DCOM #50–Zenon: Z3 (100 DCOMs Binge and Blog Challenge)

Yay! Finally, on to one of my absolute FAVORITE DCOMs EVER!!! Zenon: Z3!!! Every now and then I STILL say Stellar! I mean, maybe I don’t say it, but I DEFINITELY think it! I have no issue with people knowing I’m crazy, a little weird—which is just a side effect of being awesome—and fully obsessed with everything, but still! I don’t want to have to explain what it means to whoever I happen to say it to when I do say it.

Sage Borealis! 😍😍😍😍 I just love him! I love his character in this and I love him in “Holiday in the Sun!” I mean, have you seen him? Bronley Hale is quite cute too, but he’s no Sage! Then of course there’s Proto Zoa! Who doesn’t love a guy who can sing? Again, he’s no Sage though! I fully LOVE Sage!

I fully love Margie too! She’s hilarious! I love her love/hate relationship with Zenon! Nebula is great too! I actually like Margie as Zenon’s bf more though! I think Dasha may be one of the major reasons why I love Z3 so much! She’s adorable and I love the Big Sister, Little Sister vibe between her and Zenon! As the older sister of six little sisters and six little brothers myself, I love the moments in movies, TV shows, and books when there are big sibling, little sibling moments!

Do you know what makes this movie so great? The competitive nature of the race! I grew up in a very small, close-knit community of very competitive people. Therefore, my favorite movies and stories are those that involve competitions of some sort. Maybe that’s why I love Margie so much? She’s got that competitive nature that I love so much!

I feel bad about Proto Zoa losing his popularity with the galaxy, but I do fully love that they added a new popstar to this movie. I love Cosmic Blush very much! Proto Zoa looks so sad though! Poor Proto Zoa! He’s so sad! Of course, Zenon is sad for him too! I do love that they’re best friends. I love that the creators made him old enough not to be a romantic interest for her, but still young enough to be one of her best friends. I love their relationship so much!

I also love that this movie expands beyond earth and the Space Station. It’s always exciting to see beyond what we can see on earth, even if it is fiction. But, you know what Dumbledore says, “Of course it’s all in your head, but who’s to say it isn’t real?” To be honest, I really wasn’t a fan of the second movie. It’s my least favorite of the Zenon Trilogy. And if you couldn’t tell from the first few sentences, Z3 is fully my favorite Zenon movie.

Bronley is a major jerk! He’s so full of it, it’s ridiculous! At least he’s somewhat willing to help though, so that’s nice too. He may be doing it for fully selfish reasons, but who cares when the galaxy is at stake? Also, who cares when you’ve got the totally attractive Sage on your team? The best part of Proto Zoa being such a close friend to Zenon and also being as equally full of himself as Bronley is, though in an endearing and quirky way, is that he has the “wonder bus” aka, the biggest space shuttle Zenon could possibly find in the galaxy. It’s also great, because it gives Proto Zoa a chance at being popular with the kids again!

You’ve gotta love that Dasha travels with Cassie in the pods so that Sage can travel with Zenon. I’m guessing he’s an earth kid. I don’t know if they explained that or not. Maybe I missed it when I was thinking, and writing, about how much I love him? Oops. I hope he’s an earth kid, because it seems that he and Zenon end up together at the end of it all and it’s always cute when people from different places fall for each other. Like when Halloweentown ended with it seeming as if Marney the Witch ended up with Ethan the not Warlock for life, I like to think Zenon the space kid ends up with Sage the earth kid for life. The icing on the cake really is that Nebula Zapped Zenon about her crush major on Sage while he was in the pod with her.

I always love the duet between Cosmic Blush and Proto Zoa. I especially love when Proto Zoa picks Zenon out of the crowd at the end of each movie. They’re friendship is so great. I also like to think that maybe Proto Zoa and Cosmic Blush end up together for the rest of their life too.

It’s so great that Sage steals Zenon away from the concert to walk on the beach together so they can look up at the moon romantically. And how adorable is it that he gets annoyed with that ‘of course’ look on his face when she gets zapped while they’re walking together? He’s fully adorable if you ask me. Then of course, that kiss to end the trilogy. **heart eyes**

              To summarize the Zenon trilogy, I must say it will forever be my FAVORITE DCOM trilogy! It was a great first trilogy in a long line of trilogies. And by long line of trilogies, I obviously mean small handful. There are actually only three DCOM trilogies to date. To date there are five movies with just one sequel, three trilogies, and one saga. “Johnny Tsunami,” “Horse Sense,” “Twitches,” “Camp Rock,” and “Teen Beach Movie” all have sequels. “Zenon,” “The Cheetah Girls,” and “High School Musical” are trilogies, and “Halloweentown” is a saga, though technically, “High School Musical” could be considered a saga as well. I don’t want to include it though until it’s fully verified that it will be. By fully verified, I mean trailers and a release date to prove it’s real.

Anyway, back to the conclusion of Zenon. In the words of both Zenon and Margie, Zenon and friends are “fully fabulo,” role models for kids. Does Zenon get into a lot of trouble? Yes, she does, but it’s rarely because she’s legitimately doing something wrong. Normally, she’s in trouble because she sounds crazy to those who don’t want to believe a young teen can know what she’s talking about when it comes to saving the day for everyone. It’s not until she’s 18 and already saved the galaxy two times that anyone believes she might not be crazy, but even in the third movie, her best friends don’t believe her at first. That just goes to show though that it’s often those who know the truth that are looked at as the craziest people. Granted, sometimes crazy people are just that—crazy, but everyone deserves a chance to be heard and to be right. Zenon is a great role model for kids and adults alike. Yes, I know it’s been 12 years since Z3 premiered, but I don’t care. Zenon is still my hero major! Maybe I’ll go read the book(s) after I watch all 100 DCOMs.

I’d also like to give a nod to whoever’s idea it was to write adoption into the storyline. It’s incredibly beautiful when movies and TV shows write these kind of plots into their stories! I’m a huge supporter of adoption and would love to be a foster and adoptive mom one day! I think I was every old enough to fully grasp the beauty or reality of Dasha being adopted! Thank you Disney, the writers of Zenon, and whoever pitched the idea of adoption for Aunt Judy and Commander Plank with Dasha! You’re as a true of a hero as Zenon herself!


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