Malachi Gregory – Case Number Eleven: Shall We?

Bailey Thomas and Dr. Jason Alberts

“Pleasure to meet you, love,” Jason greets with an Irish accent that makes me silently swoon to myself. “As stated, my name is Jason.” Yeah, I’m totally melting right now.

“Trust me, Jason, the pleasure is all mine,” I greet with my best flirty, yet subtle tone. “I’m Bailey. I guess we’ll be partner in our roles as the Chosen One’s support system.”

“I’m not the Chosen One,” Mal denies beside me again.

I roll my eyes. “Between me and Tex here, you will accept your calling as the Chosen One, Malachi Gregory,” I swear. Mal shoots me a good-natured glare and I smile innocently.

“What is it with you Cali girls calling me anything but my name,” Xane asks curiously amused.

“What, you don’t like terms of endearment,” I ask mock wounded.

“What about you, Doctor,” Mal asks Jason. Hmm, an Irish Doctor, even better. “Do you like terms of endearment?”

“Well, that’s the question now isn’t it,” he asks smiling wryly at me. “I suppose it depends on who’s asking.” Yup, I’m a puddle of swoon now.

“Is that it then,” Mal asks Xane.

Seeing through Mal’s carefully built wall to disguise that she’s surprisingly already falling for Xane, I play off of her comments. “You don’t like us,” I pout with puppy eyes.

Jason looks at Xane and says, “Good luck, mate, you’re being double teamed.” Oh my gosh, love, mate… ugh! Be still my beating heart.

“Mal,” Xane says trying to change the subject. “Do you still want me to help you move?”

I won’t let him off that easily. “Are you avoiding the question?” I accuse.

“Don’t you have a tour to go on,” he asks me annoyed.

I look at Jason who extends his arm to me and asks, “Shall we?”

I smile and accept his arm. “We shall.”

“What would you like to see first,” he asks me. “There’s a lot to see.”

“Show me your favorite places,” I suggest.

He smiles. “Okay,” he agrees pleasantly. “When I’m not helping people, I like to be outside. I suppose you noticed coming in that we have a lot of recreational areas outside. I like to swim, play basketball, run the track, even golf sometimes. I also shoot archery and guns every now and then.” I smile in awe at him and try to contain my laughter. “What’s so funny,” he asks curiously.

“Sorry, it’s just, most guys will tick off such a list of sports to try and sound impressive, but you seem to really just be sharing your interests with me; it’s nice,” I answer smiling again.

He smiles back at me. “If I intend to impress you,” he says. “It will not be through bragging rights, but normally though subtle gestures or grand romantic schemes, but with you,” he pauses. “You deserve something special. You deserve to be swept off your feet in an unexpected and carefully thought out and gentle way.”

“You don’t even know me,” I say in awe. “How could you possibly know what I deserve?”

“I’m a doctor,” he says simply. “I’m trained to see the ways people have been hurt. Your hurt is in your eyes,” he observes.

“So, you’re kind of like Mal,” I ask curiously.

He laughs. “No, you can’t learn what Mal has been gifted with, but you can be taught how to read people. I can’t see all your secrets just from looking at you the way Mal seems to be able to, but I can see your hurts.”

“And what are my hurts,” I ask cautiously.

He pauses for a moment. “I don’t know,” he answers. “Instead of reading your eyes, I’ll let you tell me when you’re ready.” He’s perfect. God sent me the most perfect human he possibly could.

“Thank you,” I answer seriously. “So, you like sports,” I ask after a pleasant moment of silence.

“I like physical activity,” he corrects. “Organized and multiplayer sports are of little interest to me. If I can do it alone or with a partner, then that is what I prefer.”

We walk outside and I stare at the moat around the house. “I can’t believe we have a moat,” I say.

“It is a bit over the top,” he states. “It is rather nice though, to be able to float or swim in our manmade river and still be close enough to the house that if we’re needed, then we can get right out and head straight inside.”

“That does seem convenient,” I agree.

“And when it’s not convenient,” he tells me. “We have these lovely golf carts waiting just outside the door to take us to and from our destinations of choice. Shall we take a drive around the property, love?”

“Whatever you say, Doc,” I answer smiling.


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