“A” for Aria?

“I’m ‘A;’ ‘A’ for Aria, ‘A’ for Anonymous.” These are the words that have come directly out of Aria Montgomery’s mouth. “Hey, Big A, wait up,” is what Mona Vanderwaal, aka the original “A” once said to Aria. We all know that of all the Liars, Aria is repeatedly referred to as “the best at lying.” As a theorist, I consider myself to be one of Aria’s most faithful supporters, but even I must admit that there is staggeringly substantial evidence to lead one to believe that Aria could be “A” or at the very least that she could be on the “A team.” However, because I really don’t think Marlene King would make one of the Liars be “A,” I have not and will not look for any evidence against any of them. All the same though, I would like to share a few theories by other people who have done the work to show that “Aria is A.”

The Mirror Theory

70 Reasons in 15 Minutes (Keep in Mind, I don’t agree with the whole video, but most of it is pretty convincing.)

Now, if the above theories were true, then Aria would need to have reason(s) for being “A.” In season five, when Mona labeled the Liars with words describing why Alison chose each of them to be in her group, she labeled Aria as “caring/compassionate.” Generally speaking, most people who care a lot tend to go to extremes to prove they care and sometimes the line between right and wrong is blurred for these people and their big hearts. I suspect that if Aria is “A,” it is because she literally cares too much for her own good. Despite the dysfunctions of the group, Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer were best friends before Alison disappeared. While they were best friends, it was painfully obvious to Aria’s caring heart that they were incredibly mean to Mona, whose desperate desire was to be a part of their tight-knit group.

After Aria and her family left for Iceland and as she and the other Liars began to drift away from each other, I suspect that Aria and Mona began to form a long distance friendship. I suspect that Aria and Mona might have even already had some kind of a friendship. Because the “A” text messages started up again when Aria and her family returned to Rosewood after being gone for a year, I suspect that Aria and Mona might have had some kind of an arrangement planned so that the Liars would be friends again and include Mona in their friendship. When things didn’t go as planned, I suspect that is when Mona took her “A game” against the Liars to a whole new level.

After Mona revealed herself as “A” to Spencer and was locked up in Radley because of it, I suspect that the irrational side of Aria’s caring tendencies took over and led to her doing incredibly psychotic things for the sake of keeping her friendship with the other Liars intact. Things with Aria’s life, “A’s” behavior, and the Liars’ friendship tend to exist in parallel. When Aria’s life seems to be in a downward spiral, the Liars’ friendship tends to  become stronger and stronger, and then when the Liars’ friendship is strong, “A” tends to do the most damage. If my fellow theorists are correct, then these parallels are not coincidences, but proof that “Aria is A.” For me, the one thing that might convince me that “Aria is A” is that even Ezra, a man who credits love at first sight (despite his originally impure motives) for his relationship, suspected Aria of being “A” as seen in the picture below.


In conclusion, it is completely plausible that “Aria is A;” however, I do not believe she is “A.” If I am wrong, and she is “A,” then I believe it will be because compassionate people like her thrive off of the confirmation of genuine relationships. Therefore, in her desperation to know that she will not be abandoned (as she likely felt when she found out her dad was cheating and probably how she felt when Alison disappeared) she went to psychotic extremes to make everything work with her friends, her family, and with Ezra.

Ezra Fitz & Mona Vanderwaal – Partners in Crime

It is a proven fact that Ezra and Mona worked together, for some unknown reason, for at least one period of time as shown in episodes 14, 17, and 20 of season 4. From these episodes, we know that Mona seemed to feel very intimidated by Ezra, while he seemed to feel very threatened when she tried to back out of their partnership. With four episodes left until we get our biggest and most important clue about “Big A” and only two seasons of the show left, I’m sure the question of “What the heck were Ezra and Mona doing working together!?” will be answered. Until then though, I’d like to present my theories about them: Ezra’s Book, Working as “A,” and Working against “A.”

Ezra’s Book

Being the boyfriend of Aria, who was one of Mona’s five victims when she was “A,” Ezra knew about everything Mona did to torture the girls; he also knew that “A” knows everything. Therefore, Ezra’s “get the story at all costs” mind, probably thought that asking Mona for help would give him an inside look that not even being Aria’s boyfriend could give him. Second hand knowledge can only get a writer so far. To get the full story, one must go undercover and actually witness the story as it happens. Thus, Ezra recruited Mona to watch the girls for a different reason than torture. He wanted her to watch them for information to add to his story. I think that is why Mona initially started to date Mike. I think she was using him to get closer to Aria, because Ezra, having broken up with Aria, couldn’t be as close as he once was. Then things got complicated though, she actually started to fall for him (what is it about the Montgomery’s? Anyone of the opposite sex who starts to get to know them seems to fall for them almost immediately). Mona even told Ezra that things were getting complicated, and Ezra seemed to know it was about Mike, but his response was, “It’s always been complicated,” because he was in love with Aria, the same way Mona was falling in love with Mike.

