DCOM #68–Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board (100 DCOMs Binge and Blog Challenge)

Johnny Kapahala becomes so beyond cute in this movie! Sam on the other hand is a completely different actor. Sam moved to Hawaii when his dad was stationed there. Johnny and his parents travel to Hawaii from Vermont because Grandpa is getting married. The woman he’s marrying has a 12-year-old son who will be Johnny’s uncle. He doesn’t know how to surf though and he’s not particularly excited to learn. Johnny’s uncle, Chris, is much more into dirt boarding. Just like the first movie birthed my dream of learning to surf and snowboard, this movie birthed my dream of learning to dirt board one day.

We learned in the first movie that Johnny is a risk-taker. He proves that again by jumping into a chance to mountain board with Chris and his “friends,” the “Dirt Devils.” The dirt devils are owned by a guy named, Troy and lead by a guy named Jared. Like in the first movie with skiing, Johnny’s first attempt at mountain boarding is kind of a flop. He ends up on his backside with a pretty blonde girl reaching out her hand to help her up. This time, instead of it being Emily who helps him up, it’s a girl named, Valerie, or Val. Johnny actually says, “Deja Vu,” as he takes her hand of help. Like with Emily, Val’s male friends are jerks.

When the “Dirt Devils” find out Chris is grounded from dirt boarding, they go skateboarding instead. Johnny and Sam follow them and rip it up on the ramps. As a twelve-year-old trying to fit in with the older kids, Chris is jealous that Johnny is immediately fitting in.

When Johnny is going to surf, Val shows up and flirts with him about not being able to surf. When he doesn’t take the hint, she outright asks her to teach him. He’s still kind of slow, so he doesn’t get it at first so they spend the day together. At the end of the day, Val writes her number on his hand and offers to turn him into a “dirt head.”

Since Chris will be family, Johnny plans to do everything in his power to get him to like him. He gets Sam and Val in on the plan. Val lives on a major piece of land because her “dad like to own things.” They take four wheelers to go dirt boarding together. Chris can go because Johnny was able to get his dirt board ban lifted.

Troy is trying to see the place and can’t because he finds out Grandpa and Chris’s mom are going to turn their surf shop into a dirt shop as well. Troy turns it into a competition and say’s Chris isn’t allowed at the shop anymore. Just when Chris was warming up to the Kapahala, this news sets him off again.

Chris runs away and when Johnny goes to Dirt Devil’s to see if he’s there, he finds out he went to a dirt boarding demo they all bought tickets for a month ago. Because she’s been hanging out with Johnny, Sam, and Chris, aka the competition, Val is kicked off the team. She’s upset at first, but then she goes with Johnny and Sam to go to the demo to find Chris.

On the eve of the wedding Chris runs away again to make a big jump so that he can try to be on the dirt devils team. He makes the jump, but fractures his arm. Johnny tried to get there before Chris did anything stupid, but found a flat tire on his car, so he had to wait until Val showed up to help him. To make it worse, Troy, puts Jared up to the trashing the sport shop. Then he offers Chris a spot on the team just so he can stir up more trouble. It works, because Chris’ mom decides she wasn’t to go back to Philly with Chris so that he might be happy again. Chris overhears this and feels bad because it also means the wedding is being called off.

Johnny asks Val to talk to Chris because she’s the only one he will listen to. She gives him a stern lecture and he does of course listen to her. He opens up to Johnny about how bad he feels about everything and Johnny comes up with a plan to make it up to everyone. Johnny and Chris fic up the shop so they can open it up. Then Chris tells his mom he wants to stay in Hawaii.

While at the shop, they all over hear Troy having a dispute with Val’s business man of a father over him not buying the shop. They find out that Troy was going to sell the shop and move to California. Val tells him that she knew he was trying to sell and that she told her dad they didn’t need any more condos in Hawaii. He listened to her and agreed not to sell the shop. Since that means Troy basically has to keep the shop, he continues to make a fuss over the shop competition. Johnny challenges him to a riding competition. If he wins then both shops can sell whatever they want, but if loses then they can’t sell dirt boarding supplies. Johnny wins and they get to sell whatever they want. Troy is a poor sport, but then he gets arrested for coercing a juvenile into committing a felony. Other than Jared, the rest of the Dirt Devils show up and Val invites them to use the coarse her dad and Johnny Tsunami set up for the kids to have a safe place to board. The wedding is back on and beautiful. Johnny and grandpa go surfing and Chris nonchalantly says he’ll learn when his arm is better.

The moral of this story is basically that family is everything and you can’t make it without family and good friends. Another moral of the story is that it’s okay to take risks, but only if they’re the right risks. You shouldn’t do stupid things in an effort to try to impress people. Like Dr. Seuss said, “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”


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