DCOM #5 – Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century – (100 DCOMs Binge and Blog Challenge)

“Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.” What millennial girl didn’t want to be her or at least be her best friend? I mean, how stellar major would be to live on a space station like Zenon and friends? To quote Zenon herself, wouldn’t you just “nova, no super nova” if you could live in space like Zenon and Nebula?

In this first movie, Zenon and friends are freaking out because Mr. Windom is coming to the station to see if it’s worth keeping in space. The fully major problem though it that Zenon and friends, mostly Zenon, find it hard to stay out of trouble.

Of course, as well know, Zenon is obsessed major with Proto Zoa and enters a contest to go on stage with him and his band, Microbe, when he comes to the station as the first rock star to perform in space. She wins the contest, but then gets in trouble for going to a class 4 area and ends up grounded, like to the ground on earth, grounded. She is sent to live on earth with her Aunt Judy, which is fully the worst punishment she could every think of being given.

Zenon doesn’t trust Mr. Windom even though everyone else does, so she makes it her mission to prove everyone wrong, will maybe to prove them wrong, but to prove she’s not wrong. On earth, she immediately has another enemy too though. Margie, a fully viral earth kid, starts badmouthing Zenon when she sees her and Aunt Judy at a restaurant. One of her friends, Greg, immediately takes an interest in Zenon though. He kind of has a thing for her and she for him. Obviously, Margie doesn’t like this, so she does a lot of sulking and pouting throughout the movie.

Greg and his friend, Andrew, help Zenon figure out what viral major scheme Windom has planned for the space station. As it turns out, his plan is to kill the station with a major virus. Andrew hacks Zenon’s Zap Pad, which her parents blocked, so that she can contact Nebula and get her to help from the space station. Then, Zenon hitches a ride with Microbe so that she can save the space station.

By the end of it all both Zenon and Proto Zoa prove how stellar major they are. Zenon saves the space station and maybe, just maybe, the whole galaxy and then she gives up her chance to dance with Proto Zoa and Microbe on stage so that her bf, Nebula, can dance with them. She also gets Proto Zoa to dedicate a performance to Greg, because why not? Proto Zoa, being the awesome rock star that he is, is much obliged to grant Zenon’s request. He seems to think Zenon is a stellar major girl.

Moral of the story: Zenon was thirteen and saved her space station; I will be twenty-three this year and I can barely convince myself to get out of bed in the morning. Basically, what I’m saying is, Zenon is Stellarnarious and nearly two decades later, she’s still my hero!


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