hastings and DiLaurentis family.
  5. Is Mona on the A Team still or is she really one of the Liars?
  6. What happened to Eddie Lamb!?
  7. Why has Bethany been so freaking important throughout this series!?
  8. Will Spencer, Toby, and Yvonne come out of their gun shot and car accident without too much damage?
  9. Will we ever find out exactly what happened that night when Alison disappeared?
  10. Will we ever find out exactly who Wilden is/was?
  11. Who is Lesli Stone?
  12. Why have the parents always been so close to the mysteries and yet so far away at the same time?
  13. What was in A’s secret files for Mr. and Mrs. Hastings?
  14. Why have Noel, Jenna, Andrew, and Lucas been so close to the mystery of A all the time?
  15. What’s the deal with the NAT club?
  16. “Miss Aria You’re A Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife” needs to be answered! What did Maya know!? And what really happened to her?
  17. What really happened to Holbrook?
  18. What happened to that Sydney chick who was close to Jenna?
  19. Is Spencer really Mary’s daughter?
  20. Who has a twin?
  21. What was Ali really up to all those years between her “death and resurrection?”

And that’s really all I can think of right now, but I’m sure there’s other stuff too.


At this point, here’s what would have to happen for PLL to redeem itself for me:

  1. Mona was Uber A all along! She only revealed herself in season 2 so that she wouldn’t be expected later on.
  2. One of the boyfriends or Melissa is Uber A. Maybe even one of the dads? Byron, Peter, or Kenneth could make sense if the story is spun just right.
  3. Neither Jason, nor Wren are Uber A, because at this point whether I always assumed they were or not, I’d hate to see either Jason or Wren be Uber A. If either of them is, then there needs to be this really intricate story that makes everything make sense. Even then though so many people have suspected them at this point that it’d be kind of lame.
  4. There was never anyone named Charles DiLaurentis and if there was, then it wasn’t CeCe. She just pretended because of x, y, and z reasons.
  5. The expected second twin is Spencer’s and not Alison’s. Or really anyone’s as long as it’s not Alison’s, because the show is supposed to be different than the book, meaning Alison can’t have a secret twin.


Okay, so, it’s been a while since I’ve posted about Pretty Little Liars and that’s because it’s broken me. I don’t even know how to theorize about PLL anymore! After the dollhouse… I don’t know man…. I guess I just feel like I was in the dollhouse with them and didn’t come out of it very well! But Y’ALL! I have a group chat with three friends and my roommate, Anicka Deese, came up with my favorite theory EVER! She gave me permission to copy and paste her theory and post it here. I’m also gonna post screen shots of our reactions to it, because we piece a few other things together, too!
“Theory… Very patchy! Just thoughts I came up with. Not fully convinced of it either but this is my first big theory so don’t be too hard on me lol.
I dig Courts Wilden theory. Them bringing back Wilden as the masked persons gotta mean something. Street Cred to you on the Wilden portion Courtney.
Mary has three kids: Spencer, Bethany and Wilden.
Spencer’s dad is her biological father and since Mary is seen as unstable, Peter Hastings got full custody of Spencer. This is whySpencer had that weird dream about being in Radly. She was born there.
The blond girl in Spencer’s baby book is Bethany.
Cece is actually a Dilarentis. When her parents put her in Radly,Mary Drake looked out for her which is why she called herself Cece Drake.she didn’t want the Dilarentis name anymore and took on Mary’s who was actually there for her.
It all started “That Night” when Bethany was killed. This made Mary Drake furious. On top of that, her daughter was dead and she was locked up in Radly while Mrs. Dilarentises daughter Ally got to live the perfect life. Mary wanted revenge and manipulated Mona into being her first A. Mona was so insecure and mentally unstable due to Alys bullying she was convinced. Mary invited her to be on the A team.
After Mona was locked up, Mary needed a new A. She had already had an A that bullied the girls, but she was wanting more. So she got Cece to start torturing the girls. Cece was easy to convince to be on the team. Cece felt like Mary took care of her and wanted to repay her for that. Cece always looked after Allison because even though she had so much anger toward her family, Aly was still her little sister. So as much as she tortured her, she also cared about her well being.
Wilden was so protective of Cece because that’s his cousin. So caught up in Alliso s disappearance because she’s his cousin and dead Bethany’s his sister. He was after the girls the whole time because Mary insisted they were guilty.
Cece was so emotional when she found Mrs D dead because she was her mom and she still loved her
Mary has always hated Mrs D because Mrs D wrongfully he her put in Radly after she was the one that let the baby die back in the day
Mrs D took everything from her. Her life when she put her in Radly, her kids because of it. And now Bethany is dead
Wren was hired by Mary Drake to be a spy and get info on her daughter Spencer. That’s why he met Melissa in the first place
Mary also created NAT as part of her A team to spy on the girls. Ian went rogue and tried to kill Mary’s daughter Spencer and in turn, she killed him.
Melissa knows more than she’s ever said but is being on the A Team to be a spy and protect Spencer. Wren let her in on everything after Ian’s death. Wren may or may not be on Melissa’s side and secretly working with Mary too. She cannot tell anyone what is actually going on at risk of being killed or framed.
Spence has mental issues from Mary.

