A lArge bAnk Account

Okay, let’s think about “A” and Pretty Little Liars in a logical manner. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but in the first two seasons when Mona was “Original A,” her plans were not normally very elaborate or expensive, but manipulative and well thought out. She did not have the money to support much else, especially when she had an in with the Liars as Hanna’s close friend. “Big A,” however, seems to spend more and more money as each scheme following season two escalates into another. Let’s suppose three things are true: “Big A” has a lot more available money at his/her finger tips than Mona had at hers, “Big A” can easily and quickly access this money, and the money comes directly out of “Big A’s” checking account without the help of anyone else. That would eliminate Mona, Jenna and Toby, the Liars, and the Liars’ siblings, from being possible suspects. As high school students (and Jason, as a kid who has lived with/under his parents throughout most of the serious) the only money they would typically have access to is the money in their parents’ checking accounts. Unless the parents are helping that would mean the kind of access “Big A” has to immediate funds is virtually impossible for the kids. Therefore, the only remaining suspects we have in this argument are Ezra Fitz, DOCTOR Wren Kingston, and CeCe Drake.

Because Ezra Fitz has already been discussed in Ezra Fitz and Mona Vanderwaal – Partners in Crime I won’t really say much about him. However, since we’re talking about money in this post, I must point out that Ezra likely doesn’t have money, but his mother is manipulative and ruthless enough that she really did cut him off when he moved away from New York, and honestly, teachers do NOT get paid enough to fund such elaborate schemes as “Big A” does. Furthermore, he did help Emily and Aria find Varjack, so it would make sense to remove him from our list of suspects.

Then there is DOCTOR Wren Kingston. He’s a freaking Doctor, so of course he has money! He is also as sketchy as or sketchier than anyone else in Rosewood ever has been. We also know he has a thing for younger girls. First, he had a three-season long on again/off again fling with Spencer, then he seemed to have a bit of chemistry with Hanna, and finally, he seemed to get along very well with Mona. As far as we know, he doesn’t really have any reasons to have a vendetta against the Liars, but maybe that’s the point. Maybe he’s just psycho and has decided to prey on the unsuspecting lives of a few young girls. Often in psychotic cases that involve stalkers and/or murderers, the vendetta has less to do with the actual victims and more to do with the suspect’s past. Perhaps, Wren is “A” and his reasons have less to do with who he’s stalking and more to do with why he, of all people, is the one stalking them. Or, perhaps, he’s just another older man who had a thing with Alison and she pissed him off enough that he went after her friends.

Finally, there’s CeCe Drake. More times than not, I will defend her, because I want to believe she’s the only person who never turned her back on Alison, However, Alison did allegly get CeCe kicked out of school and never has seemed to actually like Aria, Emily, Hanna, or Spencer. Furthermore, we do know she spied on Aria and Ezra for a while and that she was on Ezra’s payroll for some reason.

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