March 19, 2018

I woke up, read my Bible and The Five Languages, started studying for my insurance license, and walked the girls home. At 7:15, I FaceTimed Holly for an hour and it was lovely! It’s been exactly a year since I saw her in person for the last time before she moved! That wasn’t planned, but God works that way and it’s awesome!


March 12, 2018

Today, I woke up, read my Bible, and read The Five Love Languages.

Then, I walked for 2.5 hours for a total of 7.5 miles! After that, I studying calories deficits to see how much is too much and what is healthy for me. I learned that if I subtract 15-25% of my initial calorie intake, then I’m set whether I work out or not. I also figured out that if I want to burn as many calories every week as I did in high school, then I need to walk for at least 1 hour 5 days a week, ideally 2.5 hours 5 days a week, or if I want to lose the weight the fastest then 3.5 hours 5 days a week! 2.5 was pushing it today! Idk if I’d be able to do 3.5! Sure would be nice to lose my 50 lbs as soon as possible though so I can focus more on maintaining my weight than losing weight!

I finally have all the approvals I need to publish The Mask; Her Aid! Now, I just need to read through it to make sure I’m saying what I want to say. Next, Shelby will read/edit it for me! Then, I’ll publish it! It may be published by the end of the week, but for sure the end of the month!

March 11, 2018

I woke up and went to church. We started a series called Rethinking Church. Then, I served in Youth. When I came home, I wrote a song called “Safe Place.” Then, I went to Nanny’s and mostly sat there doing nothing and watching Fixer Upper before it got turned to 60 Minutes. I picked up Simon and Nehemiah from church, then went to Walmart to buy a safety vest for walking, a backpack for walking, and water bottles. I decided if I couldn’t find a bag for less than $20, then it wasn’t worth it right now. I found one for $10! 😁 Instead of buying one safety vest for $10, I bought two large muscle shirts for men for $3 each! Being unemployed has really helped me to figure out how to save money. I’m hoping this will continue when I get a job again!

March 9, 2018

I woke to the electricity going out again. 😒

When I woke up from my “nap” after waiting for it to be fixed, I read my Bible, The Five Love Languages, and ate Quinoa and Spinach.

Then, I walked the girls home, but Lydia walked back to the apartment with me and we watched Rip Tide. We decided to stop at the EZ Shop and I finally found the Gatorade bottle I’ve been looking for for months!

I came home and started writing another MG scene, but didn’t get to finish it, because I finally got to the “it’s a long walk to Pittsburgh” episodes of Boy Meets World! Then, I decided to download a bunch of nutrition/calorie counting apps to see which one I like more.

At 10 or so, someone on the third floor starting having a really obnoxious party, so I called the none emergency cops 🚓 to come stop it at midnight! Then I tweeted about it! 🤓 Maybe I’ve watched too much #BuffyTheVampireSlayer, but someone on the 3rd floor is having what sounds like a frat party w/ chanting. It’s super obnoxious & I think I might be sacrificed to a demon snake soon! 😳🙈😂 Or my deepest fears are about to become reality. 🤷🏼‍♀️

March 8, 2018

I woke up, read my Bible, read the first chapter of The Five Love Languages: Singles Edition and ate. Then, I had my phone interview with Farm Bureau Bank and in-person interview with Aflac. Both interviews went well and I’m moving on to the next step for each of them. I think I’ll go with Aflac if I have to choose, but Idk yet.

Then, I came home, walked Lydia and Naomi home and went grocery shopping. I’m gonna try to eat the same amount of calories I ate in high school and work out at least 9 hours a week like in high school. I figure, if I want to look like I did in high school, then it might help to act like I’m in high school. That’s only 1.5 hours of working out a day. Considering at least a half hour of practice was just me standing around at the back of the court and most of the games were me just sitting on the bench, I figure if I actively walk 9 hours a week, then I’ll burn at least as many calories as I did in high school. Idk. We’ll see.

Tonight, I wrote the final word for The Mask; Her Aid. Now, I just have to get Lauri, Kristi, Nancy, and Grace to approve their chapters and I’ll be ready for the final editing which should only take a few hours and then I’ll be ready to publish! I’m feeling all the feels right now!

March 5, 2018

Today, I had lunch with Emily at Chipotle. Then, we went to Target and Barnes and Noble for a little while. I wasn’t even really looking at the books, but I glanced down and found “The Five Love Languages: Singles Edition!” I’ve been wanting to read this book since high school, but didn’t have money as a kid and have since felt if the time was right for me to read it, then God would let me find it in the store! I did! I’m excited!

After that, we met Mrs. Angie at her work, helped her look for a lost paper, and went to Starbucks for a while! Then, they invited me to their house where Emily’s MiMi made the most amazing fries and Mr. John made good burgers! He picked up gluten-free buns for me at Walmart while he was getting other ingredients, so that was nice! He bought the whole grain ones, which I hadn’t tried yet, and they were really good!

Emily and I ended up going to “her room,” which is actually Faith’s, but she’s staying there while she’s here. We had a long, deep, and emotional conversation about high school and current stuff and it was a great healing moment neither of us knew we needed!