“Maya Knew” maya found something in the house about Mary

Garrett was on the A Team but after giving Spencer a clue when she visited him in Jail, Mary wanted him dead too.
Eddie Lamb was at Radly all along and knows everything. Mary had him killed after he gave them the sketch book
Everyone that knows Mary, is scared of Mary
A Team is real, and Mary is the leader
People who got in the way – Ian, Eddie, Maya, Mrs. D., Garrett – They’re all dead.”

AND FOR YOU VIEWING PLEASURE–Something that very much seems to prove Melissa is not a villain but is DEFINITELY connected!

Tick-Tock, [Liars]–PLL Season 7

**Disclaimer** Pardon the “French” you’ll read throughout this post. I decided to keep it real today and post exactly what I was thinking as each major thing went down.


I’ll be honest. I was not super excited about the final season premiere of Pretty Little Liars after last season. I’m still not a fan of the Charles to Charlotte storyline, but whatever. I’ll live with it IF season seven continues to be as intense as the first episode was! I don’t think I’ll ever be as obsessed with PLL as I was when I first watched it, re-watched it, and then watched it again. After this premiere though, it just may have me hooked again! This premiere was so intense it had me on the edge of my seat the WHOLE time I was watching! They didn’t even show her that much, but I think this episode proved me to me that Hanna is my favorite Liar! I always thought it was Aria and or Spencer. I was wrong though. There’s something about this episode that has me thinking Hanna is my favorite Liar now. Let me just walk you through my thought process as we progressed through this first episode.

We run into the clock tower at the church with the Liars and Lovers. All we see is Hanna hanging from the ropes the same way Ian was so many seasons ago. (Side Note: We never did learn the actual truth about what happened to Ian. Do you think we will this season? All loose ends have to be tied up right? Including the grand mystery of whatever the hell was/is in the barrel!? NO! I haven’t let that go and I won’t until we learn the truth!) All I could think was “NO! NOT HANNAH! NO!” Then, when we figured out it was just a mask on a dummy I thought, yelled, and tweeted, “Screw you, PPL! How DARE YOU make me think that!!!!!” (Fun fact: My uncle actually read my tweet and asked, “Are you okay?”) Like FOR REAL! I was so pissed I didn’t even feel relieved at first! The relief finally set in though after moment when I realized the body being a dummy meant Hanna was alive!

EVERY TIME Elliot showed up on the screen all I could think was, “Damn you, Elliot!!!!” Why can’t Ali have just ONE PERSON who doesn’t betray her or give up on her even for a moment? Even Emily has had a few moments when she gave up on her, until she believed in her again.

