The NAT Club and Charles

In season 3, Jason and Spencer talk about the NAT club. Jason talks about being the one who came up with the idea and Ian being the one to video everything. He said, “Sometimes, I thought he might have been doing it for someone else.”

Could someone else be Charles (Jason’s probable twin)? Aka, A, just like we always thought?

The Couples (again)

Let me get a few thoughts out about the couples,

SPOBY: First of all, prior to the last few minutes of last weeks’ episode, I have been really mad at Spencer! She knows that anything Toby does is for her safety (even if he does go a bit overboard sometimes) and yet she goes and kisses not one, but two, other guys! Geez, Spence! You’re dating Toby Cavanaugh and he even told you he was only avoiding you to keep Tanner’s suspicions off of you as much as possible, and you still go and kiss two others! YAY, though! Toby FINALLY confronted Spencer and told her that he refuses to choose between her and his job and then they kissed—it was sweet, romantic, passionate, and everything we haven’t seen from them, or really any couple, throughout most of the season!

EZRIA: I am so over the Ezria drama! If by the end they aren’t happily together with at least one more of those “kissing in the high school parking lot” level of epicness scenes, then I’m going to be so mad! Despite the fact that their relationship was initially entirely unethical, they are still my favorite TV couple EVER! I NEED them to be together by the end of this! If they aren’t, I’m probably going to crawl up into a ball and cry more dramatically than is dramatically necessary! Like, this show has my brain and heart on overdrive and I’m pretty sure I’m going to need several years of psychoanalysis after it’s over! Aria needs to get over her fling with Andrew, which Spencer totally called, and go back to Ezra! She’s broken, yes! He’s part of the reason she’s broken, yeah! BUT, he has still been with her through this whole mess of drama—her family drama, her drama with A, her drama with Alison—all of it! Anyway, I was SO happy during the scene when the love interests were together and Ezra slammed his hand against the wall! It was really his first scene of real and genuine concern about Aria in a VERY LONG time! Ever since they started showing him as sketchy season four, he’s been so worried about her finding out his secret, her not forgiving him for it, and now for her missing life because of him and ultimately that it would cause him to lose her for real that he hasn’t done anything to keep her! Even in the first three seasons, he was almost sitting in the back seat and letting Aria control the direction of their relationship! It’s kind of pathetic really. He needs to step up and be the man in the relationship, and now, for the first time he did it! He slammed his hand against the wall, declined an offer of ice for his probably swelling hand and said in a very aggressive and desperate way, “I don’t need ice! I need to find Aria!” Way to go Ezra! Now just keep that resolve when you actually find Aria and tell her how much you care!

HALEB: There’s not really a lot to say about Caleb and Hanna, and that’s because they’re basically the perfect couple, at least in regards to Rosewood couples, and most couples in general! Caleb will do ANYTHING for Hanna, expect leave her as she asked him to, and that’s what makes him so great! Even Spencer said it; Caleb is the essence of a perfect boyfriend! Everything he does for Hanna is AMAZING!

The Many Names of A

We’ve heard several names to describe “A”–Original A, Big, and Uber A.

Original A – Mona

Big A – Charles DiLaurentis

Uber A – ???


I have a feeling the A game won’t be over until Charles is unmasked, AND Uber A is given a face and name!


From here on out, I’m going to post my theories as I think of them… Even the ridiculous ones, because at this point…. My brain is pretty much fried and anything could be true, so why not post about anything?

One of my roommates likes to read random PLL theories and many of the goofy ones she sends are about Pastor Ted. So…

Just for a minute, let’s role with this “Ted isn’t who he says he is” theory. Mrs. D was having an affair with Bethany’s dad…. Suppose Ted is Bethany’s dad. Assuming all these “Charles is a girl” theories are wrong, that will still leave us with questions about Bethany. If she’s not the twin, then she has to have a dad who isn’t Peter. It could be Ted…. He’s the only character so far without any secrets…. And we all know “Rosewood is held together by secrets.”



