DCOM #12–Horse Sense (100 DCOMs Binge and Blog Challenge)

The Lawrence Brothers! 😍 Between 1995 when they starred together in “Brotherly Love” and now as Joey stars in “Melissa and Joey,” Matthew makes guest appearances on “Girl Meets World” (once so far) and Andrew guest stars in “Hawaii Five-O” what girl born in the 80’s and 90’s hasn’t crushed on them? I know I’ve been crushing on them pretty much my whole life, considering I was only two-years-old when “Brotherly Love” came out. While Andrew, as the youngest, is closest to my age, I’ve always preferred the middle brother, Matthew, because he’s always the funniest character. Plus, I mean, come on! Matthew Lawrence is the one who played Jack Hunter on “Boy Meets World.” Anyway, enough about him! He barely even had a cameo in “Horse Sense” and that’s what this post is about.

A young, eleven-year-old boy named, Tommy, has plans to spend a few days in LA with his twenty-year-old cousin, Michael. In Tommy’s eyes, Michael is pretty much the coolest guy ever. He ruins that image of himself though when he leaves Tommy alone at the house for the whole trip.

When Tommy goes home and tells his mom about how Michael neglected him the whole time, Michael’s parents tell him he has to spend a month on Tommy’s family ranch or else lose his paid trip to Europe.

Payback is sweet for Tommy as he has the chance to make a spoiled rich city boy get down and dirty in the much and manure. At first, Michael pretty much hates Tommy for putting him through so much, but then he adjusts and actually grows attached to the ranch. When he finds out Tommy and his mom are going to lose the ranch, he sets out to find a way to save it. Ultimately, he does save the ranch. By the end of the movie, Michael learns a very valuable lesson about how family is always more important than money or status.


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