I may or may not have gotten irrationally excited when they mentioned Snookers at Hollis! Then when Spencer asked Aria, “Do you know where that is?” or whatever it was that she asked. I just laughed. Does she know where it is? Is she familiar with it? DUH! That’s where she met and made out with Ezra for the first time! It’s also where he first started to lie to and betray her, but that’s in the past now… right? I don’t know. To be honest, I have a hard time with that. In real life, if I found out someone was lying like that to someone I loved, I wouldn’t be too quick to forget. Sure, I’d forgive, but I would not want her with him. We love the Liars right? They’re like our friends, or maybe even like our family. We’ve spent years of our lives with them! We’ve put just as much, if not more, energy into helping them solve the mystery that is “A” as they have. To quote Dumbledore from Harry Potter, “Of course it’s all in your head, but who’s to say it isn’t real?” That’s not an exact quote, but it’s close enough. The Liars and Lovers are our friends and family just as much as our nonfiction friends and family are. Anyway, on with the post.

When “Spencer” was with Hanna in the dungeon, all I could think was, “Be careful Hanna! That’s not Spencer! It’s them! They’re in a mask! It’s not her! Don’t tell them anything!” I also thought maybe it was a good thing Hanna thought it was Spencer. If it really was someone pretended to be Spencer, then they would know that Hanna would tell her the truth. That would be she was telling the truth when she said she didn’t know who killed Charlotte.

When “B-26” started playing, it pissed me off! I thought it was A at first. I thought, “What!? No! Not B-26! Why!?” Then they showed it was just some random kid and I was even more aggravated! Our emotions are already working overtime right now; we do NOT need to be tricked! Then when Aria went back to Ezra’s and said, “I don’t need to know what we are tonight. I just need to be with you.” My heart melted a little bit. I may not know exactly how I feel about Ezra and Aria being together, but I do believe in first love. Sometimes first love makes you do irrational things. I also believe people can change, so maybe, I hope, Ezra has changed and is here for Aria 100% no questions asked. They never really discussed that issue. They just kind of let it go, which really annoys me.

DUDE! Haleb flames were sparking all over the place tonight! Poor Spencer can see it and Caleb is probably just confused. Yes, he does have feelings for Spencer. He is in love with Hanna though and he just found out that she tried to come back for him, but it was too late. He had already left. He has to be feeling some kind of way about that! If he had just stayed maybe half an hour longer, they would still be together! Besides, Spencer needs to get over Caleb! I was a fan of Spaleb for a little while, because it’s always a little fun to have drama like that every now and then. It’s Haleb and Spoby time now though! I NEED a Spoby moment! We all do!

Mary Drake was first a patient at Radley for the death of a child in her care. What child? We need to think about this. I have a feeling it will come back and we’ll find out that this child was a relative of one of our own Rosewood residents. Do you think we might find out that Charlotte was never Charles? Maybe Charles was the kid that died under Mary’s care. Could Charlotte be Mary’s kid who they just claim was Charles? Maybe Charlotte was the true name of the kid who died and Charles took her name when he changed. The Hasting’s still have a big secret we briefly learned about in the season five finale when the Lovers were looking through A’s files. Who knows who the kid was. We’ll find out soon I’m sure.

Did Ali kill Charlotte? Ali is a lot of things. I don’t think she’s a murderer though. I mean, maybe it’s like with Spencer and Melissa with Alison and Bethany. Maybe it was out of self-defense. Alison loved CeCe and she loved Charlotte. She wouldn’t hurt her, not without being provoked. Who knows?

Caleb ran off with the jacket? What a moron! Caleb! If you would have just waited you might have been able to find Hanna and save her! You moron! You sick in love moron!

“Run, Hanna! Run!” I was quite impressed with Hanna’s escape. I mean, by now, you’d think she’d know a thing or two about being able to escape the evil clutches of A, but still! She impressed me. Then of course freaking Mary had to show up and OH MY GOSH! Just look at that face! THAT was the face I’m pretty sure I made too! Though, I was a little more angry-shocked than terrified-shocked!



