Malachi Gregory – Case Number Ten: The Chosen One’s Best Friend

“Bailey,” Xane asks curiously.

“Bailey,” I answer affirmatively.

“The best friend,” Veronica asks.

“Trust me,” I say, preparing for pushback. “She’s the one we need. Sometimes, when I feel everything, I give in to irrational feelings like frustration, anger, and other such negative emotions. Bailey always understands and always sees the best in me, even when I don’t deserve it. She’s also got a resume a mile wide and a mile longer proving she’s perfect for the role. Those details are very personal though, so I won’t go into it.”

“What do you think Victor,” Veronica asks curiously.

“What do you think,” Victor counters.

“Actually,” Veronica admits. “It seems like the timing couldn’t be better. Malachi’s gift is to know people, so if she trusts this person and feels that she could be a good addition to the team, then who am I to question that? After all, God does work in mysterious ways.”

“Great,” Victor says. “So, after you give us a recap of what happened with you and Xane, then you can ask Bailey to meet us?”

“She’ll love it,” I tell them smiling. “While Xane and I were touring the property, I got a sinking feeling that someone desperately needed our help. I didn’t know who or where, but I knew. So, we took the convertible out and I acted as the GPS to tell Xane when and where he needed to go whenever I got the feeling we needed to go a certain direction. Eventually we stopped and I had Xane call the police. Almost immediately, a young child came running out of the house we stopped in front of with a big, angry man chasing after him with a knife that he used to attack Xane. The child ran into my arms and Xane wrestled the man to the ground and sat on him until the police arrived. Because we were closer to my apartment than here, I made Xane come home with me so I could clean and bandage his wounds before coming back here.”

Jason has moved over to Xane and started to observe my work on his arm. “Nicely done, Mal; at least we know that if you’re in a bind, then you can take care of yourselves. In the future though, come straight to me if you can.”

“Yeah, and don’t leave without at least telling us,” Andrew orders.

“We’re body guards and security for this exact reason,” Andrea adds.

“If need be in the future,” Chelsea says. “You’ll be able to fight for yourself like you did today, of course, but we also want to keep you safe.”

“And that’s my cue to introduce you to the first of my many PSA gadgets,” K.J. says, “but first, I think Leila wants to introduce something of her own.”

Leila smiles brightly. “So, we’ve already mentioned that without Mal, we wouldn’t have the soul of our operation, which is why for the most part everything K.J. and I create will solely, pun intended, be inspired by and created for her. For that reason, I’ve decided to name my works… wait for it…”

“This is great guys,” K.J. says.

“Mal Wear,” Leila says proudly and everyone groans at the ridiculously awesome pun. I laugh quietly to myself and Leila notices. “See, Mal loves it. I knew she would. You don’t feel all the feels and end up heartless. Of course, she appreciates a good pun as much as K.J. and I do!”

I nod my head guiltily, “Yeah, guilty as charged,” I tell them.

“See, told you,” Leila reiterates. “Anyway, so, my first piece of Mal Wear is mostly for comfort’s sake.” She pulls out a gray hoodie. “It seems quite simple, and it mostly is, but it’s got more pockets in it than I can count and that’s because my good friend K.J. will need places for us all to keep his gadgets.”

“And the first gadget I’ve made is based on something I’m sure you will appreciate Mal, because Xane let us all in on the fact that you’re a major fan girl, so…” he pauses for dramatic affect. “I made you this.” He pulls out a teal colored mobile device. “I heard you like strong female characters.”

“You did not,” I laugh. “You made a Kimmunicator?”

He smiles. “Yes and no,” he admits. “I made it the same color as a Kimmunicator, but really it’s just a fancy, modified iPhone like smartphone.”

“I’ve been here less than twenty-four hours and you all really seem to be pulling out all the stops to try to get me to want to stay,” I tell them.

“Well, yeah,” Xane says. “You’re the Chosen One, remember?” I grimace at him and he smiles innocently.

“So, shall I call Bailey and ask her to meet us here?”

“Yes, please do,” Veronica answers.

“Okay, so when she gets here,” I say before making the call. “Just let me do the talking. Trust me, if you want her on the team, then I know exactly what to say.”

Everyone nods their head in agreement.


“Dude,” Bailey exclaims coming up the elevator. “This place is awesome! This is where you’re going to be working from now on?”

“This is where we’re going to be working and living from now on,” I tell her. “They want you to work here too.”

“Who are they,” she asks curiously.

“They,” I say gesturing to my new teammates, coworkers, and roommates. “They’re known as PSA and they work with the CIA, FBI, NSA, and DIA. They all have super powers of sorts and want us to work with them, because I’m the Chosen One and you’re the Chosen One’s best friend and we both happen to have super powers too.”

Bailey is equally the smartest and simplest person I’ve ever known. She doesn’t need a long, detailed explanation to decide if she wants to do something. She typically just wants a generalized explanation and will ask further questions later. “Let me guess, your powers have something to do with feeling and I’m someone who believes in everyone,” she jokes.

“Actually, yes,” I answer seriously.

“What,” she says, mouth agape. “You mean just like we used to pretend when we were kids?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” I tell her as surprised as she is.

“Wait,” Xane says. “You used to pretend to be the Chosen One and now that you’re actually the Chosen One, you won’t let me call you that?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” I repeat smugly this time.

“I’m gonna figure you out Malachi Gregory and when I do, you won’t be able to hide anymore,” he swears.

“I’m not hiding,” I say. “You’re just too blind to see what’s right in front of you. Besides, you haven’t known me very long. Just because you can memorize things, that doesn’t mean you actually know things.”

“I know plenty,” he tells me. “And I’ll know plenty more soon enough.”

“You keep telling yourself that, Cowboy, but while you’re still pretending, how ‘bout you help me and Bailey move in like you promised me earlier.”

“Bailey hasn’t said she’s moving in,” Veronica states.

“Oh, I’m totally moving in,” Bailey tells her. “This is awesome and I can’t wait to get to know everyone better. You all can fill me in on the details later, but can I get a tour first?”

“Of course,” Victor answers. “Jason will be your guide,” he says. “You two will be partners as Mal and Xane are partners, K.J. and Leila are partners, and Andrew, Andrea, and Chelsea are partners,” he informs us.


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