Working as “A”

Many people theorize that Ezra has been excessively sketchy throughout the whole serious to have simply been writing a book. Mona has been proven to be psychotic and mentally unstable. They both knew Alison before she disappeared. They are also both the only people that Ali talked to “that night” whom she did not threaten and question about sending the “A” messages. They are the only people, other than the Liars and Toby, who have been in every mid-finale and season finale, as well. They both have tendencies of seeming extremely suspicious. Because we know that they have both done seemingly unforgivable things and been forgiven by Aria and Hanna anyway, it would seem that they would be the perfect culprits to continue the “A game.” Few people would suspect either of them of being “A,” now that they both have pretty evidence laden cover stories. That would be why they were working together in season four. Mona and Ezra were working together as “A” for a while, but then Ezra stole the game from her. (Marlene has tweeted that there is only ONE “A”) Mona could have thrown a fight, but she didn’t want to, because it would mean hurting Hanna again and hurting Mike by hurting Aria. Hanna was finally reconnecting with Mona in such a way that they had the potential of becoming best friends again and she and Mike were getting pretty intense in their relationship together. The last thing Mona wanted to do was ruin her friendship with Hanna again and ruin her relationship with Mike as well. Therefore, she didn’t initially fight when Ezra stole the game from her.

As things continued to heat up with her and Mike though, and as Alison reappeared to potentially steal Hanna away again, Mona started to look for “A” again. She wanted to prove to herself, the Liars, and most importantly Mike, that she really had changed and that’s why she was acting so sketchy. She was working with “A/Ezra” as a double agent in order to try to stop him.

Working Against “A”

Ezra is in love with Aria, Mona is not only in love with Mike, but also best friends with Hanna, and both Ezra and Mona have begun to grow pretty close to each of the other girls. Video and camera equipment is not cheap, and Ezra and Mona both had their own impressive collections of equipment. After giving up their original uses for their equipment, Mona and Ezra decided to join forces to protect the girls from “A.” As omnipresent as “A” is, I imagine that it would be impossible for Mona and Ezra to watch them so closely for their own reasons without also catching glimpses of “A” as well. “A” is clever, virtually undiscoverable, and incredibly sneaky, but no one is invisible to cameras and video cameras. At the very least, Ezra and Mona must be able to watch the videos back and trace “A’s” every move, thus being able to plot and plan ways to capture “A” in his/her tracks eventually. When Mona felt like she and Ezra had enough evidence on “A,” she decided to pretend to be on “A’s” side so that she could unmask him/her and gain the love and respect from the girls that she so desperately wants after turning their lives into living nightmares for two years. Both Mona and Ezra still feel guilty about what they did to the girls and feel as if, even though they’ve been told they’re forgiven, they’ll never fully redeem themselves unless they can capture “A,” reveal his/her true identity, and get him/her locked up forever.

“Pretty Isn’t The Point”

Just when you start to think nothing big is going to happen, something momentous happens! In two previous posts, I discussed the possibilities of Mona being alive and possibly plotting her own death. In another post, I discussed how Jason could be “A.” And, in my second to last post, I spoke about Alison and everyone else. Tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars may have very well shed some light on the fact that many of the things I have said could be true! So, let’s talk about what we saw tonight. Recently, Mike has been acting really, really shady. Many people suspected that was because he is “A.” I theorized, with my friends, that it had more to do with the fact that he knew something about Mona that no one else knew. Tonight, we found out what he knows.

In one episode, the Liars suspected that Mike stole their blood and gave it to “A.” While that has not been completely and totally ruled out, because he’s proven that he really is in love with Mona and love, especially in Rosewood, makes you do crazy things, we do know that the blood he was truly concerned with was Mona’s blood. Many had theorized (and I may or may not have touched on this subject before, I can’t remember) that Mona had been taking her own blood and storing it away somewhere to use as the “evidence” for her alleged death. Tonight, we see that that was indeed true. Mona had been taking her own blood, storing it in a mini fridge, and told Mike that she was going to use it to stage her own death in order to meet “A.” While Mike was telling Aria about this, he started to cry’ thus, proving that he really does love Mona. Mike has always been way too angry and tough to start crying unless he really does love Mona.

I suppose it is possible that Mona was telling Mike the truth when she was telling him that she was bottling her blood, so that she could disappear, and blame her death on Alison, in order to meet “Big A.” However, things are rarely so simple in Rosewood, especially when it comes to Mona and the other liars. Furthermore, Mona seemed way too ridiculously excited to be meeting “Big A” to be really trying to save the girls. I suspect that there are really only two other options here, aside from Mona actually telling the truth for once that must be taken into consideration. Unless Mona and Alison are working together in this whole thing and have a brilliant beyond brilliant plan to take “A” down, I feel like it would be way too hopeful for anyone to believe that both Alison and Mona will survive the “A” attacks and reveal themselves not to be “A.” Therefore, I believe Mona was either murdered (because she seemed way too confident in the fact that she would be safe if she disappeared) and stuffed into that barrel after all, or that she is “A” and everything she has been doing up this point has been her last stitch effort to throw the trail completely off of herself and onto Alison and the other Liars.

I also really think that Mike is going to be murdered or seriously injured. I presume that it will play out in a very strategic and revealing manner. I suspect that, if Mona is dead, then Mike will simply be very injured, but if she’s alive, then he will be murdered. I don’t think Marlene would have two major characters be murdered at the same time, especially when we’re about to have the most major clue ever to be revealed for us. Also, that would just be really depressing and I think we need as many of our Liars as clear minded as they can be for this next stretch before “A” is revealed! If two of them have someone close to them be murdered, then havoc will be reeked and “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

AND, in the end, when we saw “A” or “A’s” minion in Mike’s room, it looked a lot like a man, or at least a girl wearing extra layers. There are two men that Alison has tortured but have yet to come up with cover stories—Jason and Lucas—it does not seem incredibly unlikely that either of them would be doing “A’s” dirty work. Especially, since getting Alison thrown in jail was planned and Jason is ultimately the one who put her there. Then, there’s still always Wren, who we still know nothing about, and has always been super sketchy!

