DCOM #25–Zenon: The Zequel (100 DCOMs Binge and Blog Challenge)

To be fully honest, “Zenon: The Zequel” is my least favorite of the three, but it’s still about Zenon, so I still fully love it. Since saving the space station from the fully viral, Mr. Windom, Zenon has pretty much had free reign of the space station, but when she accidently empties Commander Plank’s office into space, she loses that privilege. When she saved the space station, Zenon was only thirteen and now she is fifteen. She and Greg have been together for nearly two years, but it seems a long distance relationship has been too much for Greg, because he breaks up with Zenon. What’s worse than restricted freedom and a break up? The U.S. military visits the station and of all the people who could be the head of the military, it’s Margie’s dad as the leader. Worse still, he basically asks Zenon to babysit Margie so that she won’t be alone or in danger while on the Space Stay. The worst news of all though is that Proto Zoa has apparently gone missing and hasn’t been seen since he flew to the Space Stay and performed with his band, Microbe, as the first rock stars in space. It’s bad enough when your crush major of a rock star goes on hiatus, but to disappear completely is inky major.

As well as losing her freedom, Zenon is given a job with a guy named, Orion, whose job is to listen for alien communications, even though they’ve never been contacted before. While Zenon is on a solo shift, someone, or something, tries to contact her, but of course no one believes her when she tells them. When Zenon realizes that the aliens are humming to tune of “Supernova Girl” by Proto Zoa, Zenon knows that she has to come up with a way to find him. When her best friend, Nebula, is sent to earth, Zenon knows what she has to do. She and Margie hitch a ride on the space shuttle that takes Nebula and her family to Earth and then show up at Aunt Judy’s house to get her help with finding Proto Zoa. After studying his lyrics, the girls discover that he’s likely staying at a secluded hut called, “Nova Linda.” Lo and behold, they do actually find him there. He explains to them that he doesn’t know how to top himself after being the first rock star in space. Zenon informs him that, duh, the best way to top himself is to be the first rock star to perform for aliens. He fully accepts this plan.

Margie, Proto Zoa, and Zenon learn that Margie’s dad is planning to dismantle the entire Space Stay due to some major deterioration after Windom tried to kill it with his virus. Aunt Judy, Nebula, Commander Plank, Orion, and Zenon’s parents team up to help Margie, Proto Zoa, and Zenon to meet up with the aliens. When they do meet up with them, Zenon is somehow able to communicate with them and she learns that they’ve been stuck in the same spot in space for three years and that they need to borrow some navigation information from their space shuttle. In exchange for the information, the aliens help fix the Space Stay so that Zenon and everyone else on the Space Station won’t have to leave their home.

Again, Zenon saves the galaxy and proves that sometimes, being crazy enough to believe in the impossible is a good thing. Did I say sometimes? No, I’m sorry. I meant most of the time. If you’re crazy enough to believe in the possible, it’s almost always a good thing. It’s the dreamers and believers that make the world go around and who keep the galaxy together.


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