Malachi Gregory – Case Number Thirteen: Fairytale Jane

“Hey, M,” I call from Mal’s bed as I watch her primp and prep in the bathroom mirror before bed. The bathroom is adjacent to both of our bedrooms, but sometimes you just have to sit in your best friend’s bedroom.
“Yeah, B,” she asks, still looking at herself in the mirror.
I pause and change my question. “Have you ever noticed the best friend of the Chosen One is…”
She turns to look at me and interrupts, “I’m not the Chosen One.”
“Whatever,” I dismiss. “Have you ever noticed the best friend is always a redhead?”
“What do you mean,” she asks looking at me again.
“Buffy and Willow, Harry and Ron, Mal and Bailey,” I tick off on my fingers. “We’re all redheads. Granted, mine comes from a bottle, but it still counts.”
“Yeah, it counts because you’re a natural strawberry blond, which means you’re still technically a red,” she assures me. Then, as observant as ever she asks, “Hey, what’s wrong?” I shake my head. “Bailey Elizabeth Thomas,” she scorns as she comes to sit down next to me. “What. Is. Wrong?”
I sigh, sure of what she’s going to say, but unable to keep myself from asking anyway. “What do you think of Jay?”
As expected, she gives me the look. “We don’t even know him.”
“I might not know him very well, but you know everyone as soon as you meet them.”
Now, it’s her turn to sigh. “Knowing someone’s surface and knowing who someone really is are two completely different things.”
“Malachi, you practically told all of PSA their life stories, so tell me, what do you think of Jay,” I ask firmly.
“If you know me so well, then you should know by now that it’s not exactly fair to ask me what I think of the guy you like,” she reminds me.
“I know, I know,” I sigh.
“You know I’m extra critical when it comes to you.”
“And I love you for that, but one of these days, you’re going to have to give some poor guy the benefit of the doubt.”
“And I will,” she assures me. “Not until I know he’s good enough for you though.”
“Thanks,” I say hugging her.
“Anything for my Bai,” she says smiling.
Changing the subject, I prod, “What about you and the cowboy?”
“What about me and the cowboy?”
“You can’t possibly tell me you can’t feel the chemistry between you two; it’s positively electric.”
“He is positively a Casanova,” she says with disgust.
“A very, very hot Casanova,” I swoon.
“If you think he’s so hot, then why don’t you date him?”
“Because I’ve got a Dr.’s appointment and you would kill me,” I assure her.
“Me and that Romeo? No, thanks,” she says even more disgusted.
“Yeah, Romeo, because you’re his Juliet, and even though you swear you don’t feel anything for him now, you’re gonna share a forbidden love with him; mark my words,” I argue. She rolls her eyes, crosses her arms, and pouts. “Ha! You know I’m right! I win!”
“Whatever,” she says hitting me with a pillow.
“Hey,” I squeal. “That really hurt!”
“Boo hoo,” she mocks. “Why don’t you go see your doctor about it?” she giggles and I laugh with her.
“For the record, Miss Fairytale Jane, hot or not, we’ve only known these guys for a day,” she reminds me. “That’s hardly enough time to start a love story.”
“Love at first sight, duh,” I joke.
She rolls her eyes. “I do want to to know how PSA finds these guys though, because they’re all kind of hot and we’re from LA, so we should know!”
“So you do think Xane is hot!”
“I never said he wasn’t, but there’s more to chemistry than heat and attraction,” she explains.
“Yeah, yeah,” I say laughing.