DCOM #53 – Halloweentown High – (100 DCOMs Binge and Blog Challenge)

       The Wizard Council thanks Marney for saving the magic world. They also give her a chance to prove to them that the mortal world has changed and magic creatures can go to mortal school with them all. They give her that chance because Marney bet all the Cromwell magic that the world has changed. Aggie shows up with a VW that’s basically a clown car full of magical creature that look like humans. They’re all pretending to be from Canada. While leading them on a tour of the school, Marney runs into a cute boy whom she thought was one of them, but apparently wasn’t. Aggie plays a science teacher and gives Marney a note for where to meet. The boy pulls out the note when she’s not watching. I think he follows her. I bet he’s going to be the enemy this time. The hide out is in a locker. When they’re all in there, a knight, who is apparently the true villain starts banging on the locker door. If the knights are real, then they’ll be the ones to be the cause of the Cromwells losing their magic.

              Because of the incidents that happened during the previous day’s classes, the principal reassigns Aggie to be a history teacher instead of a science teacher. As they’re walking away, the Principal looks outside eerily. I’m pretty sure he’s a knight or also a knight. I don’t know. In history class, the boy passes a note to Marney asking her out. Of course, Marney says yes. The boy, Cody, starts to pick up on the fact that Marney is making strange things happen. During lunch, the magic creatures spend their time in the locker. Marney finds them all and pushes them to join different teams and clubs so that they can fit in with the other people. Marney looks finds that they are all mixing well with others.

              Marney and Aggie take the kids to the mall and they blend in perfectly. Teenagers are teenagers after all. Dylan and Natalie the Pink Troll hit off very well and flirt a lot. At the mall, the monster kids find themselves at Halloween store and feel offended by how terrifying the mortal world makes them seem. While there, a jerk starts badmouthing monsters and Ethan the Warlock starts defending monsters. After a big scuffle between the jerk and the monsters, they all lose their humans costumes and a purple mist shows up with the evidence of a knight having been there. When they get back to their house, the Wizard council shows up to give Marney the choice of ending the program and keeping their magic or continuing at their own risk.

              Natalie the Pink Troll and Dylan have a falling out, because they don’t think they look good in their natural state. Natalie likes Dylan because he’s sweet and kind. Cassie the Witch discovers that someone tried to break into the magic hideout. Aggie thinks Cody is a knight, but I think the principal is a knight. Cody knows something strange is happening, but he doesn’t know. He asks about the locker, so Marney starts to think maybe Cody is the knight. He can’t be though, because the knight is hiding in the hide out where Cassie is reading a book. Marney hears her scream and runs to find her. She finds the evidence of a knight taking her somehow. Marney tells the others that they need to go home, even though it means they might lose their magic. Aggie put a spell on the hide out and knows that no human was able to break through. That means it’s someone from Halloweentown who broke in. It must mean that someone, one of the students, might be a traitor. After Aggie and Gwen feel someone outside the window, it ends up being Cody, whom Gwen knocks out with magic. When he wakes up, Marney tells Cody that she’s a witch and proves it by taking him on a broom ride.

              Meanwhile, Ethan finds Cassie in his witch mirror. Mr. Flannigan, the principal, is in fact a knight and Ethan’s dad shows up. Apparently, he is the true villain. Ethan, as the son, is basically forced to do what his dad says. His dad is actually one of the head councilman. At the Cromwell house, Gwen jumps into the family mirror to find Cassie.

              At school, Marney discovers that Principal Flannigan is rather sketchy. Aggie sends her bag into Principal Flannigan’s office. He assumes that with so many students going back to “Canada,” that they’ll cancel their haunted house. While she’s building the haunted house, with magic of course, Cody comes up to Marney thinking that he was dreaming about what she told him. Then she shows him it was no dream. He handles it fairly well, all things considered. Inside the house, the monsters decide they don’t want to make the haunted house scared. They want to show the mortals there’s nothing to worry about. Aggie appears before Mr. Flannigan and reveals that she knows the truth.

              Ethan’s dad shows up at the haunted house and turns what was nice kind into a true house of horrors. Everyone inside runs out screaming for dear life. Those who are from Halloweentown are dressed as humans pretended to be who they really are. Marney and Aggie try to get rid of all the monsters Ethan’s dad has conjured up, but all of their magic works in reverse. When Aggie sees Ethan’s dad, she’s able to reverse all the magic by getting rid of him. It’s too late though, because Mr. Flannigan has managed to turn all of the humans against the monsters. They all run into the haunted house where Ethan’s dad is waiting for them. There, they find that Ethan has been a part of it all too. Ethan’s dad takes Marney and Aggie’s magic. Cody and Mr. Flannigan run up to the girls. Ethan defies his father’s wishes and stays behind in the mortal world while he goes back to Halloweentown. Cody stands up for the magical creatures, so they all take off their costumes and reveal who they really are. The humans all accept the monsters for who they really are and the Cromwells get their magic back. Mr. Flannigan also accepts the monsters for who they really are.

              At the end of the day, this was the best of the first three movies. It’s a beautiful way to show that no matter who you are, you deserve to be accepted for who you are. I think it’s also rather creative too. I know it happens, but it’s rare that there are stories where the magical and mythical beings of the story truly get to interact and be accepted by the mortals of the story.


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