D.A.R.E. to HOPE Blog Posts

The following links are here so that you might see what I’ve posted with the intention of bringing you Hope. 🙂



Spiritual Topics

  1. Living Power
  2. The Difference Between A Church and The Church
  3. Your Presence is Missed
  4. Genuine Worship
  5. True Success
  6. First World Problems
  7. I Am Not Worthy
  8. The Sacrifice
  9. Trials

    Depression, Acceptance, Renewal, Encouragement to HOPE

  10. Approval
  11. The Light of Light 
  12. My Delight is in Her
  13. Why Do We Do Unthinkable Things To Ourselves
  14. Finding Hope on 12/23/11 at 1:06 A.M. – Five Years Later
  15. It Does Get Better
  16. 10 Things… That Keep Me Alive
  17. What Happened to Me?
  18. How to Care for Someone Who Self-Harms
  19. Jehovah Shalom
  20. New Year’s Perspective
  21. CRAZY–Discernment, Guns, and God’s Protection
  22. To the Insecure Girl
  23. What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What to Do?
  24. Beauty From Ashes
  25. Humble Bragging
  26. Happiness is Temporary; Joy is Eternal
  27. Let It Go
  28. My God Cares About the Little Things
  29. Mirror Mirror, What’s Beautiful?
  30. Even Now
  31. When God Uses What You Already Love to Show You His Love
  32. By Your Side
  33. A Friendship Like No Other

    Relationship Status

  34. A Conversation with My Future Daughter
  35. I’m NOT Your Average Girl
  36. Dear Tim Tebow…
  37. Being Single VS Being In a Relationship
  38. Take My Yoke and Be Equally Yoked

    Thought Provoking

  39. Cash Me Ousside Girl
  40. Why I Shop Alone at 2 a.m.
  41. Slavery Still Exists
  42. I’m A Girl; I Need Drama

    Open Letters

  43. People Always Leave
  44. Role Models
  45. Dear Best Friends
  46. My Navy Brother
  47. Dear Childhood Best Friend
  48. A “Child” of Divorce Whom Still Believes in Love

    Body Image

  49. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


  50. Texas Bad Girls

    Live Like Lauren

  51. Live Like Lauren: 2015
  52. Lauren Bump–Here In Spirit
  53. “Seek Peace, Keep a Joyful Heart, And in All Things, Do with Love.”–Lauren Michelle Bump
  54. Blessed Beyond Belief
  55. Live Like Lauren