“A” for Alison, “A” for Anonymous

Alison’s Army

I have been slowly formulating a theory that there are two “A Teams” in the world of Pretty Little Liars, but I have felt like I have not had sufficient enough evidence to support my theory. Now, I do feel like I have sufficient enough evidence. Alison has an army, but it is not the “A Team.” Alison’s Army is a group of people who have been doing things per Alison’s request since the very beginning of the series—Noel Kahn, CeCe Drake, Mike Montgomery, possibly some others.

In the first season, Noel Kahn tried to get close to Aria Montgomery. Maybe he was truly interested in her, and maybe he was not, but I definitely suspect he was working for Alison since the very beginning. Throughout most of his relationship, or lack thereof, with Aria, his highest goal was breaking up her relationship with Ezra. Could it be possible that this was his goal because Alison asked him to do it? Maybe, Alison put him up to it because she knew that Ezra was using Aria and the other girls to write a book, or at the very least, she knew that he definitely knew who Aria was all along and that she suspected his intentions with Aria were less than admirable. Do you remember when Noel was caught watching Hanna and Aria at that cupcake place where Hanna was pushed by “A” to eat all those pig cupcakes? I suspect that he was simply watching out for Hanna, per request of Alison, to make sure she did not go too far like she had once upon a time.

In season three, CeCe Drake randomly appeared at The Brew, where the girls almost always happen to be. Why, of all the places in Rosewood, would we be introduced to CeCe Drake at The Brew while she was quoting word for word something that Alison said in another episode? I suspect it is because Alison sent CeCe to Rosewood to test the girls. I suspect in the beginning, because she technically hurt them more than anyone else based on the fact that she considered them friends, Alison thought “A” was one of the girls. However, after seeing them get so entangled with “A,” who had been following her long before (s)he was following them, I suspect Alison realized that none of them were “A,” but she wanted to make sure. Therefore, she requested that CeCe go to Rosewood and test the girls. I suspect that Alison assumed that however the girls treated CeCe, knowing that she was basically who Alison would be in a few years, would be the same way they would treat her if she came back. I suspect that once the girls showed that they wanted to treat CeCe as civilly as possible, it proved that they were still loyal to Alison, despite the fact that she put them through crap for years.

Finally, in this season, Mike Montgomery has been acting super sketchy. Naturally, everyone’s minds automatically go to the thought of “What if Mike is ‘A.’” I will be honest, I started to think it a little bit, but now I’m not so sure… actually I am. I am very sure that Mike is not on the “A Team.” First of all, that would be too obvious, especially since we know “A” will not be revealed until at least half way through season six. Second of all, Mike is that younger, but not too much younger, brother of the best friend who used to be really dorky, but is now kind of hot, so we kind of like the “bad boy cred,” but we also want him to stay the sweet and innocent younger brother forever. Then, of course, there are the actual reasons he would not be “A.” Despite his anger issues and his differences in communication with Aria, he really does care about her. You can see their sibling bond play out multiple times throughout the series. In any case, he has been talking to Alison and communicating with Cyrus, aka Hank Mahoney, as of late, which would serve to believe that he is a part of Alison’s Army.

Also, let’s not forget that in season one, when Noel was threatening to overthrow Ezra, we saw Mike and Noel talking in the courtyard. We were led to believe that Noel told Mike “someone” was dating Aria’s favorite teacher, Ezra Fitz. Mike is not stupid, if that were all Noel told him, he would still fit the pieces together and realize that Aria was the one dating her teacher. I do not believe that is true though. I believe that both Noel and Mike knew long before this incident that Aria and Ezra were dating and I think it was Alison who told them, because she wanted to make sure they were both keeping an eye on Aria, just in case Ezra broke her heart.

The “A Team”

Now for the “A Team…” Mona Vanderwaal is obviously a part of the “A Team,” Jason probably is, and Wren Kingston is likely a part of the “A Team” as well.

We all know that Mona is still alive; she has been missing for far too long for her to be anything but alive. The only real and complete evidence we have ever gotten from Rosewood is that anyone who has been missing for longer than one or two episodes at most is always still alive. Therefore, Mona is still alive and well, or at least alive. How do we know this? Well, the proof is in the pudding. Who was the one to help Alison escape and hide for two years? Mona. Mona helped Alison escape and Mona is the one who did not tell anyone Alison was still alive; instead, she played dumb to the whole situation. Is it really so unbelievable that Mona would do the same for herself after seeing Alison live in hiding for two whole years? I don’t think so, especially since Mona’s reasons for hiding are likely different from Alison’s reasons for hiding. Just think about it. Who, especially in Rosewood, would ever suspect Mona of being “A” after she was already put in Radley for being “A?” Very few would suspect that! And that is why it is a brilliant plan! Mona allowed the girls and police to discover the truth so that no one would ever suspect her again! It was her plan all along to be caught so that she could get into Radley and work on far more elaborate plans than the fairly simple-minded plans we saw in seasons one and two.