Mary isn’t Uber A! She was driving when the dude dressed in black picked up the jacket. It could have been Elliott; I don’t know if I believe it was though. He had been asleep at Alison’s when Emily was there not too long prior to this event. It’s definitely a man. I truly believe it is a man. At this point what woman could it even be? All the women are spoken for in one way or another. At first thought I’m thinking it could be the following suspects. Wren Kingston–because I won’t let that go until the series is over. Jason DiLaurentis–when I first binge-watched PLL Wren and Jason were my first suspects. Peter Hastings. Kenneth DiLaurentis. Byron Montgomery–all the dads have always just creeped me out, well, except Emily’s dad. May he rest in peace.

Also on the list, though not so seriously: Lucas Gottesman–he’s kind of creepy too. Though, he may just be super socially awkward; he has been referred to as “Boo Radley.” Noel Kahn–he’s gotta come back some time, right? Andrew Campbell—he creeps me out too, though idk if it’s because of PLL or if it’s because of his role in The Foster’s. Either way, I’m not crossing him off my list quite yet.

When Elliott went to see Alison, my thoughts went something like this: “Stupid Elliott!!!! No! Damn you!!!!!!!” I HATE him so much! I don’t hate many people, fiction or nonfiction, it’s just not in me to hate someone. I hate, nay, I loathe Elliott with an absolute passion! Nobody claims to love one of my Liars and even marries her only to betray her the way he has! Ugh! I hate him! Then, to make it worse, he had to go and say, “I’ll make sure live a long life. Rotting away in here…. I know you killed Charlotte.” I do have to admit a small part of me is holding onto the hope that maybe, just maybe, whoever is behind all this is wearing an Elliott mask too.