Now, let’s talk about the relationships! Has anyone been paying attention to Spencer and Toby in all this mess? What about Aria and Ezra? Dude! Underlying all the intense “A” action, we’ve been having some mildly intense drama for the couples as well! Toby has been avoiding Spencer, which he explained tonight was because Tanner still suspects Spencer of criminal activity, but what did Spencer do? She didn’t stop Jonny when he kissed her! Geez, Spenc! What kind of a girlfriend are you? If you’re feeling lonely, you could have at least kissed him BEFORE Toby told you why he has been avoiding you! Not afterward! Gosh! Then there’s Aria and Andrew, if he’s not gay, then he definitely has a thing for Aria, who by the way is still technically dating Ezra, even if we haven’t seen him or them in a while! I mean, they never officially agreed that they would take a break for her to “experience life” did they? Didn’t think so! So, I’m suspecting that Aria and Andrew are going to have a thing, or Ezra’s going to step in, just in time and win Aria back, even though he hasn’t actually lost her. He’s just being overly sensitive about Aria’s letter, which yes, was probably a little truthful, but oddly enough, her relationship with him has been the most normal part of her life in high school. How could he not see that? Why would he try to push her away…again? I don’t know… your guess is as good as mine, but I certainly hope SOMETHING happens with them soon, because I’m kind of getting worried!



P.S. Happy 19th Birthday to Sasha Pieterse! Open-mouthed smile

Mike and Mona

Okay, so, I have a friend named, Courtney, and we are basically the walls on which we bounce our theories off. I share my theories with her and she shares hers with me. When we see each other, we seriously skip right over small talk and shoot straight into talking about our theories. We are very serious theorists. This morning, because I went to bed fairly early last night, I woke up to ten text messages from her where she was brainstorming and came up with a brilliant theory about Mike and Mona. I am going to share her theory here, but I’m going to share it more elaborately than her text messages could (due to space) and I am going to combine them with the theories that I have already shared, including the one that my best friend, Shelby, thought up. There’s basically two sides of the equation: 1) Mike knows Mona is alive. 2) Mike knows/thinks Mona is dead. And each of these sides have two or three of their own facets.

Mike knows Mona is Alive.

He is working with Alison.

He knew Mona is “A” before they started dating. Therefore, he was either playing her to make her think that he really cared about her, when in fact he did not. Or, he had an Ezra moment, when he started out just using Mona to find out her secrets, only to find that he was truly falling for her, thus making everything a million times more difficult. Should this be the case, it would explain why he always gets defensive over Mona, while still saying, “She wasn’t a kind person” and basically saying she was an awful person. Because despite it all, he loves her anyway.

He dated Mona before finding out she is “A.” It’s kind of like Aria in the “Ezra’s writing a book and he’s been using me since the very beginning” scenario. Mike is blinded by love. Despite the fact that it hurts and sucks that Mona only started to date him because she was using him, he really does love her and he dares to believe that she loves him too.

He’s working with Mona.

Mona is (still) “A” (again) because in the beginning, her original intentions were simply to get rid of Alison and recruit Hanna. However, when Aria came back to Rosewood, Mona knew that her return would likely mean that she and Hanna would reconnect with the other girls, thus leaving her in the background. She couldn’t handle the idea of losing her best friend, so Mona decided she would do whatever it takes to keep Hanna as a friend. Somewhere along the way, her desperate need for a friend has driven her to do things she would have never imagined herself doing. Now it’s too late though, she’s too far into the game to change now. She must succeed in what she originally planned to do. Thus, she recruited Mike to be on her team. While in the process of recruiting him, she started to fall for him, and she knew that wasn’t good, because Aria wouldn’t stand for it. So, she plotted to convince Mike that his sister and her friends were the bad guys. Then, when she disappeared, it was an act to make Mike truly believe that the girls were evil. Therefore, Mike is now working to find Mona’s body and pin everything on the girls, because that’s what his lovesick heart believes is the right thing to do.

He is blinded by love. Enough said.

Mike knows/thinks Mona is dead.

“A” has convinced Mike of numerous things.

“Miss Aria You’re a Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife.” Is it just me or did it sound like some kind of a double forewarning when Mona said that to the girls? I never thought it meant that Mona was on the “A Team.” Now, I think it meant that Mona would eventually try to pin things on Aria and her friends. This could be what the forewarning was. Mona, or “A”, is trying to pin her alleged murder and everything else on Hanna and the other girls.

Where’s the body? “A” obviously knows where Mona, or her body, is. There’s no way “A” doesn’t know, especially since it seems incredibly likely that Mona is “A.” “A,” or Mona, wants Mike to find her/body. I don’t know why, but it is possible.

