DCOM #2–You Lucky Dog – (100 DCOMs Binge and Blog Challenge)

The famed and controversial actor, Kirk Cameron stars in the 1998 DCOM “You Lucky Dog.” This DCOM is just the second of over one hundred Disney Channel Original Movies. Cameron’s character Jack is an alleged psychic dog therapist. As he’s grown older, he’s lost his childhood gift of being a dog whisperer. However, when a man named Mr. Windsor shows up with his dog, Lucky, Jack gets a vibe from Lucky and starts to freak out. When Mr. Windsor passes away, his assistant, Mr. Bridges, visits Jack to tell him that he has a meeting with Mr. Windsor’s attorney. Mr. Windsor left his 54-million-dollar fortune to his dog, Lucky. Mr. Windsor has requested in his will that Jack become Lucky’s trustee. As trustee, Jack is to take care of Lucky and live in Mr. Windsor’s home so that he can spend the money according to Lucky’s desires.

Throughout the beginning of the movie, we start to see that Jack is a true dog whisperer. Whatever Lucky tastes or feels, Jack also tastes and feels. For instance, when Lucky gets an itch, Jack also gets an itch. When Lucky is chewing on a leather shoe, Jack gets an odd taste of leather in his mouth.

The last remaining living heirs of Mr. Windsor plot to get the money back for themselves. To get the money back, they have to prove that Jack is mentally incapable of being Lucky’s trustee. It seems that it won’t be too hard for the heirs to prove Jack is mentally incapable, because he is a bit crazy. The heirs begin to plot to cause Lucky to have an accident so that they can get the money that way.

Jack begins to hear exactly what Lucky is saying and thinking. He starts to freak out because it’s been a long time since he was last able to speak to dogs. The maids overhear Jack having a legitimate conversation with Lucky. Jack warns Lucky not to get too excited, but doesn’t explain why when Lucky asks why. Then when Lucky does get too excited over a bone he buried, we see why Jack warned him not to get too excited. Jack more or less becomes a dog himself. They start to dig up the lawn in search for the bone and then tear up the living room sofa and pillows. They even howl at the moon. The maids become afraid that the devil has possessed Jack so they run away.

When Jack becomes himself again, he can’t remember exactly what happened the night before. They have a serious chat about staying calm for now on. Mr. Bridges overhears that conversation and also seems to think Jack is crazy. He chooses to hear Jack out though.

In a flashback, Lucky remembers the night Mr. Windsor passed away. It was a cold and rainy night. When Lucky walks off for a moment, Mr. Windsor drops to his death. Lucky explains to Jack that he feels responsible for Mr. Windsor’s death. To try to cheer Lucky up, Jack suggests a change of scenery. Lucky exclaims he wants to go to the mall. Of course, he gets excited and Jack becomes the dog. To his credit, Mr. Bridges goes along with it as if it’s quite normal. As the movie progresses, Jack seems crazier and crazier.

The heirs break into Lucky’s house and plan to sedate him so they can make him disappear. They make a lot of noise while making their way through the house though and wake Jack in the process. Jack and Lucky wake Mr. Bridges up so that they can catch whoever is intruding.

After failing at their own plan, the heirs choose to take a wealthy lawyer up on his offer to smear Jack’s name. During the legal case, the actress who plays the judge is none other than Patricia Belcher whom any Disney Channel fan now knows as Mrs. Dabney. Jack’s attorney Alison Taylor starts to give up the case. Jack convinces her to put him on the stand so that he can channel Lucky though.

After Jack and Lucky are able to prove their psychic connection, Lucky has a flashback. In Lucky’s second flashback, we see that Mr. Windsor was poisoned and that’s why he died. The heirs are arrested and lucky and Jack get to keep everything. Jack and Alison, who flirted a bit throughout the movie, subtly make plans for a future together.

Lucky summed up the moral of the story perfectly. “Mr. Windsor knew Jack had something extra going for him. And with my help he’s starting to learn how to get the best out of life. Jack’s not crazy… You’ve got to enjoy every minute of your life. It’s the simple things that matter… Enjoy them while you can, because you could run out into the street, get hit by a bus, and boom! Lights out.”

Though a bit kooky at times, this is a great movie! It’s especially great to watch as a family! Out of the 100 DCOMs, there are a few that are a bit over the heads of my younger siblings, but this movie is great! I’d watch it with my parents, by myself, with siblings or with my two-year-old nephew.

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