This is going to be a VERY GOOD and EMOTIONALLY TAXING season y’all! They may need to reopen Radley as a mental institute again just so that we can all check in as patients. In a really weird, totally creepy, and absolutely unstable way, it just may be comforting for us to be patients at such a familiar place. We’ll spend all of our time their trying to piece together all the pieces to the puzzle once we have our answers anyway, so we might as well do it where all roads end—Radley Sanitarium. Anyway, I’m actually super excited about this season and I can’t wait to see what happens next! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to turn out my lights and attempt to sleep. I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to sleep after everything that has happened in two of my three favorite Freeform shows though, but I’ll try. Pray for me y’all! Send positive vibes! Do whatever it is you do for people who need a good experience in their life! I’ll be praying for myself and all of you to be able to shut down your brains and sleep. It may not be possible this season though. It’s like the final minutes in a really intense sports game. It’s crunch time! It’s now or never for our plotting, scheming, and theorizing minds to figure out the truth of Pretty Little Liars before all is revealed in the next year!

~~~ O.G. ~~~

P.S. I just looked through an episode guide and  one episode is called “The Wrath of Kahn!” What do you think tha means? 🙊😰

Finally Caught Up on Pretty Little Liars

            So, I kind of fell three weeks behind on Pretty Little Liars, because my TV stopped working during the episode in which Byron and Ella announced they’re back together. Then, after that, I kind of just had one thing after another getting in the way of my regularly scheduled PLL time. Let me tell you though, I’m almost glad I waited, because I could not have chosen a better week to get caught up! I mean, gosh! Them Spoby feels got me making the Toby face again. Sad TobyWhy!? Why do they have to put us through this? As much as I love Ezria, Spoby actually hits me with the most feels! I think, at this point, my heart might actually break more if they don’t end up being end game than it will if Ezria don’t end up being end game. Ugh! And that Haleb scene from whichever episode it was (I binged all four episodes in a row, so they kind of ran together.) Honestly, I do really like Jordan and I wouldn’t be totally bummed if Hannah ended up marrying him in the end as they plan to, but I would have a little piece of my heart permanently lamenting the loss of our beloved Haleb. And don’t even get me started on Ezria! Gosh! Those two are ridiculous, and I mean, come on, there is no way Ezra did not intentionally break the news to lover boy Liam about his relationship with Aria being much more than platonic! Clearly, he’s still got some major feelings for Aria and she obviously still has feelings for him! How could they not? They became a couple in the very first episode and have been through EVERYTHING together!

            So, let’s discuss all of our relationships (platonic, romantic, and friends) in a little more depth here. Hannah is trying so hard not to care about Rosewood’s hottest new couple Spaleb, because she does love and Jordan and they are engaged. However, she also still loves Caleb—he is her first love and all—and she wants to see him happy, even if it is with one of her best friends, her maybe especially because it’s one of her best friends. If it were me, I’d be grateful to know my first love was with one of my closest friends if he wasn’t with me. To me that’s the best way of knowing that he’s with someone really great and you also don’t have to say goodbye to being in each other’s lives just because you said goodbye to the relationship. I for one sometimes wish that I could still of my first love in my life, though, it’d probably be easier if we were both in relationships, which I’m not, and who knows if he is. Anyway, so there’s that Haleb vs Spaleb thing. I think Spaleb, though, they are kind of starting to get on my nerves the more I think about Spaleb means Spoby isn’t a thing.

            Then there’s Ezria vs Ariam (idk if they have a couple name, but I like the sound of Ariam for Aria and Liam, so I’m sticking to it.) These three are a HOT MESS! They’re coworkers, Liam is dating Ezra’s ex, and now Aria is working very closely with Ezra to work on their book. Add in the fact that Liam showed up to find Ezra waiting with Aria at the hospital after she was burned, things really are heating up (sorry, couldn’t pass up that pun!) Liam is cute and if Ezria wasn’t a thing, I’d honestly really like him with Aria, but I still feel like Aria (and Emily) has had the worst time getting over the whole ‘A’ thing and now that there’s a new ‘A,’ Ezra is clearly the only one she can go to with her fears, because he was there for her the first time. Sure, she could go to Liam, but it’d be entirely new territory for him, and I don’t know, I just don’t think he’d be okay with not going to the police quite yet. Liam isn’t like Ezra, Caleb, and Toby; he doesn’t know how many times the Rosewood police have turned on the girls no matter how solid their evidence has been. I just, I really think Aria needs to be with Ezra. He’s the only one who understands her. He’s a writer, a friend, a lover, and a Rosewood resident, so he gets it, whereas, Liam would never be able to understand.

