Obsessed with Food!

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In 2015, I developed a gluten intolerance. It’s hereditary and Papa (pronounced “paw-paw;” maternal grandfather) is also gluten intolerant, so I wasn’t exactly surprised that I am too. Up to that point and even still much through 2016, I was contently reliant on a microwavable, highly-processed diet. It was quick, easy, and relatively mess free, just how I liked it. Going gluten free doesn’t really allow for that kind of a lifestyle though, because what few microwaveable gluten free items are out there are bland at best. So, I was forced to start meal prepping.

Since my go to diet of easy foods like mac & cheese, pizza, nutrigrain bars, fiber one brownies, pizza, and of course, Chick-fil-a, or really anything else I ate on a regular basis, are gluten free, I literally had to completely overhaul my entire diet. That’s not easy for anyone to do, but it’s especially not easy for a picky eater who can’t eat certain things because she’s incredibly sensitive to texture—like, I’ll throw up if the texture bothers me.

So, or a while, I just suffered through eating some foods with gluten, because it was easier and also because I was at a total loss in the kitchen, mostly because I tended to burn things and myself, cut myself, and drop or break things when I used anything other than the microwave in the kitchen. I guess, that was the whole point though, because God knows me well enough that I was not going to start eating healthier if it meant I had to use the kitchen and had a say in the matter; so, He took my say away and left me with no other option. I’m grateful for that now, but it was quite annoying when it all started. If you’re like me, then here’s a helpful fact that you probably won’t listen to, because I didn’t either—health and figures really do start in the kitchen! I hurt my back a couple months ago and haven’t been able to work out, but I’ve still been gaining a better figure just from eating right! Which, just goes to show that God really does know best! Ha, ha!

The weekend before Thanksgiving 2016, I made brownies to take to my family dinner and decided to meal prep while I was waiting for them to bake and I haven’t not meal prepped since. At that point, it was just fruits, vegetables, corn chips, gf pretzels, chicken, gf pasta, white rice, and my amazing “Blood Slayer” smoothies for the most part, with the weekly gluten stops at Chick-fil-A and gluten-y meals at my Nanny and Papa’s house every Sunday evening. Since Christmas 2016 though, I have only eaten maybe two servings of food that had gluten and I’m living better for it. How do I do this? Well, I take recipes from cookbooks and Pinterest and substitute gf versions of whatever the recipe calls for.

Anyway, if there’s hope for me in the kitchen, then there’s definitely hope for you! Here are some cook books and recipes I’m obsessed with! 😀


  1. Stirring Up Fun in the Kitchen – 4/22/17

Back to the Kitchen by Freddie Prinze Jr.

  1. The Rock’s Cinnamon Pancakes” 4/22/17
  2. “The Green Sauce” – 4/27/17

Stirring Up Fun with Food by Sarah Michelle Gellar

  1. Homemade Recipes by Brittany Alexandria
  2. “Blood Slayer” (Smoothie Recipe)