Jason DiLaurentis may be one of the sketchiest people in Rosewood! He spent his high school years drinking beer and getting high. As well as being a drug addicted alcoholic in high school, he also started the NAT club with some friends so that they could spy on unsuspecting girls as they undressed and did other things in the so-called privacy of their own bedrooms. He claims that he cannot remember anything that happened the night Bethany (his theoretical sister) died and Alison (his half-sister) disappeared. He was missing for Alison’s funeral and much of the first season. He had stalker-like pictures in his shed of Aria sleeping. He may or may not have genuine feelings for Aria, whose main “A drama” revolves around her relationship with Ezra being destroyed. He may or may not have caused trouble with Emily on that elevator. He has been seen intimately conversing with Mona. He has slept with Ashley Marin. He is generally just a very sketchy guy.

Wren Kingston is also super sketchy. He is one of the many men who cannot seem to resist his attraction to young high school girls. We know very little about him or his past. He has already shown that he is comfortable breaking medical laws by giving Melissa strong medications for Ian and letting CeCe Drake and Hanna Marin into Radley Sanatorium without appropriate identification. He also seemed to be pretty close to Mona while she was in Radley.

Double Agents

Every good mystery has a few double agents. Double agents are the people willing to work with or for both sides of the war in order to gather and pass information from one or both sides to anyone asking for the information or simply to save themselves from any incriminating information that any side might have on them. We know that Caleb Rivers, Toby Cavanaugh and Spencer Hastings have definitely been double agents. We also know that Ezra Fitz has also technically been a double agent because he was spying on the girls just as much, if not more intently, than “A” him/herself has. He was especially working more intimately against the girls, because despite what he may or may not have been feeling for Aria at any given time, he did use their intimacy to gather information, which he did in the end swear to use only for the chance that it may keep Aria, and by extension, the other girls safe. However, there are also other characters who may be double agents whose motives we don’t know for sure. Lucas Gottesman and Jenna Marshall are also probably double agents.

Lucas, a victim of many of Alison’s cruel jokes, has every reason in the world to hate Alison and work against her on the “A Team,” but for the same reasons, he also has every reason in the world to hate Mona and work against the “A Team.” Therefore, it is likely to assume that he has been working as a double agent since the beginning of time, or at least since he tried drowning Hanna in the lake. We know that “A” recruited him to try to get rid of Hanna, he more or less confessed that himself, but we can also assume that he has likely been protecting the girls in some ways as well because he is pretty much in love with Hanna and true love makes you do the craziest of things.

In addition, Jenna is likely a double agent as well. We know that she has had a lot of anger toward Alison and the other girls for blinding her, but we have also seen that she has tried to put that behind her many times. We know that she worked against the girls when she was trying to find the flash drive that held her darkest secret on film, but we also know that she claimed in the Christmas episode that she was working with Alison now. If that is true, then it is safe to assume that wherever she is, if she is still alive, then she is doing some kind of work for Alison so that they can finally take “A” down. I suspect that if nothing else, Jenna is working with Alison because she knows that the other girls have done everything in their power to show her that they are truly remorseful over blinding her, especially Hanna, who pulled her out of Jason’s burning house.

Furthermore, I kind of think Mike and Mona have acted as double agents as well, but in less obvious ways. For example, I really think they do/did have feelings for each other, but Mike knew that Mona was/is “A,” so he knew that he could really do anything about it, so he used his relationship with her to learn as much about her as possible so that he and Alison could take “A” down once and for all. I think Mona eventually found out that Mike was using her and that is when she staged her death.

It is also possible that Mona is not still “A” and that she and Alison are working together to bring down “A” because as much as they hate and fear each other, they hate and fear “A” even more. However, my primary theory for Mona is that she is still on the “A Team.”

In conclusion, I truly believe that there are two secret teams in Rosewood—“The A Team” and “Alison’s Army,” aka “Redcoat.” If anyone has any thoughts to challenge or add this theory, I am more than open to hearing them. I have been formulating this theory in my head since I finished watching season four a few months ago and it has been driving me crazy to figure out some kind of proof to back it up. Now that I feel like I have found proof, I cannot wait to find out more in the last few episodes of this season, before next premieres and we find out at some point in that season who really is “A.”