Mike is working with Alison. Assuming Mona is dead, Mike would be working with Alison for one of two probable reasons. Alison is the killer and she is trying to keep Mike as far away from the trail of evidence as possible, thus keeping the liars as far away as possible while they are on a wild goose chase to follow Mike and keep him out of trouble. OR, Alison knows who did kill Mona, whether she knows who “A” is or who “A’s” helpers are, Alison certainly knows something. AND/OR, Mike is in reality in love with/secretly dating Alison, and was simply using Mona to find answers about “A” or to keep Alison out of trouble because of the answers or “answers” Mona found.

Finally, Mona prepared him for her death. Mona knew that the closer she got to sniffing out “A,” the more likely she was to be number one on the hit list, so she found answers, has a bunch of clues, and left some not only for the liars, but also for Mike, because she does/did love him and wanted to make sure he was safe and happy with her gone.

“A” for Alison, “A” for Anonymous

Alison’s Army

I have been slowly formulating a theory that there are two “A Teams” in the world of Pretty Little Liars, but I have felt like I have not had sufficient enough evidence to support my theory. Now, I do feel like I have sufficient enough evidence. Alison has an army, but it is not the “A Team.” Alison’s Army is a group of people who have been doing things per Alison’s request since the very beginning of the series—Noel Kahn, CeCe Drake, Mike Montgomery, possibly some others.

In the first season, Noel Kahn tried to get close to Aria Montgomery. Maybe he was truly interested in her, and maybe he was not, but I definitely suspect he was working for Alison since the very beginning. Throughout most of his relationship, or lack thereof, with Aria, his highest goal was breaking up her relationship with Ezra. Could it be possible that this was his goal because Alison asked him to do it? Maybe, Alison put him up to it because she knew that Ezra was using Aria and the other girls to write a book, or at the very least, she knew that he definitely knew who Aria was all along and that she suspected his intentions with Aria were less than admirable. Do you remember when Noel was caught watching Hanna and Aria at that cupcake place where Hanna was pushed by “A” to eat all those pig cupcakes? I suspect that he was simply watching out for Hanna, per request of Alison, to make sure she did not go too far like she had once upon a time.

In season three, CeCe Drake randomly appeared at The Brew, where the girls almost always happen to be. Why, of all the places in Rosewood, would we be introduced to CeCe Drake at The Brew while she was quoting word for word something that Alison said in another episode? I suspect it is because Alison sent CeCe to Rosewood to test the girls. I suspect in the beginning, because she technically hurt them more than anyone else based on the fact that she considered them friends, Alison thought “A” was one of the girls. However, after seeing them get so entangled with “A,” who had been following her long before (s)he was following them, I suspect Alison realized that none of them were “A,” but she wanted to make sure. Therefore, she requested that CeCe go to Rosewood and test the girls. I suspect that Alison assumed that however the girls treated CeCe, knowing that she was basically who Alison would be in a few years, would be the same way they would treat her if she came back. I suspect that once the girls showed that they wanted to treat CeCe as civilly as possible, it proved that they were still loyal to Alison, despite the fact that she put them through crap for years.

Finally, in this season, Mike Montgomery has been acting super sketchy. Naturally, everyone’s minds automatically go to the thought of “What if Mike is ‘A.’” I will be honest, I started to think it a little bit, but now I’m not so sure… actually I am. I am very sure that Mike is not on the “A Team.” First of all, that would be too obvious, especially since we know “A” will not be revealed until at least half way through season six. Second of all, Mike is that younger, but not too much younger, brother of the best friend who used to be really dorky, but is now kind of hot, so we kind of like the “bad boy cred,” but we also want him to stay the sweet and innocent younger brother forever. Then, of course, there are the actual reasons he would not be “A.” Despite his anger issues and his differences in communication with Aria, he really does care about her. You can see their sibling bond play out multiple times throughout the series. In any case, he has been talking to Alison and communicating with Cyrus, aka Hank Mahoney, as of late, which would serve to believe that he is a part of Alison’s Army.

Also, let’s not forget that in season one, when Noel was threatening to overthrow Ezra, we saw Mike and Noel talking in the courtyard. We were led to believe that Noel told Mike “someone” was dating Aria’s favorite teacher, Ezra Fitz. Mike is not stupid, if that were all Noel told him, he would still fit the pieces together and realize that Aria was the one dating her teacher. I do not believe that is true though. I believe that both Noel and Mike knew long before this incident that Aria and Ezra were dating and I think it was Alison who told them, because she wanted to make sure they were both keeping an eye on Aria, just in case Ezra broke her heart.

The “A Team”

Now for the “A Team…” Mona Vanderwaal is obviously a part of the “A Team,” Jason probably is, and Wren Kingston is likely a part of the “A Team” as well.

We all know that Mona is still alive; she has been missing for far too long for her to be anything but alive. The only real and complete evidence we have ever gotten from Rosewood is that anyone who has been missing for longer than one or two episodes at most is always still alive. Therefore, Mona is still alive and well, or at least alive. How do we know this? Well, the proof is in the pudding. Who was the one to help Alison escape and hide for two years? Mona. Mona helped Alison escape and Mona is the one who did not tell anyone Alison was still alive; instead, she played dumb to the whole situation. Is it really so unbelievable that Mona would do the same for herself after seeing Alison live in hiding for two whole years? I don’t think so, especially since Mona’s reasons for hiding are likely different from Alison’s reasons for hiding. Just think about it. Who, especially in Rosewood, would ever suspect Mona of being “A” after she was already put in Radley for being “A?” Very few would suspect that! And that is why it is a brilliant plan! Mona allowed the girls and police to discover the truth so that no one would ever suspect her again! It was her plan all along to be caught so that she could get into Radley and work on far more elaborate plans than the fairly simple-minded plans we saw in seasons one and two.

