It’s Realistic; Get Over It

Okay, so I don’t really have any PLL theories that either new or fully formulated, but I do have a thought or two that I want to share about what has happened in Pretty Little Liars season 6B so far. Mostly, I have something to say about what happened in the last moments of the episode that aired January 26, 2016. That’s right. It’s time to talk about the ship that is Spaleb. I have a group chat opened with two of my roommates and one of our friends that is specifically dedicated to Pretty Little Liars conversations. In this chat, my roommate Ana and our friend, Courtney, shared how absolutely MAD they are about this whole thing between Spencer and Caleb. I shared how much I like it. *ducks from the things being thrown at me by you furious Haleb and Spoby shippers*

Okay, now that that’s out of your system, let me explain. Rosewood is one of the tiniest towns imaginable. I mean, there are like what, ten families that live there based on how many families show up in the show? And yes, the four liars and Caleb all moved away from Rosewood for five years, so they had plenty of time to meet many more fish in the sea. Aria has a new boyfriend and Hannah is even engaged, so why can’t Spencer be with someone who isn’t, ya know, Hannah’s first (and only) true love? Well, let’s see. Do Aria and Liam really seem happy? Sure, yeah, they could be happy together, but will Aria ever really be able to express herself fully to him about everything that happened to her in high school? Will he ever be able to understand why or how she became the woman she is? No. The answer’s no, especially not when you can see in his face that he clearly knows Ezra was something much more important to Aria than her high school English teacher. Can Hannah and Jordan really be happy in their proposed marriage? They do seem happy. They could certainly make it work, right? The same is true with them though that is true of Aria and Liam. Jordan will never really be able to understand who Hannah is, and I don’t Hannah even really wants him to understand. She’s still in love with Caleb.

Caleb, Toby, and Ezra (and maybe Lucas) are the ONLY men who could ever really hope to understand the girls because they were there when everything went down. They experienced it all with them. That is why it makes the most sense that if Caleb can’t with Hannah and Spencer can’t be with Toby that they be together. They’ve had a connection since that very first moment together in Ian’s office when Spencer was trying to break into his desk to get her laptop. They went to high school in a small town where all the liars grew up and so it makes sense. In a small town, it’s completely unrealistic that of the four liars (six, if you count Alison and Mona like I do) that none of them ever dated the same guy (well, except Noel Kahn, but does he really even count?). Pretty Little Liars, in all its drama and craziness, is actually very good at being as realistic as possible. Therefore, at some point, one of the best friends was bound to date one of the same guys as one of the others. It makes the most sense that that same person would be Caleb. I mean, it’s not like Emily is going to date either Toby or Ezra and she’s the only one who’s really had any kind of relationship with any of the guys any of the other girls have dated, other than Spencer and Caleb.

You can deny it all you want, but Spencer and Caleb are really cute together and also really good for each other. I don’t think they’ll be together for long, because I think it’s inevitable that all of our OTPs get back together, at least for a little while, before the end of the show. Still though, Caleb and Spencer could be very good for each other. They’re almost total opposites, and for that reason, they can help each other become stronger, healthier people. It’s not like they’re doing anything behind Hannah’s back. Hannah’s the one who put two and two together in the first place. Spencer didn’t exactly broach the subject on her own. She simply asked Hannah, who freaked on her, about how she and Caleb are. That’s when Hannah asked and can really expect Spencer to lie? That would be bad friendship, not Spencer doing what Hannah suggested she do by exploring her feelings for Caleb. If it were me and I broke up with Caleb two or three years ago, was engaged, and found out that one of my best friends might have strong feelings for him, then I would want her to define those feelings. If Spencer didn’t confess and define those feelings, then at some point they would have exploded and it really would have ruined her relationship with Hannah like everyone seems to believe this thing with her and Caleb will. I don’t think it will. I think it will make them stronger. It’s the perfect adult conflict that Pretty Little Liars is trying to give us. They’re not in high school any more. Hannah and Spencer spoke like the grown adults that they are and silently determined that if they want their friendship to survive, then Spencer can’t just bottle up her feelings like she always has. She needs to let them out and figure them out. Besides, Hannah is engaged and Jordan seems to really love her, so until they break up (assuming they will) then Caleb is fair game.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts on Spaleb vs Haleb. I’m sure a LOT of people will have negative feelings about this post, but that’s because having ships and OTPs makes us irrational sometimes, so we forget that any good story needs to be realistic. Realistic for a story like this is having one of the girls be with one of the other girls’ ex’s.

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