About D.A.R.E. to HOPE

“Gold” by Britt Nicole is and will be the theme song for D.A.R.E. to HOPE until an original song is able to be written and recorded.

Mission Statement:

To encourage, inspire, and love people so that they will know their worth and love themselves the way God loves them! 🙂


The world is full of broken and hurting people. Most often, the people who are most broken and who hurt the worst are those who have the biggest smile on their face. The world is also full of lonely people. The loneliest people are often those who are surrounded by a crowd of people. So many people feel unloved; those who feel most unloved are often those who are the most loved.

I believe most fake smiles are in place, because deep down the smiling person knows that he or she is loved by those around him or her. I believe the loneliest people are those who feel that way, because, even though they are surrounded by people, they don’t feel accepted because they don’t feel like they are a part of anything. I also believe those who feel the most unloved feel that way because the people who love them, love them so much that they assume their love is known, so they forget to say and show just how much they do love them.

My mission, passion, purpose, and calling are to encourage, inspire, and love you–a broken person–so that you will know your worth and love yourself the way God loves you. That is why I am dedicated to this blog, even when it seems like no one is reading it, because I know that God can and will use it to mend the broken hearts of those who come across it, including those who have shared their testimonies in order for it to be written. I know that God will use this book to help you and me to learn to love ourselves the way we are and to forgive ourselves for the things we won’t let ourselves forget. It may not be an easy task for any of us, and it will certainly be a bumpy road of recovery, but I know that God will get us through this, if only we allow Him to do so!

Description: My name is Brittany Alexandria and I am a pen in God’s hands, a microphone in front of God’s mouth, and the hands and feet of His hands and feet. When asked who founded this blog, who writes these blogs, and who organizes it all, my name is the name written or spoken, but in truth, each word, each thought, and each action, is God-inspired. Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t say some things that are wrong, or that I won’t offend anybody, because I will. What it means is that I will only say, write, and post things that I feel God wants me to say, write, or post. I am human, however, so like I said, I will say the wrong things at the wrong time, and sometimes just flat-out say things that should not be said. That’s the imperfect beauty of being human though, we can and will mess up, but God will quickly and willingly forgive us, even before we repent and ask forgiveness.

What does “D.A.R.E. to HOPE” mean? D.A.R.E. is an acronym for Discouragement, Acceptance, Renewal, and Encouragement.  This blog, and my ministry, are titled D.A.R.E to Hope for two reasons:

  1. Repeatedly I have seen that the five steps of going from broken, depressed, and hopeless to healed, joyful, and hopeful are:

1)      Discouragement (most often a result of feeling hated, ugly, stupid, and/or worthless)

2)      Acceptance (finally feeling truly accepted by someone, regardless of the past)

3)      Renewal (after having been accepted the strength to become a new person is real and active)

4)      Encouragement (from those who accept)

5)      Hope (depression has lost, acceptance has won, renewal has been found, and encouragement is received, now courage to hope is gained)

2. To hope you must be fearless, courageous, and daring. Therefore, you must dare to hope.

Every organization must have prayer over all goals in order to succeed. That is why I’d like to share my goals with you, because a group of prayer warriors, is much stronger and more efficient than a lone prayer warrior.


Goals and Dreams

  •  Pray circles around DARE to Hope (always in progress)
  •  Post at least a weekly blog post
  •  Update the blog as frequently as needed (always in progress)
  •  Make Facebook page (Done)
  • Change obsessivehope.wordpress.com to just obsessivehope.com
  • WRITE A BOOK [Currently in the process of being written]
  • START A STORE (where as many proceeds as possible will go to organizations for depression)


  1. Very curious about D.A.R.E. to Hope, I was first drawn to this site by the verse on your banner – Romans 12:12, which I cling on to as a life motto. Regarding your goals, I was just wondering why creating a solo domain would be difficult? Is it the cost? Or the tech? And perhaps writing a book won’t be as daunting as it seems right now. Eventually, when you’ve accumulated plenty of posts, that could be the foundation of your book one day.

    We live in an era where everybody probably has a little meter of depression within them. Everybody needs a little more hope. Keep writing. Keep smiling. Keep hoping. Keep waiting. Keep believing. Keep praying.

    This has been encouraging. Thank you, but above all, thank God for you.

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