Jason DiLaurentis may be one of the sketchiest people in Rosewood! He spent his high school years drinking beer and getting high. As well as being a drug addicted alcoholic in high school, he also started the NAT club with some friends so that they could spy on unsuspecting girls as they undressed and did other things in the so-called privacy of their own bedrooms. He claims that he cannot remember anything that happened the night Bethany (his theoretical sister) died and Alison (his half-sister) disappeared. He was missing for Alison’s funeral and much of the first season. He had stalker-like pictures in his shed of Aria sleeping. He may or may not have genuine feelings for Aria, whose main “A drama” revolves around her relationship with Ezra being destroyed. He may or may not have caused trouble with Emily on that elevator. He has been seen intimately conversing with Mona. He has slept with Ashley Marin. He is generally just a very sketchy guy.

Wren Kingston is also super sketchy. He is one of the many men who cannot seem to resist his attraction to young high school girls. We know very little about him or his past. He has already shown that he is comfortable breaking medical laws by giving Melissa strong medications for Ian and letting CeCe Drake and Hanna Marin into Radley Sanatorium without appropriate identification. He also seemed to be pretty close to Mona while she was in Radley.

Double Agents

Every good mystery has a few double agents. Double agents are the people willing to work with or for both sides of the war in order to gather and pass information from one or both sides to anyone asking for the information or simply to save themselves from any incriminating information that any side might have on them. We know that Caleb Rivers, Toby Cavanaugh and Spencer Hastings have definitely been double agents. We also know that Ezra Fitz has also technically been a double agent because he was spying on the girls just as much, if not more intently, than “A” him/herself has. He was especially working more intimately against the girls, because despite what he may or may not have been feeling for Aria at any given time, he did use their intimacy to gather information, which he did in the end swear to use only for the chance that it may keep Aria, and by extension, the other girls safe. However, there are also other characters who may be double agents whose motives we don’t know for sure. Lucas Gottesman and Jenna Marshall are also probably double agents.

Lucas, a victim of many of Alison’s cruel jokes, has every reason in the world to hate Alison and work against her on the “A Team,” but for the same reasons, he also has every reason in the world to hate Mona and work against the “A Team.” Therefore, it is likely to assume that he has been working as a double agent since the beginning of time, or at least since he tried drowning Hanna in the lake. We know that “A” recruited him to try to get rid of Hanna, he more or less confessed that himself, but we can also assume that he has likely been protecting the girls in some ways as well because he is pretty much in love with Hanna and true love makes you do the craziest of things.

In addition, Jenna is likely a double agent as well. We know that she has had a lot of anger toward Alison and the other girls for blinding her, but we have also seen that she has tried to put that behind her many times. We know that she worked against the girls when she was trying to find the flash drive that held her darkest secret on film, but we also know that she claimed in the Christmas episode that she was working with Alison now. If that is true, then it is safe to assume that wherever she is, if she is still alive, then she is doing some kind of work for Alison so that they can finally take “A” down. I suspect that if nothing else, Jenna is working with Alison because she knows that the other girls have done everything in their power to show her that they are truly remorseful over blinding her, especially Hanna, who pulled her out of Jason’s burning house.

Furthermore, I kind of think Mike and Mona have acted as double agents as well, but in less obvious ways. For example, I really think they do/did have feelings for each other, but Mike knew that Mona was/is “A,” so he knew that he could really do anything about it, so he used his relationship with her to learn as much about her as possible so that he and Alison could take “A” down once and for all. I think Mona eventually found out that Mike was using her and that is when she staged her death.

It is also possible that Mona is not still “A” and that she and Alison are working together to bring down “A” because as much as they hate and fear each other, they hate and fear “A” even more. However, my primary theory for Mona is that she is still on the “A Team.”

In conclusion, I truly believe that there are two secret teams in Rosewood—“The A Team” and “Alison’s Army,” aka “Redcoat.” If anyone has any thoughts to challenge or add this theory, I am more than open to hearing them. I have been formulating this theory in my head since I finished watching season four a few months ago and it has been driving me crazy to figure out some kind of proof to back it up. Now that I feel like I have found proof, I cannot wait to find out more in the last few episodes of this season, before next premieres and we find out at some point in that season who really is “A.”



Expansion on Previous Posts Based on New Evidence

Okay, so now that we’ve been given a few more clues and since a lot of the cast and crew for PLL are talking, I’ve got to reevaluate some of the potential scenarios for future PLL episodes. We’ve gotta talk a little bit more about the barrel. Then we’ve gotta talk a little bit about some of the characters who are becoming a lot more developed right now. And, later we’ll talk about the characters most likely, or most suspected, of being “A.”