            Spoby! The last scene with them and the flashbacks of them… I was crying literal tears! How could you not get teary-eyed for that? Team Spoby or not, that scene really hit me in the feels! Then, when Spencer went and called Yvonne to tell her she was there for her if she needed to talk, I was just… very impressed, especially since we know Spencer obviously still has feelings for Toby.

            Finally, can we talk about the girls and Mona? Did I miss something? What happened between the Dollhouse and now that made the girls suddenly turn on Mona again? She is one of them, and honestly, it really bothers me that she’s not considered one of the Liars! She may not be in every episode, but she’s just as much a Liar as Alison, Aria, Emily, Hannah, and Spencer are! In fact, she might as well be considered the biggest victim, given what she went through to try to redeem herself after Radley and considering the fact that she was in the dollhouse longer than the other girls! That’s just my humble opinion though, I guess.

            In regards to theories, I really don’t have any formed yet. It’s like I have a bunch of thoughts in my head, but they’re all just tiny elements swirling together in a pool of unformed theories. Here’s what I sent my “Partners in Theorizing” though. I’ll even include the typos for the sake of keeping it real:

I’m against this… But… That face mask looks eerily like Mona! I mean… I still think it’d be great for Mona to be again, since she already was, but I also just really want her to be good! Haha. Part of me thinks they’re pulling a CeCe and it’s going to be Leslie, since she was bey prominent for a few episodes and suddenly went away… But, I also feel like that’s what they want us to think…. Tbh, I’m not sure if I trust Liam or Jordan either though… Liam especially! He always seems like he knows more than he’s letting on. Then of course, there’s always the usual suspects named Melissa and Wren… Though, the flashback of their breakup seems like it could have been a clean break for him not to be in the show anymore… Or… His strong reaction to finding out about Melissa’s secret about Bethany could be a clue that he had something to with it too…. Idk? I’m not striking anyone off the suspect list, but I’m also not really adding anyone either… The creepy reported guy is rather suspicious too!

The One About Toby (and a bit about Theories)

I take it back! I am NOT okay with Spaleb! Nope! Not at all! Did you see Toby’s face when Caleb told him? No! Okay? No! It was close to the same face he made in the hotel when Spencer was talking to him about how she felt when he just let her cry outside his apartment! Then, as if the face wasn’t enough, he looked down at the ring he would have given “what’s her face” had he not been so tormented by the thought of Spencer and Caleb being together! Officer Toby didn’t propose like he had planned! Why do you suppose that is? It couldn’t possibly be because he’s still in love Spencer, could it be? I mean, he didn’t all have just a glimmer of hope on his torn face when he asked Spencer if she would be returning to DC at whichever time she would be allowed to, am I right? Ugh! My heart guys! It hurts right now!


^This is the face^

Let me tell you why the look on Toby’s face hurt me so much more than the look on Hannah’s face. It’s because Hannah is happily engaged to Jordan, who by the way, is a total sweet heart! And yeah, I get it, Toby was on the verge of being happily engaged to “what’s her face,” but I don’t know… there’s something different about Toby. Hannah, I guess, I don’t know, she just…. Before that scene when she went off on Spencer about already being Caleb, she actually seemed like she could have been happy for Spencer and Caleb to be together. Toby though, his immediate response was heartbreak. He couldn’t even look at Caleb when he wasn’t telling him it was okay. Hannah pretty much looked Spencer dead in eye when she told her it was okay. Now, don’t get me wrong, I fully believe Hannah loves Caleb as much as Toby loves Spencer, I just think Hannah might be slightly more able to deal with Spaleb than Toby can.

Let’s talk about that morning after scene though! Was it just me, or did it seem that even in the happiness and bliss of the moment, did Spencer seem to be a little bit remorseful? To be, she seemed a bit hesitant, like she could of a feeling of regret. I mean, I really do like Caleb and Spencer together for a short time and I really think they like each other, but I think Spencer loves Toby and Hannah. I wouldn’t be surprised if Toby ends up working with the girls again to beat this “big bad” or if Spencer goes to him one night when she needs to talk and something happens with them, and or the same scenario could take place with Hannah and Caleb! A girl can dream, right?


Okay, now let’s talk about this “big bad!” How creepy was that final scene? Like, seriously! He took off a LITERAL face mask! Not like the ceramic ones Charlotte and her minions wore, but like a flesh like mask! CREEP-Y! *skin crawls* This “big bad” is seriously out for blood! He’s not playing any games! His text message was serious when he said he’s hiding in plain sight! CREEPY! *skin crawls again* I don’t know if I can handle this! I just…. Ugh! I am CREEPED OUT! And, in case you didn’t notice, his glasses are totally the same as Leslie Stone’s!


Last, but certainly not least, Byron…. Creepy or not? If you say not, then I will question your sanity even more than anyone already questions the sanity of Pretty Little Liars fan! Byron is seriously CREEPY! I’ve kind of always thought so! I don’t care that he dated his student, I do care that he cheated on his wife, made his daughter lie, and gave his daughter hell for dating a teacher, when she learned it from him. There’s also something incredibly creepy about a man who has so much hatred for a girl his daughter’s age—any scene he’s had with Alison!

