“Pretty Isn’t The Point”

Just when you start to think nothing big is going to happen, something momentous happens! In two previous posts, I discussed the possibilities of Mona being alive and possibly plotting her own death. In another post, I discussed how Jason could be “A.” And, in my second to last post, I spoke about Alison and everyone else. Tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars may have very well shed some light on the fact that many of the things I have said could be true! So, let’s talk about what we saw tonight. Recently, Mike has been acting really, really shady. Many people suspected that was because he is “A.” I theorized, with my friends, that it had more to do with the fact that he knew something about Mona that no one else knew. Tonight, we found out what he knows.

In one episode, the Liars suspected that Mike stole their blood and gave it to “A.” While that has not been completely and totally ruled out, because he’s proven that he really is in love with Mona and love, especially in Rosewood, makes you do crazy things, we do know that the blood he was truly concerned with was Mona’s blood. Many had theorized (and I may or may not have touched on this subject before, I can’t remember) that Mona had been taking her own blood and storing it away somewhere to use as the “evidence” for her alleged death. Tonight, we see that that was indeed true. Mona had been taking her own blood, storing it in a mini fridge, and told Mike that she was going to use it to stage her own death in order to meet “A.” While Mike was telling Aria about this, he started to cry’ thus, proving that he really does love Mona. Mike has always been way too angry and tough to start crying unless he really does love Mona.

I suppose it is possible that Mona was telling Mike the truth when she was telling him that she was bottling her blood, so that she could disappear, and blame her death on Alison, in order to meet “Big A.” However, things are rarely so simple in Rosewood, especially when it comes to Mona and the other liars. Furthermore, Mona seemed way too ridiculously excited to be meeting “Big A” to be really trying to save the girls. I suspect that there are really only two other options here, aside from Mona actually telling the truth for once that must be taken into consideration. Unless Mona and Alison are working together in this whole thing and have a brilliant beyond brilliant plan to take “A” down, I feel like it would be way too hopeful for anyone to believe that both Alison and Mona will survive the “A” attacks and reveal themselves not to be “A.” Therefore, I believe Mona was either murdered (because she seemed way too confident in the fact that she would be safe if she disappeared) and stuffed into that barrel after all, or that she is “A” and everything she has been doing up this point has been her last stitch effort to throw the trail completely off of herself and onto Alison and the other Liars.

I also really think that Mike is going to be murdered or seriously injured. I presume that it will play out in a very strategic and revealing manner. I suspect that, if Mona is dead, then Mike will simply be very injured, but if she’s alive, then he will be murdered. I don’t think Marlene would have two major characters be murdered at the same time, especially when we’re about to have the most major clue ever to be revealed for us. Also, that would just be really depressing and I think we need as many of our Liars as clear minded as they can be for this next stretch before “A” is revealed! If two of them have someone close to them be murdered, then havoc will be reeked and “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

AND, in the end, when we saw “A” or “A’s” minion in Mike’s room, it looked a lot like a man, or at least a girl wearing extra layers. There are two men that Alison has tortured but have yet to come up with cover stories—Jason and Lucas—it does not seem incredibly unlikely that either of them would be doing “A’s” dirty work. Especially, since getting Alison thrown in jail was planned and Jason is ultimately the one who put her there. Then, there’s still always Wren, who we still know nothing about, and has always been super sketchy!

Now, let’s talk about the relationships! Has anyone been paying attention to Spencer and Toby in all this mess? What about Aria and Ezra? Dude! Underlying all the intense “A” action, we’ve been having some mildly intense drama for the couples as well! Toby has been avoiding Spencer, which he explained tonight was because Tanner still suspects Spencer of criminal activity, but what did Spencer do? She didn’t stop Jonny when he kissed her! Geez, Spenc! What kind of a girlfriend are you? If you’re feeling lonely, you could have at least kissed him BEFORE Toby told you why he has been avoiding you! Not afterward! Gosh! Then there’s Aria and Andrew, if he’s not gay, then he definitely has a thing for Aria, who by the way is still technically dating Ezra, even if we haven’t seen him or them in a while! I mean, they never officially agreed that they would take a break for her to “experience life” did they? Didn’t think so! So, I’m suspecting that Aria and Andrew are going to have a thing, or Ezra’s going to step in, just in time and win Aria back, even though he hasn’t actually lost her. He’s just being overly sensitive about Aria’s letter, which yes, was probably a little truthful, but oddly enough, her relationship with him has been the most normal part of her life in high school. How could he not see that? Why would he try to push her away…again? I don’t know… your guess is as good as mine, but I certainly hope SOMETHING happens with them soon, because I’m kind of getting worried!



P.S. Happy 19th Birthday to Sasha Pieterse! Open-mouthed smile