First, let’s talk about the barrel. In two previous posts, I talked about how Mona, Holbrook, Melissa, Jenna, Paige, and Sarah (Ali’s alleged lookalike) could possibly be in the barrel. However, after recent developments, I must contract some of my previous mentions. Holbrook is definitely not in the barrel. He is alive and probably not well. He seems like he’s gone crazy or something. I don’t know what Alison, or maybe “A,” did to him, but he is not the man he once was. He’s actually kind of psycho, not a “This guy is definitely “A”’ kind of psycho, but “this guy belongs in Radley,” psycho. Jenna is also probably not in the barrel, because in an interview, Keegan Allen (Toby) said that he doesn’t think there will be a scene with him and Jenna any time soon because Tammin is spending a lot of time with her daughter. Tammin has been posting a lot of pictures of herself and her daughter in Australia (their homeland) the last few months, so maybe it’s true. Maybe Jenna just isn’t around right now. At this moment in time, I think it’s most likely Mona or Paige in the barrel, but who knows?

Now, what the heck is going on with Mike? He’s been acting a little psycho too. Maybe he’s just angry that Mona is dead, or missing, or whatever. Or, maybe he’s working with or for “A.” Whatever he’s doing, he’s certainly hiding something, and I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to figure out what is going on! Then there are Ezra and Toby who are like totally not acting like the amazing boyfriends we know they can be! They both seem to be pushing their girlfriends away and I just can’t figure out why! Toby joined the police force so that he could help Spencer and the girls, but he seems to be doing nothing but pushing them away. Now, there could be a perfectly logical reason for this. He could know a lot more than he’s leading on to, because he is a police officer, and he just doesn’t want to drag the girls into it. That’s perfectly logical, and quite frankly, I hope it’s true! The girls are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, but it is still totally romantic for the boyfriend to swoop in and save the day! Then there’s Ezra. Sure, his reasoning for suggesting he and Aria break up is perfectly reasonable, because he doesn’t want to stand in her way for new and exciting experiences, especially after she missed out on so much during high school, but haven’t we already been here and done that? I mean, gosh! He definitely already played the “Why don’t you try to be interested in your peers” card! I can understand why he thinks Aria meant at least a little bit of what she told Jackie, and it’s probably true that she does realize she missed out on a lot for Ezra, but I don’t think she ultimately cares! She had chance after chance, especially after finding out about the book, to cut herself loose from her relationship with Ezra, but she has chosen him EVERY TIME! I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they do legitimately break up again this season, but we all know they’ll back together again. If they don’t there will be a LOT of upset fans and I don’t think the creators of PLL are the kind of people to willingly leave their fans angry and broken.

Finally, who is most likely and most suspected of being “A?” Mike, Jason, Mona (assuming she’s still alive), and Alison are the most likely to be “A.” Toby, Ezra, and Caleb are the ones who know the most about the girls, and they could very likely be “A.” And the girls are each the most suspected of being “A.” However, Noel Kahn, CeCe Drake, Jenna Marshall, Melissa Hastings, Lucas G., Wren Kingston, and the Hastings parents are still super sketchy and unexplained as well. Who’s to know? I don’t know… Right now though, if I had to pick my top 3 suspects, I would pick Jason, Mike, and Mona (not necessarily in that order) for my most suspected. I’m trying to keep my theories open-ended for now though. That way, at the end of season 5 when we have all of our important clues, I won’t be close minded to any of the possibilities.



P.S. As of two seconds ago, I just watched a new promo for next week’s episode and saw that Andrew (the brainy kid who seemed to like Spencer) is back and probably tutoring Aria. To be honest, I always thought he was kind of strange too…. He also keeps coming back at random times…. Maybe “A” has just trained me not to trust anyone, or maybe I’m onto something… I don’t know, but I’m sure his reappearance has to mean something…. Maybe Aria will date him for a while? She’s already dated the popular bad boy (Noel), an older college guy (Jake) and had a fling with that other guy (Riley), and she’s had a LOT of history with her “bad teacher,” she might as well date the brainy guy, right?

P.P.S My brother just watched last night’s episode of PLL and suggested that Holbrook could have possibly been the angry guy talking to Mona the night before she was murdered while she was talking to Leslie… SO, that’s a theory! Especially since we now know that Holbrook is kind of crazzy and super psucho!

Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me

What to say about tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars…? It was extremely interesting. One of the Liars’ parents is finally seen again and that is Spencer’s mother who was talking to Alison’s lawyers to find out information about her and who might be questioned in trial. While Emily, Spencer, and Aria are watching Mrs. Hastings from across the street, they also see Holbrook get out of a car and walk into the police station.

While the Liars are sitting inside the brew a random redhead walks up to them and introduces herself as Lesli, Mona’s friend from out of town. When Lesli starts talking about Mona as if she were thebest friend who knew her better than anyone else, the girls become weary about her because the last time an unknown friend showed up it was CeCe and they still don’t trust CeCe.

Hanna and Caleb are at the police station and overhear Holbrook yelling at other police as he gathers his stuff and walks out of the room. He looks at them and says, “Perfect. Just perfect.” Then he walks away. Hanna later tells the girls that Holbrook was suspended for inappropriate behavior, such as being in a relationship with Alison and possibly cheating on her lie detector test for her.

Spencer goes through her mother’s papers and finds a list of people who have been visiting Alison in prison. One of the signatures both surprises and terrifies her so she goes to Aria to tell her that the signature was Mike’s. Naturally, Aria refuses to believe that Mike has been visiting Alison, who allegedly killed his girlfriend, but she agrees to confront him about it anyway.