It’s Realistic; Get Over It

Okay, so I don’t really have any PLL theories that either new or fully formulated, but I do have a thought or two that I want to share about what has happened in Pretty Little Liars season 6B so far. Mostly, I have something to say about what happened in the last moments of the episode that aired January 26, 2016. That’s right. It’s time to talk about the ship that is Spaleb. I have a group chat opened with two of my roommates and one of our friends that is specifically dedicated to Pretty Little Liars conversations. In this chat, my roommate Ana and our friend, Courtney, shared how absolutely MAD they are about this whole thing between Spencer and Caleb. I shared how much I like it. *ducks from the things being thrown at me by you furious Haleb and Spoby shippers*

Okay, now that that’s out of your system, let me explain. Rosewood is one of the tiniest towns imaginable. I mean, there are like what, ten families that live there based on how many families show up in the show? And yes, the four liars and Caleb all moved away from Rosewood for five years, so they had plenty of time to meet many more fish in the sea. Aria has a new boyfriend and Hannah is even engaged, so why can’t Spencer be with someone who isn’t, ya know, Hannah’s first (and only) true love? Well, let’s see. Do Aria and Liam really seem happy? Sure, yeah, they could be happy together, but will Aria ever really be able to express herself fully to him about everything that happened to her in high school? Will he ever be able to understand why or how she became the woman she is? No. The answer’s no, especially not when you can see in his face that he clearly knows Ezra was something much more important to Aria than her high school English teacher. Can Hannah and Jordan really be happy in their proposed marriage? They do seem happy. They could certainly make it work, right? The same is true with them though that is true of Aria and Liam. Jordan will never really be able to understand who Hannah is, and I don’t Hannah even really wants him to understand. She’s still in love with Caleb.

Caleb, Toby, and Ezra (and maybe Lucas) are the ONLY men who could ever really hope to understand the girls because they were there when everything went down. They experienced it all with them. That is why it makes the most sense that if Caleb can’t with Hannah and Spencer can’t be with Toby that they be together. They’ve had a connection since that very first moment together in Ian’s office when Spencer was trying to break into his desk to get her laptop. They went to high school in a small town where all the liars grew up and so it makes sense. In a small town, it’s completely unrealistic that of the four liars (six, if you count Alison and Mona like I do) that none of them ever dated the same guy (well, except Noel Kahn, but does he really even count?). Pretty Little Liars, in all its drama and craziness, is actually very good at being as realistic as possible. Therefore, at some point, one of the best friends was bound to date one of the same guys as one of the others. It makes the most sense that that same person would be Caleb. I mean, it’s not like Emily is going to date either Toby or Ezra and she’s the only one who’s really had any kind of relationship with any of the guys any of the other girls have dated, other than Spencer and Caleb.

You can deny it all you want, but Spencer and Caleb are really cute together and also really good for each other. I don’t think they’ll be together for long, because I think it’s inevitable that all of our OTPs get back together, at least for a little while, before the end of the show. Still though, Caleb and Spencer could be very good for each other. They’re almost total opposites, and for that reason, they can help each other become stronger, healthier people. It’s not like they’re doing anything behind Hannah’s back. Hannah’s the one who put two and two together in the first place. Spencer didn’t exactly broach the subject on her own. She simply asked Hannah, who freaked on her, about how she and Caleb are. That’s when Hannah asked and can really expect Spencer to lie? That would be bad friendship, not Spencer doing what Hannah suggested she do by exploring her feelings for Caleb. If it were me and I broke up with Caleb two or three years ago, was engaged, and found out that one of my best friends might have strong feelings for him, then I would want her to define those feelings. If Spencer didn’t confess and define those feelings, then at some point they would have exploded and it really would have ruined her relationship with Hannah like everyone seems to believe this thing with her and Caleb will. I don’t think it will. I think it will make them stronger. It’s the perfect adult conflict that Pretty Little Liars is trying to give us. They’re not in high school any more. Hannah and Spencer spoke like the grown adults that they are and silently determined that if they want their friendship to survive, then Spencer can’t just bottle up her feelings like she always has. She needs to let them out and figure them out. Besides, Hannah is engaged and Jordan seems to really love her, so until they break up (assuming they will) then Caleb is fair game.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts on Spaleb vs Haleb. I’m sure a LOT of people will have negative feelings about this post, but that’s because having ships and OTPs makes us irrational sometimes, so we forget that any good story needs to be realistic. Realistic for a story like this is having one of the girls be with one of the other girls’ ex’s.

