Who’s in the barrel?

What’s in the barrel? That’s the question on every Pretty Little Liar’s mind right now. We all have theories and arguments, but I think we can all agree on one thing: There is a body in that barrel. The two most talked about theories are Mona and Officer Holbrook. Though, after talking to a friend about it, I personally think it’s Holbrook, I think there’s equal possibility that it would be Mona or that it could be a major new plot twist and be someone else, like maybe that random girl, Sarah, whose posse came to talk to our own Pretty Little Liars that one time. So, let’s talk about the possibilities.

It’s Mona. Okay, maybe it is Mona. Maybe, for once, the PLL writers decided to make things “easy” and just have it be as simple as it sounds. Maybe “A” found out that Mona found out who (s)he really is and decided to get rid of her so that no one else would find out, especially not the Liars.

It’s Holbrook. As my friend, Courtney, said, “Whenever someone goes missing for really no reason, they end up dead.” This might just be the truest statement ever made about Pretty Little Liars. Alison is the only Rosewood resident to ever go missing and then come back. Based on past events, it is more than likely that Holbrook is dead and in that barrel. However, even if he’s not the one in the barrel, it’s still extremely likely that he is dead.

It’s Sarah. Someone recently mentioned that one of the random things to happen and not really be explained in Rosewood was that group of four friends who heard about the liars and went to talk to them because they had a friend disappear at the same time that Alison disappeared. Marlene recently said that by the end of the show, all of the random subplots we’ve seen would be explained. Maybe this will be one of the ways she’ll connect that story to the main plot? Who knows? I don’t really think that that would happen at this point in the story, but it would make a pretty good plot twist and if it’s not Mona or Holbrook in the barrel, I feel like the plot twist would have to be as big and random as this theory.


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