When Hanna and Lesli go to Mona’s house together, Lesli picks up a book and asks Hanna if Mona ever talked to her about it. Hanna has a flashback of a time when Mona did talk to her about it. In the same flashback, Mona asks Hanna for three wishes and then shares that if she could have any wish, she’d wish for a stop watch that could stop time and space so that she was the only one moving or doing anything. She would be able to spy on people without them knowing. After the flashback Hanna says, “Mona was always thinking. She just wasn’t thinking what we thought she was thinking.”

Hanna and Lesli walk into The Brew with Mona’s book and Mike is there. He notices that they have the book and gets really defensive. He demands they give him the book so he can take it back to her house where it belongs. Hanna is able to calm him down and assure him that she will make sure it is put back where it belongs. After Mike walks away, Lesli tells Hanna that she was on the phone with Mona the night before she was murdered. She tells her that she heard a man’s voice over the phone telling her to get off the phone and talk to him. She is confident that it was Mike who was talking to Mona.

Hanna has another flashback of that night with Mona. In the flashback, Hanna asks Mona about Alison coming back and wonders if they would even notice her. Mona snaps that of course they would notice her, even if she cut and colored her hair. They would be the one’s she wouldn’t notice. She would be crazy and be locked into Radley “and no one gets out of there.”

While putting Mona’s book back, Hanna finds an audio tape hidden in the spine of the book. She quickly leaves and someone follows her. While she’s driving, Hanna notices that it’s a cop car that is following her. She opens the car door, picks up a long tool of some sort (it looks like a crowbar or something) and walks toward the other car. No one is in the car but then Holbrook shows up behind Hanna. He starts rambling, as if he’s drunk or insane, and asks, “How does a girl like Alison become a girl like Alison?” He goes on about how, because of her, the career that looked so bright and promising was now ruined. Hanna calls him out and says that a man like him should have been able resist the advances of a young girl. He goes on to say something about Tanner and how she knows everything.

The new male character, Jonny, talks to Spencer about something he’s making for The Brew for Ezra and explains that he was “inspired by Rosewood. This whole town is strung together with whispers (secrets and lies).”

The Liars listen to the tape of Bethany and she says, “she’s not the only one who can make plans.” The liars assume that it’s Alison that Bethany is speaking of, but of course, we can’t know for sure. At least, not yet.

Aria notices that Mike is leaving the house and follows him. She follows him to a bridge over a lake (it seems to be the one where Spencer confronted Melissa about the masks she had made). Mike takes a bag out of his pocket and leaves it on the railing of the bridge. When he walks away, Aria goes to inspect the bag and it appears to just be a bag of gummy candies that he left for someone. Mike turns around and confronts Aria. She tells him not to come back and not to talk to Alison again, but he says, “Nobody’s giving me orders anymore.” He also tells Aria, “Be careful going home through the woods.”

Mrs. Hastings tells Spencer that the blood spot found near the barrel was Alison’s.

Hanna tells the Liars about her confrontation with Holbrook and explains to them that he doesn’t know half of the stuff they thought he knew. Both she and Spencer wordlessly suggest that Mike has been the one helping Alison. Aria still doesn’t want to believe them and tells them that he won’t be seeing her anymore because she told him not to. However, Mike doesn’t listen and he does go to see Alison again. After discussing what they heard Bethany say on the recording, the girls suggest the possibility that what happened in Alison’s back yard “that night,” was a trap for someone… They just don’t know for whom or by whom.

In the final scene, we see that Liars were finally one step ahead of “A.” “A” goes into Mona’s room to find the recording but discovers that it’s gone.

Also signed at the time of the list was “Sarah Hernando.” If you remember correctly, in the past there was a girl named Sarah who seemed to be a lot like Alison who disappeared the same day Alison disappeared and was liked about the same by her group of friends as Alison was liked by her group of friends. This could be nothing, because the name is slightly different than what you’ll find when searching Google or YouTube for connections between Alison and the girl, because her name was originally “Sara Harvey.” However, it is extremely likely that this could be the same girl. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time someone’s name was changed on the show. Wren Kingston’s original last name was “Kim,” and Toby Cavanaugh’s original name was “Marshall.”

In the flashbacks of Hanna and Mona, we seem to be given two potential hints or clues. First, I’m sure many people might be taking Hanna’s comment about Alison coming back in disguise as a clue that Hanna knew Alison wasn’t dead and that she would indeed come back. Perhaps, Hanna knew about Alison’s “Vivian Darkbloom,” disguise. It wouldn’t be the first time one of the liars knew a random fact about Alison that they didn’t seem to find important to mention to the girls. Or maybe, Hanna was working with Alison? Or possibly even spying on her as “A” or as Mona’s assistant. Who knows? Everything is possible right now. Also in the flashback, when Mona talks about stopping time and spying on people without them knowing, she seems to be hinting at being “A.”

The clip the liars hear is of Bethany talking sinisterly about and to someone. The someone she is talking to is supposedly a psychiatrist or something and the person she is talking about is allegedly Alison. How can we know that though? We can’t right now. For all we know, she was talking about Jessica, she could have been talking about Mona, or she could have been talking about whoever “A” really is. And it is still possible that Mona is still alive and still “A.”

