Malachi Gregory – Case Number Seventeen: Eight Years

Courtney pushes herself away from the couch G.Q. must have pushed her into. She twists into his body as he fights for her to stay still. The video is mostly dark, but we can see just enough to watch her kick him where it hurts.

“He’s crying,” Bailey laughs.

“Do you think it’s more because it hurts or because it’s a girl,” I wonder.

She and I exchange looks. “Because it’s a girl,” we say together.

While G.Q. is writhing in pain and shame, Courtney hand cuffs him. “Congratulations, Gregory Quinton, you just attacked a PSA agent.”

As she flashes her badge, Xane busts into the house. G.Q. begins to ask, “Who the hell is PSA…” but is cut short in a low moan when is kicked for a second time where it hurts; this time by Xane.

“That’s for trying to attack Courtney,” Xane explains before giving him a hard right hook. “And that’s for whatever the hell you did to put total and complete instant fear in the eyes of two women I never would have thought before today would fear anything.”

G.Q. smirks. “You must know Bailey Thomas and Malachi Gregory.” I can feel Bailey shudder beside me. “Brave girl, those two. Fun too.”

Xane punches him again and this time, Courtney steps between them. “Are you trying to get arrested again?”

“It’s okay,” a blonde man in uniform says, with the lightest hint of a Scottish accent, as he enters the house. “If he had made crud comments like that to me about two women I care about, especially right after attacking another woman I care about, then I probably would have him senseless.”

“And guess what buddy,” he says walking closer to G.Q. “No one would have given a damn. Men like you don’t get a lot of sympathy from the law, especially when you’ve a wrap sheet as long as yours. You see, Greg, may I call you Greg?”

“No,” G.Q. spits.

“Great, so Greg, I’ve been building a case against you for quite some time. In fact, I’ve been building a case since Bailey and Mal came to my dad about you. Of course, at the time, I wasn’t quite old enough to join the force yet, but that didn’t stop me from watching you and looking through my dad’s files. Lucky for Bailey and Mal and everyone else, Greg, when I’m through with you, you’ll be incarcerated with the kind of men who don’t take well to men who abuse women and children; especially not pretty boys like you. And guess what, you’ve been a top priority for a while now, but you’ve been so good at hiding yourself. Again, lucky for the girls, you just couldn’t resist the sight of a helpless woman with car trouble. As we suspected, you heard the southern drawl and likely assumed she was far from home. Stupid, stupid, Greg.”

“I said no, you can’t call me that,” he barks.

“And all of those girls said no too, but did you take no for an answer, Greg? Did you?” He pauses for a moment. “Didn’t think so. It’s time to go though. So, Gregory Quinton, my name is officer Ian Graham and you’re under arrest for attacking a PSA agent and for abusing countless other women over the past eight years.”

“See that Mal,” Bailey says smiling with relieved tears in her eyes. “For eight years, God has been using you in ways neither of us ever could have imagined.”

“It’s amazing how just one girl can change the world when she out in faith,” K.J. praises.

“And just think of how many more you can if you officially join the team,” Leila encourages.

“Let’s just hope and pray G.Q. is really locked away this time and then maybe we’ll talk about me becoming an official L.Angel,” I caution.


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