May 30, 2018

I drove for Uber Eats. While driving, I performed every song from High School musical in a row!


May 24, 2018

I woke up after sleeping 12 hours and went to church. After church, I quickly went to Walmart for toilet paper and toothpaste and spent the rest of the day driving for Uber Eats. Yesterday, Nanny gave me most of the gluten free food she had at her house since I’m struggling to pay my bills and don’t have available credit on my cards… I cried tears of relief when I got home.

June 23, 2018

I woke up and drove some of the youth to the Guadalupe River. Maia (Peaches) Oliver and I spent most of our time there trying to catch minnows. I thought the little guys died in between trips for fish supplies at Walmart and Pet Smart, so I bought some at the store. They didn’t die, so now I have 8 minnows, 4 from the river and 4 from the store! Haha. Best Part: I started chatting with a woman and her son about our fish. After I told her I was saving the fish because we caught them at a youth event, she insisted on giving me money for the supplies and asked us to keep them in our prayers as they house hunt! ❤️

I was gonna go driving when I got home, but I’m too tired, so it’s 7pm and I’m going to bed! 🛏 😴