The One About Toby (and a bit about Theories)

I take it back! I am NOT okay with Spaleb! Nope! Not at all! Did you see Toby’s face when Caleb told him? No! Okay? No! It was close to the same face he made in the hotel when Spencer was talking to him about how she felt when he just let her cry outside his apartment! Then, as if the face wasn’t enough, he looked down at the ring he would have given “what’s her face” had he not been so tormented by the thought of Spencer and Caleb being together! Officer Toby didn’t propose like he had planned! Why do you suppose that is? It couldn’t possibly be because he’s still in love Spencer, could it be? I mean, he didn’t all have just a glimmer of hope on his torn face when he asked Spencer if she would be returning to DC at whichever time she would be allowed to, am I right? Ugh! My heart guys! It hurts right now!


^This is the face^

Let me tell you why the look on Toby’s face hurt me so much more than the look on Hannah’s face. It’s because Hannah is happily engaged to Jordan, who by the way, is a total sweet heart! And yeah, I get it, Toby was on the verge of being happily engaged to “what’s her face,” but I don’t know… there’s something different about Toby. Hannah, I guess, I don’t know, she just…. Before that scene when she went off on Spencer about already being Caleb, she actually seemed like she could have been happy for Spencer and Caleb to be together. Toby though, his immediate response was heartbreak. He couldn’t even look at Caleb when he wasn’t telling him it was okay. Hannah pretty much looked Spencer dead in eye when she told her it was okay. Now, don’t get me wrong, I fully believe Hannah loves Caleb as much as Toby loves Spencer, I just think Hannah might be slightly more able to deal with Spaleb than Toby can.

Let’s talk about that morning after scene though! Was it just me, or did it seem that even in the happiness and bliss of the moment, did Spencer seem to be a little bit remorseful? To be, she seemed a bit hesitant, like she could of a feeling of regret. I mean, I really do like Caleb and Spencer together for a short time and I really think they like each other, but I think Spencer loves Toby and Hannah. I wouldn’t be surprised if Toby ends up working with the girls again to beat this “big bad” or if Spencer goes to him one night when she needs to talk and something happens with them, and or the same scenario could take place with Hannah and Caleb! A girl can dream, right?


Okay, now let’s talk about this “big bad!” How creepy was that final scene? Like, seriously! He took off a LITERAL face mask! Not like the ceramic ones Charlotte and her minions wore, but like a flesh like mask! CREEP-Y! *skin crawls* This “big bad” is seriously out for blood! He’s not playing any games! His text message was serious when he said he’s hiding in plain sight! CREEPY! *skin crawls again* I don’t know if I can handle this! I just…. Ugh! I am CREEPED OUT! And, in case you didn’t notice, his glasses are totally the same as Leslie Stone’s!


Last, but certainly not least, Byron…. Creepy or not? If you say not, then I will question your sanity even more than anyone already questions the sanity of Pretty Little Liars fan! Byron is seriously CREEPY! I’ve kind of always thought so! I don’t care that he dated his student, I do care that he cheated on his wife, made his daughter lie, and gave his daughter hell for dating a teacher, when she learned it from him. There’s also something incredibly creepy about a man who has so much hatred for a girl his daughter’s age—any scene he’s had with Alison!


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