Mike specifically says, “Nobody’s giving me orders anymore.” This seems to entail that he had been taking orders from someone before. Lately, many things seem to be pointing to Mike possibly being “A,” but what if he was simply working for “A.” What if he has been doing a sort of “Toby move” where he works for “A” in order to protect Mona? Or Aria even? Anything is possible in Rosewood. Regardless of what he meant by that statement, he is clearly working with someone that he doesn’t want Aria to know about. Maybe he knows Mona is still alive and he brings her things that she may want or need? Or maybe he’s working with “A” and brings “A” things. Or maybe still, Mona and “A” are one in the same? Who knows?

What do you think? What stuck out to you about tonight’s episode? Please agree with or contradict my theories. Go into more depth about them if you can. I’m not even sure these are necessarily my theories. They are simply things that have gone through my head that I know other people are probably thinking.



P.S. Here is my best friend’s theory:
“Mona isn’t dead. She’s A and never stopped being A. But I think Mike was dating her because he is working for Aly, and Aly was trying to bring Mona down. And now he is visiting Aly in hopes they can still stop Mona.”


If you know me and or you’ve read any of my previous posts (even though all but one is related to Pretty Little Liars) then you probably know that I am the kind of girl who prefers emotional chick flicks or romantically entangled mysteries to action stories of any kind. I don’t watch scary movies, I mostly watch hero movies for the romantic side, I rarely watch any action movies, and I don’t think I have ever watched a war movie. Tonight I did though, and if I’m being honest, I only watched it because Brad Pitt is hot, Logan Lerman is one of my celebrity crushes, and Shia LeBeouf ain’t too bad either. Yes, I watched “Fury,” completely unaware of what it was actually about, for the simple fact that three of the leading actors are attractive. I should be ashamed, but I’m not, because as it turns out, I really like this movie. Sure, it had more blood, gore, war bombs, and F-bombs than I would have liked. However, it was a phenomenal story with a general plot about a seasoned war veteran (Brad Pitt) who takes a young kid (Logan Lerman) under his wings to guide him in the ways of war and to explain to him why so many men risk their lives in the line of duty. We see by the end that courage, faith, love, and loyalty, are the only things keeping this men in the war.

The first, and hardest, lesson Don (Brad Pitt) has to teach Norman (Logan) is how to be courage. Norman is just a young kid who was originally trained to write about 60 words a minute, but now he’s been thrown into the line of duty and he is petrified. He doesn’t want to be in the war, not fighting it at least, but he has to, because it’s his duty. Don, initially frustrated that he has to train this kid, roughs him up a bit by yelling at him, calling him names, and hitting him a bit. He even forces Norman to kill a man, but it doesn’t work. Norman is still afraid and weak, so Don tries a little harder. He pays more attention to Norman and realizes that he’s a sensitive guy with a soft exterior and even softer interior.

So, when Don sees the opportunity to show Norman that soldiers, at least American soldiers, aren’t heartless pinheads, he does. While in a town after attacking German soldiers, Don sees a woman peeking through a window and takes Norman to investigate. He knows that this woman is hiding someone. When he sees that the woman is hiding a younger girl named Emma, his heart softens, and he tries to treat them with as much dignity as possible, while at the same time, making sure his and Norman’s needs are met. He requests, or really orders, the woman and the girl (who is about Norman’s age) to fix them food, so they do it. While waiting for the food to be ready, Norman sits down at the piano and starts playing a beautiful melody that the girl hears. She walks up to him and starts singing along. When Don sees that Norman and Emma have a connection, he sends them to the bedroom. In the bedroom, they talk and quickly manage to fall in love. Before anything can go any farther though, Don is ordered to take his team back outside to discuss further moves. While outside, the German’s bomb the city, and the house that Emma was in was blown up. Norman rushed over to her and found her dead. In that scene you could see in Norman’s eyes that he would be much more willing to fight. It was as if falling in love, even if for a short time, filled him with enough courage to keep moving on.

Another character, dubbed Bible (Shia LeBeouf) for his unapologetic faith and quoting of scripture is in the war for one thing and one thing only, faith. Almost every word out of his mouth is quoting scripture or praising God (though he does also drop the F-bomb as much as any other character). Many times he states that the only reason he and the other guys are still fighting is because God isn’t done with them yet. Though the guys do get annoyed by all of his Jesus references, they also seem to be encouraged and motivated by them as well.

The final message I got from the movie is of loyalty. Don, aka “Wardaddy,” is as loyal to his men as any man would be to his woman. He literally takes bullets to fight for his men and his country. He is constantly reminding himself and his men that the only reason he is there and the only reason they should be there is because of loyalty. He tells Norman, aka “Machine,” that the main reason he is there is because he promised his men a long time ago that he would keep them safe, and he did. Until his last dying breath, he was fighting to keep as many men safe as possible.

I may have gone into this movie with the girly reason of watching attractive guys do whatever it is I expected them to do (I didn’t really have any expectations really), but I came out as a true fan of the movie and the story. I highly recommend that everyone, especially every American, watch this movie so that you can have a small taste of what it’s like for our men and women who serve to keep us safe and free. I feel like a piece of my soul died in that movie, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because if a war movie doesn’t tear you to pieces in one way or another, you probably need psychiatric help, because it’s just not American to watch a movie like this without coming out with a little bit of yourself torn up and a whole lot of yourself full of American pride!