DCOM #6–Can of Worms (100 DCOMs Binge and Blog Challenge)

I’ll be honest, I was not a fan of “Can of Worms” the first time I watched it and I’ve been dreading watching it again, but if I truly want to challenge myself, I have to watch all 100 DCOMs and write about them too. This will probably be very short though, so here goes nothing. “Can of Worms” is a movie about a geeky science kid who is social awkward and doesn’t really fit in with anyone. Even his best friend picks on him throughout most of the movie. You wouldn’t expect to see a kid like Mike Pillsbury to be on his high school football team, but since his dad is so obsessed with it, Mike is on his high school football team. He’s not very good, but somehow he still ends up playing in every game anyway. Even more unlikely than a guy like Mike Pillsbury playing football is a guy like Mike Pillsbury getting a pretty cheerleader to be interested in him. Somehow, Mike defeats all odds though, because he is a football player and he does have a pretty cheerleader, name Katelyn, totally interested in him. She’s not even using him for his brains, to win a bet, or to give him a makeover. She just likes him, which is odd, because that almost never happens in high school movies! Then again, I guess this isn’t technically a high school movie, but a weird alien sci-fi movie.

You see, Mike doesn’t feel like he fits in with anyone on earth; not his family, not his friends, not even his teammates. He feels like an outcast, so he calls out for any alien lifeform that might be listening to come and get him so that he can leave earth and start a new life somewhere else. He doesn’t expect it to work, but it actually does. Not just one, but several aliens answer Mike’s call and come to over him a ride to their own planets. Most of them are crazy, except one who looks like a dog but speaks like a human named, Barnabus. Barnabus has Mike’s best interests at heart. He even travels to a maniac planet to help Mike save two friends when an evil alien called a Thoad takes them away. After some adventure, Mike and Barnabus are able to save Mike’s friends and take them back to earth. Barnabus contacts the galactic police and they show up to arrest the Thoad and put earth back under its protection from other intelligent life.

By the end of the movie, we learn that the moral of the story is that it’s okay to be weird and that everyone should accept everyone for who they are no matter how weird they might seem.


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