DCOM #33 – Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge – (100 DCOMs Binge and Blog Challenge)


         Well, isn’t this a change? They’re actually having a Halloween party at the Cromwell house. Things really have changed in the two years since they visited Halloweentown for the first time! Oops. Maybe things haven’t changed that much? Aggie and Gwen are fighting like before! Uh oh! Sophie has a feeling someone bad is coming. Ooh! A cute mortal boy just showed up at the party. Marney is definitely crushing on him! Kal? Like, short for Kalabar? You’ve got to be kidding me! Don’t tell me he’s a reincarnation of Kalabar or something? Uh oh! Marney is showing him Aggie’s bedroom! That’s got to be against the rules! You can’t show a mortal a witches’ room! Yeah! He’s definitely Kalabar or at least his son! He just used magic to steal Marney’s grandma’s spell book! He also gave Marney a rose! That’s Kalabar’s signature move! By stealing Aggie’s spell book and using magic to get back to Halloweentown, he apparently stole the Cromwell’s magic too! Now they have to go back to Halloweentown to get their magic back. When he went to Halloweentown, Kalabar apparently took the bus stop sign too.

              Either the man who is apparently Kal’s dad is clueless or he’s a minion of some sort. When Aggie and Marney get back to Halloweentown, nothing is how it’s supposed to be. Everything and everyone is black and white and dull. As Luke turns black and white, he also turns back into a handsome human instead of the goblin that he is. Aggie uses her headphone, which is basically a magical cellphone, to ask Dylan to find the spell book for them. Marney admits that she took Kal into the room. Kal speaks to Aggie and Marney as a big block of brinks. Marney thinks back and realizes that “Kal” is really Kalabar’s son. Too bad Kal is evil. He sure is cute.

              The code of Merlin forbids the stealing of the spells of others. Because Kal is willing to break that code, he could be capable of anything. While looking for a second copy of Aggie’s spell book, Luke suddenly turns into a goblin again. He’s a much better human than goblin, but at least as a goblin he’s in color. Alex invites Gwen to the Halloween party at the high school and Dylan offers to watch Sophie so that they can go, because he’s really not that into Halloween like everyone else.

              Kal shows up again, but this time in a fire. He tells them that he knew about the second spell book and that Gwen will go to the party with his “dad” who is really just more of an experiment. Aggie, Marney, and Luke figure out that Kal’s plan must be to turn magic creatures into humans and humans into creatures. Aggie has turned grey now, so it’s up to Marney and Luke to save Halloweentown again. Marney gets Aggie to write down a time travel spell for her before she turns completely grey, because it’s the only way to get out of where they are.

              In the mortal world, Sophie and Dylan have to figure out how to save their mom from Kal’s minion. Sophie isn’t supposed to use magic, or at least not on a broomstick, but of course they have to do it anyway. Dylan is a warlock himself, but he believes in logic over magic. At the high school party, they find their mom and tell her they have to talk to her. Sophie uses hand motions to tell her they flew to find her. Gwen is skeptical of everything they’re telling her, which is beyond strange. She grew up in Halloweentown. How can she not believe magic is at the root of things, especially on Halloween?

              In Halloweentown, Luke and Marney do everything they can to figure out some way to reverse the grey spell. Luke remembers that Marney said something to reverse the spell for him. They retrace what she said and figure out that she said “Trap a” which is “apart” backward. That’s it! That’s the spell backward.

              In the mortal world, Sophie and Dylan aren’t able to convince Gwen that her date isn’t human, so Sophie uses magic to conjure up a fly for him to eat. When he does eat it, Gwen turns him into the frogs he originally was. While she and the kids look for Kal, the rest of the party counts down the time until midnight. Kal notices that Gwen isn’t wearing a mask and uses magic to make it stick to her face so that he can cast the spell to turn them all into the creatures they pretend to be.

              In Halloweentown, Marney is able to undo the spell on her grandma. Together they try to make their ways back to the mortal world, but fail to before the portal between worlds closes on them. Kal is able to turn them all into the creatures they pretended to be. Sophie and Dylan are two of the only people who don’t change, because they aren’t really into customers.

              In her distress, Marney blames herself for everything that has happened. As is, she and Aggie will be stuck in Halloweentown for the next year of mortal time, which will also be a century in Halloweentown time. Marney calls Sophie on the headphone and tells her and Dylan to believe that they can make it possible to get between worlds even after midnight. All they have to believe is that it’s possible. It works, because magic is about believe you can and doing it.

              Even better than the first, “Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge” proves that good always overcomes evil. This felt a bit rushed too, but not nearly as rushed as the first one felt! Once everything is fixed in the mortal world, Aggie, Marney, Dylan, and Sophie travel back to Halloweentown and each use their powers to reverse the grey spell on Halloweentown.


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