DCOM #11–Don’t Look Under the Bed (100 DCOMs Binge and Blog Challenge)

As previously stated in my Halloweentown post, I wasn’t allowed to watch Halloween movies when I was a kid. Therefore, I’ve never seen “Don’t Look Under the Bed.” I never wanted to watch it anyway. I still don’t want to watch it to be honest, but in order to succeed in my goal to watch all 100 DCOMs in the order they were released, I have no other choice but to watch it at least this once. I certainly hope it’s better than it seems.

I’m trying to like this movie; really I am, but it’s just so hard. Maybe whenever the movie describes why The Boogie Man is framing Francis for all this stuff, then it will make sense and be worth it. Right now, it’s super dumb though. This whole time, I’ve had a feeling that this Larry dude is really the boogie man or that he’ll become the boogie man. I’m especially thinking that now that his hands just looked like the boogie man’s.

Okay, well, that’s kind of sad. Larry’s turning into the boogie man because the little brother, Darwin, stopped believing in his imaginary friend too soon. I was right about him being the boogie man, but the reason is really sad. I’m sad for him. It’s all Francis’ fault because she told him to stop. This is still a creepy movie and I don’t think it’s worth it, but at least it has something redeeming about it.

Now Darwin has been pulled into Boogie World. Francis and Larry want to go save him from the boogie man. I wonder if and I hope this means Larry will not be the boogie man after all. Is Francis going to beat the boogie man because she believes in her imaginary friend again? I knew it! That’s exactly what happened!

It’s definitely not my favorite movie ever, but I must admit the moral of this story is pretty nice. You’re never too old to believe. You may sometimes be a bit too old for an imaginary friend, but you’re never too old to believe or imagine. I totally knew Larry was going to kiss her eventually! I love that he says, “Just because you’re getting older, doesn’t been you have to get old.”

Aww! Darwin, who had Leukemia when he was younger goes to sleep with Francis because, instead of being afraid of the boogie man, he’s afraid of getting sick again. Poor kid. Sweet moment though!


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