A year ago this month, I started watching Pretty Little Liars. I watched 4 ½ seasons in the 9 days leading up to the season finale for season 5a. One of those nine days was with me watching the show for 23 hours straight, only breaking to shower and eat. Because I crammed more than 100 episodes (4708 minutes…. 79 hours….3.2 days worth) on top of having work and sleep to worry about, I didn’t have a lot of time to theorize until after I finished catching up. I did have two theories, or really gut feelings, while watching the show though: Either Wren or Jason is A. With all the theories flying about Wren being A now, it would be easy to assume I’m just saying this to join the bandwagon, but I’m not. You can ask any of my coworkers. Wren has been my reflex answer any time the topic of “Who is A” has been brought up. The only reason I haven’t really written about him yet, is because I’ve been lacking motive and have had way too much time to doubt my gut. The thing is though, I have spent a LOT of time in my 21 years watching and reading mysteries. I even watch things like 48 hours with my grandparents, and they can testify that my gut instinct has rarely been wrong before! I pretty much always know, at least half way through the story, who the suspect really is. That is why, I am finally writing this post about Wren and following my roommates advice. I’m not holding back anymore or leaving any room for doubt. WREN IS A. If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong, but I’ll be wrong because I said someone IS A and not because I didn’t say someone is A. I’m not even going to list all the reasons that it would make sense that Wren is A, because there are already so many blog posts that list all of the same reasons. I just wanted to write something to finally say that I believe Wren is A and that I’ve thought so all along, even amongst theorizing about other people. I do not claim that I ever said he IS A, because I never said he IS. I’ve simply said he COULD be. Now though, with only one episode left, I am saying that WREN IS A.


1) Eddie Lamb is in the Barrel!

2) Melissa or Jenna are Black Widow.

3) CeCe or Sara are Redcoat!

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