A lArge bAnk Account

Okay, let’s think about “A” and Pretty Little Liars in a logical manner. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but in the first two seasons when Mona was “Original A,” her plans were not normally very elaborate or expensive, but manipulative and well thought out. She did not have the money to support much else, especially when she had an in with the Liars as Hanna’s close friend. “Big A,” however, seems to spend more and more money as each scheme following season two escalates into another. Let’s suppose three things are true: “Big A” has a lot more available money at his/her finger tips than Mona had at hers, “Big A” can easily and quickly access this money, and the money comes directly out of “Big A’s” checking account without the help of anyone else. That would eliminate Mona, Jenna and Toby, the Liars, and the Liars’ siblings, from being possible suspects. As high school students (and Jason, as a kid who has lived with/under his parents throughout most of the serious) the only money they would typically have access to is the money in their parents’ checking accounts. Unless the parents are helping that would mean the kind of access “Big A” has to immediate funds is virtually impossible for the kids. Therefore, the only remaining suspects we have in this argument are Ezra Fitz, DOCTOR Wren Kingston, and CeCe Drake.

Because Ezra Fitz has already been discussed in Ezra Fitz and Mona Vanderwaal – Partners in Crime I won’t really say much about him. However, since we’re talking about money in this post, I must point out that Ezra likely doesn’t have money, but his mother is manipulative and ruthless enough that she really did cut him off when he moved away from New York, and honestly, teachers do NOT get paid enough to fund such elaborate schemes as “Big A” does. Furthermore, he did help Emily and Aria find Varjack, so it would make sense to remove him from our list of suspects.

Then there is DOCTOR Wren Kingston. He’s a freaking Doctor, so of course he has money! He is also as sketchy as or sketchier than anyone else in Rosewood ever has been. We also know he has a thing for younger girls. First, he had a three-season long on again/off again fling with Spencer, then he seemed to have a bit of chemistry with Hanna, and finally, he seemed to get along very well with Mona. As far as we know, he doesn’t really have any reasons to have a vendetta against the Liars, but maybe that’s the point. Maybe he’s just psycho and has decided to prey on the unsuspecting lives of a few young girls. Often in psychotic cases that involve stalkers and/or murderers, the vendetta has less to do with the actual victims and more to do with the suspect’s past. Perhaps, Wren is “A” and his reasons have less to do with who he’s stalking and more to do with why he, of all people, is the one stalking them. Or, perhaps, he’s just another older man who had a thing with Alison and she pissed him off enough that he went after her friends.

Finally, there’s CeCe Drake. More times than not, I will defend her, because I want to believe she’s the only person who never turned her back on Alison, However, Alison did allegly get CeCe kicked out of school and never has seemed to actually like Aria, Emily, Hanna, or Spencer. Furthermore, we do know she spied on Aria and Ezra for a while and that she was on Ezra’s payroll for some reason.

Aria Montgomery’s Relationships According to Lucy Hale’s Songs

1.      “Love Tonight” – Season 1: Meeting at the bar and ending the night in the bathroom

2.       “You Sound Good to Me” – Season 1: Falling in love with Ezra Fitz, even though she’s her English teacher and she clearly should not be falling for him.

3.      “Lie A Little Better.” Season 3 – Hiding her feelings for Jason.

4.      “Just Another Song” – Season 1: Every time Ezra has (tried) to break things off with Aria for one reason or another, especially that time, right before she read his poem, when he broke up with her, so she gave into Noel’s advances and started dating him.

5.       “Loved” – Season 2: “I just can’t stay away from you” even though your parents have threatened me in every way possible and now I’ve given up one job that I loved and been fired from another job that I love

6.       “Red Dress” – Season 3/4: Maggie comes into the picture and Aria breaks up with Ezra because “it shouldn’t be this hard.”

7.      “Goodbye Gone” – Season 4 – Aria has that one-week fling with that guy named, Riley, while she’s at the college week with her dad and trying to get over Ezra.

8.      “Kiss Me” – Season 4: Aria “likes Jake, but loves Ezra.”

9.      “That’s What I Call Crazy” – Season 4: Aria finds out about the book and destroys Ezra’s apartment.

10.  “Lie A Little Better.” Season 5 – Resisting her attraction to Andrew

11.  “Runaway Circus” – Season 5: Aria’s thoughts during the beginning of the season when all she wanted was to forget one of two things 1) her feelings for Ezra OR 2) the fact that he lied to her for a very long time.

12.  “Those Three Words” – Season 5 – Aria’s thoughts when she was thinking of Ezra and not being able to trust him.

13.  Come On” – Every other previously unmentioned adorable/perfect/romantic moment between Aria and Ezra