Malachi Gregory – Case Number Fifteen: G.Q.

“His name is Gregory Quinton,” I tell everyone in the conference room. “Those who know him call him G.Q., because he’s attractive, stylish, wealthy, and presumably everything a girl could want in a man and everything a man could want to be. That is, until you get him alone. Then, he shows his true colors and they’re dark, very dark. I know this because my very first case was to help one of his very first victims. Unfortunately, no one believed our claims, even with the physical proof, so he got off scot free and has apparently continued with his wicked ways.”
I sneak a peek at Bailey; she looks miserable. It breaks my heart. She shouldn’t have to deal with this again. Then again, at least this time we have a chance to see him locked up. Beside her, Xane seems to be really trying not to react to what I’m saying. His eyes are burning with an icy rage that says this is personal to him. Looking at him leaves me with mixed feelings of fear and safety.
“It sounds like we should be glad you came to us instead of going by yourself again,” Andrew says.
Bailey laughs humorlessly. “I was barely able to get myself and his victim away the first time; I don’t plan on ever going near him alone again.”
“You couldn’t go near him alone again even if you did plan on it,” Bailey reminds me.
“Right,” I remember. “The restraining order.”
“Okay, well, what about you, Bailey? It would help to have someone there who knows him,” Veronica states.
“I don’t think that’s possible,” Xane observes.
“They both have a restraining order,” Jason explains.
Slowly, realization slowly dawns on the faces of everyone in the room; they seem to know more about what’s going on now.
“I’ll do it,” Courtney volunteers. “It’s pretty obvious that if we’re going to help anyone, then we’re going to need a distraction, and that distraction needs to be a girl. If Mal and Bailey can’t do it, then I will.”
“Okay,” Xane says cautiously. “So, then we’re partners today?”
“We all have to take one for the team sometimes,” she flirts hesitantly.
“And I’m will to make that sacrifice today,” he teases. She laughs, but the pain in her eyes is obvious. At some point, she and Xane were definitely more than just friends and he’s the one who broke it off.
Something stirs uncomfortably inside me at this realization. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like it. I do know Bailey is watching me like a hawk right now though, so instead of pushing the feeling aside, I let it play on my face. Eyes or not, a girl can only see so much of the best in someone as awful as G.Q., so I’ll be a happy distraction for a little while.
“Mal and I will be staying here, of course,” Bailey reiterates.
“As will I,” Jason decides.
“No, you won’t,” Bailey contradicts. “I mean, we appreciate it, but there needs to be a doctor on standby with the others.”
Concerned, Xane asks, “Is this G.Q. guy really that bad?”
“He’s really that I unpredictable,” I correct.
“He can be really great one minute, like almost human, but then go totally Criminal Minds crazy the next minute,” Bailey elaborates.
“Right,” K.J. says. “So, Team Muscle, half of Teams Meds and Mal, with Courtney as a sub, will be going, while Team Mal Wear will be staying here with the other half of Meds and Mal. What will Team Management be doing,” he asks Victor and Veronica.
“It sounds like we will need LAPD on standby with Jason, so Veronica and I will need to be there in case we face a worst-case scenario,” Victor answers.
Slowly, the nerves start creeping up on me, but I won’t let them overcome me. I have to be strong for Bailey.


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