DCOM #9–Johnny Tsunami (100 DCOMs Binge and Blog Challenge)

Disney Channel has birthed many dreams for many people. For me, every time I watch “Johnny Tsunami” two dreams are rebirthed—to surf and to snowboard. “Johnny Tsunami” is a movie about a boy named Johnny Kapahala from Hawaii who spends all of his free time surfing. He’s a true beach lover. When his dad moves the family to New England, Johnny is forced to try to fit in with his new classmates, Brett and Zenon… I mean, Emily (played by Kirsten Storms, aka, Zenon Kar). Their idea of fun is skiing. One day after school, Johnny goes skiing with them. It’s his first time skiing though and he’s not very good, mostly because Brett pushes him down the mountain. When they follow him down the mountain, Emily helps him up.

Another day before school, Johnny meets a boy named, Sam, from the public school. Sam is a snowboarder who tells Johnny that “skies,” aka kids from the prep school, aren’t supposed to snowboard. Emily confirms this for Johnny when he asks her if she’s ever been snowboarding. She and Sam both explain at separate times that “Skies” and “Urchins,” aka public school kids, snowboard. Johnny is a free spirit though and he was born to be on a board. If he can’t surf, then for him, snowboarding is the next best thing.

Emily doesn’t understand why Johnny chooses to snowboard, but unlike Brett who is a jerk to Johnny, she accepts a friendly challenge to learn to snowboard. She does a pretty good job until she falls down the mountain and gets stuck hanging over the edge. When Sam tries to help Emily, he falls down the mountain too. Johnny is forced to prove his snowboarding skills in order to save them both. When Emily’s dad, who also happens to be the school headmaster, learns of the incident, he forbids Emily from hanging out with Johnny anymore.

After being grounded for a fight he didn’t start, Johnny sneaks off to Hawaii with Sam, whose military father is being relocated to Iceland. Johnny’s grandpa, Johnny Tsunami, lets them stay until they decide it’s time to go home.

When they get back Johnny challenges Brett to a competition. If Johnny wins then they share the mountain; if he loses, then things stay the same. Of course, Johnny wins and his parents throw a celebratory party at their house. Before the race, Emily apologizes for avoiding him.

The moral of the story is that you should do what you love and love what you do. You should also be friends with everyone, no matter how different they may be.


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