Pretty Little Liars Predictions

I’m posting this post at exactly 7:00pm central time on Tuesday, January 5, 2016, so that it posts exactly one week before Pretty Little Liars season 6b premiers on ABC Family—unfortunately now known as Freeform. As of right now, before we see anything in context, this is my prediction for what will happen between the episode that airs on January 12 and the last episode of season 7. It is based off of things that we never learned the answer to in the finale and things that we have learned from previews and interviews.

First and for most, the biggest question is, “Who is ‘he’?” Who is the new big bad? Who is, who will likely be, Uber A? I think it’s whoever was really in charge of the NAT Club. In season 3, there is a scene in which Jason is talking to Spencer and he confesses to her that, “Sometimes, I think they were taking orders from someone else.” Obviously, “they” would be Ian and Garrett, since they were the only other official members of the NAT Club. Despite the fact that the finale was a bit disappointing in some areas of explanation and that Marlene King’s explanations of those poor explanations only made it worse, I still believe that she does not place things in the show for no reason. In fact, I’m still holding out hope that maybe “Miss Aria You’re A Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife” has a secret meaning, though it could have simply been a red herring. I absolutely do not believe Jason’s comment was a red herring, because not enough people have talked about it. I fully believe it’s going to have some kind of relevance come the rest of the series. Who knows, maybe ‘he’ is still Jason? Or maybe Wren? Though I doubt it has anything to do with Wren, since he was one of the most talked about suspects toward the end of 6A, it is always a possibility. OH! And we still have to find out what was in the barrel!

In regard to relationships, if only one of the couples ended up together, I would guess that it would be either Ezria or Spoby, but I’ll give the pros and cons to all of the couples getting back together.

EZRIA: Aria and Ezra were incredibly toxic for each other. Aria was pretty much addicted to him and he was just a little bit crazy. As we come into the new season though, it’s been told that Aria will have a new boyfriend and Ezra will be an alcoholic. However, I’ve also read that since Aria is a publisher—or maybe an editor, I don’t remember—she’ll be working with Ezra on his new book. The first scene of her alone, when she picks up his book and a deep reminiscent look floods over her face, one can assume she still has deep feelings for him. Of course she would, he was her first love and quite possibly her FIRST. The kind of feelings she had for Ezra can’t just go away. Anyway, despite the fact that they were toxic for each other, they were good for each other. Together, they got through things in their lives that they may not have been able to get through without each other. I also think that Aria is going to be the one who brings Ezra out of his slump and back into a good, healthy place in his life.

SPOBY: Spencer and Toby were also a bit toxic for each other. Even more than Ezra was a drug for Aria, Toby and Spencer were drugs for each other. I mean, Toby literally drove Spencer crazy! And, because of Spencer, Toby almost died because he unintentionally took drugs. Despite that though, other than Emily, Spencer was the only person who believed in Toby and Toby was often the only one who believed in Spencer. When their lives were falling apart, they held each other together, maybe not in the healthiest ways, but they did hold each other together. They were also always really good sleuthing partners, so I’m sure they’ll end up sleuthing together again and if not end up together, they will have a few moments.

HALEB: Hannah and Caleb have the healthiest relationship in the whole show; they were even healthier than the relationships the parents had. For that reason alone, I think they probably won’t end up together. I think it would be so like the Pretty Little Liars’ writers to have it so that the healthiest and most perfect relationship of the whole show end up being the one who got away, especially since Hannah is engaged. That’s not to say they won’t end up together for a temporary period though, because I’m sure they will. Hannah, with her daddy issues and eternal love for Caleb, will probably have a few issues with her fiancé and run to Caleb for comfort. If Pretty Little Liars decides to go for a cliché story line though, as they did with the “secret sibling is the enemy” plotline, then Hannah and Caleb will definitely end up together, because that’s how it is in all of the cliché love stories—Girl is engaged, girl goes back to hometown, girl runs into first true love, girl and first love click again, girl ends up with first love.

PAIGE AND EMILY: According to a sneak peek of Mona and Allison, Emily and Paige have been talking again in California. I don’t have much to say about them, but I really don’t think they’ll end up together. They never trusted each other and they were always fighting over one thing or another.

MIKE AND MONA: This is the couple I actually really want to be together! They were so cute together and Mike was the only person who ever believed Mona could be more than the crazy girl from Radley who stalked four girls from her high school.