DCOM #3 – Brink! – (100 DCOMs Binge and Blog Challenge)

If you never had a crush on Erik von Detten, then you’re lying or you’re too young to be reading this post! Kidding, of course! Still though, Erik von Detten! Who didn’t crush on him for a while? I know I did! I still do! Any time I watch “Princess Diaries” and right now as I watch “Brink!” I crush on Erik von Detten! How could I not? Anyway, “Brink!” was the third DCOM to premiere and it’s also one of my personal favorites! One of the perks of being an obsessive girl is that it also means I’m a dreamer! I had a LOT of dreams growing up, but one of my most prominent dreams was to be a pro skater! This dream was due largely in part to my love for “Brink!” and of course for Erik von Detten! To this day, I still hope to become a decent skater one day. In fact, I think I’m going to go practice skating right now! Well, not now, now, because it’s 1am, but tomorrow when the sun is out!

Andy “Brink” Brinker and his friends, Gabriella, Jordan, and Peter are free spirited “Soul-Skaters.” The term “Soul-Skaters” refers to the fact that they skate for the love of skating and not for the money. Their biggest competitors, Team X-Bladz, on the other hand, skate for the money. Both teams, though competitors, attend school together in southern California. Resident jerk, Val, is the face of Team X-Bladz and he’s, well, a jerk. At the beginning of the movie, Team X-Bladz snakes what is called “The Pit” from Brink and his friends. Brink gets him back by telling a group of skateboarders that Val was talking crap about them. For that reason, the skateboarders go pick a fight with Val and Team X-Bladz.

On the first day of school, Val picks on the Soul-Skaters and throws Peter’s shoes on the telephone line. Gabriella, who is forced by her mother to wear a dress to school, gives up her shoes so Peter will have shoes to wear. To get Val back, the Soul-Skaters put worms in his sandwich. Then he challenges them to a skating competition on school property. They accept the challenge and race relay style. When Boomer, Val’s sidekick, takes a nasty fall, Brink gives up the lead in the race to help him. Helping Boomer meant finding a teacher and getting suspended, but that just goes to show Brink is a good guy!

The night he’s suspended, Brink learns his parents are struggling with finances. Because of the accident, Boomer can’t skate for a few weeks, so he’s out of an upcoming competition. Val knows Brink is an excellent skater, so he plots to get Brink to be on the team. To help his family, Brink joins the team. When Brink gets home after try outs, sister Katie asks what’s in his extra bag. In answer to her question, Brink pins one of my favorite lines from any movie. “None ya. None ya business!”

After being told by his father that he can’t have a job skating, Brink is forced to work two jobs a week and lie to his friends and family about being on Team X-Bladz. Brink tries to tell his friends the truth a few times, but something gets in the way each time. Of course, the lies all start to build up until there are too many to contain. When the truth comes out, trouble brews between Brink and his friends.

In a race against Brink and Team X-Bladz, Gabriella is hurt because Val sabotages her. After this incident, Brink confronts Val and quits the team just before dumping a chocolate milkshake on Val’s face. When Val stands up to beat him up, Boomer steps up and calls Val out on his crap. Then Boomer follows Brink and leaves Team X-Bladz. Peter’s skate busts. Then Brink shows up with a personal sponsorship from the dog grooming shop where he works. This act of kindness pushes the team to forgive their friend and ask him to skate with them again. With the new gear, they change their name to “Team Pup ‘n’ Suds.”

By the end of the movie, all struggles are fixed. Brink’s dad gets his job back, Boomer cheers for Team Pup ‘n’ Suds, and Brink and his dad share a special bonding moment. With a marginal lead, Team Pup ‘n’ Suds wins the race and proves that taking the moral high ground is what makes you a true winner.

There are a lot of things that define you. One of the things that defines you is what Brinks’ dad told him. “You are defined by the company you keep and how well you keep them. Skating is what you do; it’s not who you are.” That quote defines the whole movie.

Side Note: Gabriella was the first true Disney feminist. I’m not talking the obnoxious feminists of today claiming to want equality but really just wanting to be better than men. No. Gabriella just wanted a chance to have the ability to be as good as the guys. At the championship, she proves just that. She is as good as the guys and it’s because she works hard to be good, not because she whines about it.

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