Who’s In The Barrel: Part Two

Who’s missing? Well, we haven’t seen Melissa in a while. Jenna hasn’t been seen since the Christmas episode. And, Paige hasn’t been seen or heard from since she allegedly moved to California. Based on Rosewood’s history, it would make sense that one of these three girls would be found in the infamous barrel that we’ve all grown to hate because no one will tell us what’s in it! If you stop to look at the facts, it would make perfect sense that one of these girls would be found in the barrel.

Fact: As far as we know, no one has seen or heard from Melissa since she left that video confession for Spencer to watch. Theory: “A” killed Melissa, because she is Spencer’s sister and “A” knows that, even though they always fight, Spencer does love Melissa. Tanner made it a point to tell Toby that he couldn’t tell anyone what is in the barrel. That would be why he “blew off” Spencer at the end of the last episode because he knows he can’t look at her or talk to her without telling her that Melissa was the one in the barrel.

Fact: Jenna has been mysteriously missing since the Christmas episode and prior to that she was as much of a prominent character as she has usually been. Theory: Knowing that Toby knows more about of the “mysterious” events and murders that have happened in Rosewood than any of the other police, “A” decided to find a way to distract him from his work. Thus, (s)he murdered Jenna, stuffed her in the barrel, and tipped off the liars, knowing that Toby would find out. The hateful part of Toby’s love-hate relationship with Jenna may normally be stronger than the love part, but they are still step-siblings, and Toby always seems to have a soft spot in his heart for Jenna. That would also explain why he’s avoiding Spencer. Not only is their relationship a little rocky right now, but he is also feeling emotional about Jenna and doesn’t want to talk to Spencer about it because 1) he doesn’t know how he feels 2) Spencer and Jenna always had a very complicated relationship.

Fact: Emily hasn’t been able to get a hold of Paige since she moved to California. Paige’s move to California seemed very abrupt and random. Theory: Because Paige is about as connected to “A” as any of the Liars’ significant others, “A” didn’t want her to leave Rosewood, because if she did, then the other girls might get the idea that it’s okay for them to leave as well. Of course, if any of the girls left Rosewood, then “A” wouldn’t be able to continue his/her game and that would make “A” very upset. Thus, once the Liars’ find out that it’s Paige in the barrel, “A” will send them a message saying, “No one leaves Rosewood unless I say so. – A”

General Theory: If any of these girls is in the barrel, then it would be because we’re getting down to the boiling point of finding out who “A” is and the writers are starting to eliminate as many suspects as possible, so that it will become easier for us to decipher who “A” really is.

The Bin of Sin


Aria told Ezra the truth about her letter to Jackie. At first, he told her that it was a brilliant move, but then he read the letter again and realized that the letter was so convincing because there was at least some subconscious truth to what Aria wrote. When he told Aria what he thought, he told her that they should spend some time apart so that she can really experience college. She told him she didn’t want to; that she could still experience college while being with him. He asked her to at least consider it and she promised she would. Her last scene shows her looking through the school yearbook and realizing that while everyone else had extracurricular activities listed under their pictures and names, she didn’t, because her only extracurricular activity was going home with the teacher.

Hanna finds out that it’s her name on the lease for the storage unit that contains all of the evidence from Mona’s murder case, possibly including her body. She puts on her Nancy Drew shoes and sleuths her way into sneaking herself into the storage unit without being detected. When she and Caleb get into the unit, all of the evidence is gone, except for the barrel that the Liars suspect holds Mona’s body. While she and Caleb are walking away from the unit, Toby and Detective Tanner intercept them in the hallway.

Tanner, who is always suspecting the Liars of everything in the first place, becomes even more suspicion of Hanna and Caleb, especially after she and Toby find that the cables for the security cameras have been cut. She and Toby do discover what is in the barrel, but the camera does not show what they find.

After that, Spencer calls Toby to question him about why he didn’t warn them that he and Tanner were going to the storage place, especially after she informed him that she was worried about Hanna. He told her that his reason for not telling her was because Tanner only told him where they were going while they were driving. She asked him if he would come talk to her, but he told her that he couldn’t, because his job required him to keep quiet and because he would be at work late. That was a lie though, because as soon as he hung up, he walked to his truck and left the station.

In other news, the new worker at the Brew, which is now apparently owned by Ezra, has a thing for Emily. Aria and Spencer were almost frozen to death while following the GPS on Mona’s computer, because they thought Hanna and Caleb had taken it, but really it was “A,” whom they suspect is Holbrook, Ali’s alleged lover. Emily was also there and she saved them from dying. Also, Jason is feeling pretty bummed, because he slept with Ashley and she is trying to keep a distance, because Ted proposed to her.

My Thoughts and Theories

First of all, let me talk about Aria and Ezra. Anyone who has met me or has read any post from this blog knows that I am and will forever be #TeamEzriaForever. HOWEVER, even though I do LOVE them and dream of them being endgame, I do kind of want to see them break up just one more time because I still really want to see Aria and Jason as an actual couple. From the very first moment that Jason and Aria started flirting together, I have thought that, if it were not for Ezra, Jason would make a great boyfriend for Aria and she would make a great girlfriend for him. Even if he does end up being on the “A Team,” which may or may not be my primary theory at the moment, I would still love to see them again. I’m not really sure why, but I do love them together.

Now let’s talk about how cute and perfect Hanna and Caleb are together! Like seriously, they will literally do ANYTHING for each other! Caleb, who has already explained why he cannot be charged for a murder, is even willing to be convicted if it means helping Hanna attempt to clear her name! Ezria may be my favorite, but Haleb really is the best!

As for Spoby, well…. They’re kind of always surfing among the rocky ocean waters. They rarely have their heads above the water for more than a few seconds before going under again and finding themselves facing worse obstacles every time they turn around. It’s really not surprising that they are facing issues right now, but what is surprising, or rather irksome, is that Toby works for the Rosewood Police Station. As corrupt as they have been in the past, one would think that the last place anyone, especially Toby, would apply to work, is the Police Station. Toby is working there though and I feel like that should be an unforgivable offense, unless he decides that his relationship with the Liars, especially Spencer, is far more important than his job with the station. If he doesn’t pull off sone really incredible plan that gets all the Liars off the hook AND captures whoever the real murderer and stalker is, then I will be very disappointed and upset!

Furthermore, according to Marlene, Mike is supposed to start acting super sketchy in future episodes. I would suspect that there are two possible reasons for this: 1) He is helping Mona, whether she’s dead or not or 2) He’s on the “A Team” for many of the same reasons that I stated Jason would be on the “A” team.

In conclusion, did you watch the preview for next week’s episode? Did you see that Holbrook was very much alive and well and talking to Caleb and Hanna? Therefore, Holbrook is definitely not the one in the barrel. It is also extremely unlikely that Mona is in the barrel, because nothing that is ever highly suspected in the show is ever true. Thus, it should be assumed that an unknown body is in the barrel, or something else entirely is hiding in the barrel.



P.S. Does anyone else think that Detective Tanner seems extremely sketchy? She must be hiding something? I’m not sure what or why? BUT, she IS hiding SOMETHING!

Who’s in the barrel?

What’s in the barrel? That’s the question on every Pretty Little Liar’s mind right now. We all have theories and arguments, but I think we can all agree on one thing: There is a body in that barrel. The two most talked about theories are Mona and Officer Holbrook. Though, after talking to a friend about it, I personally think it’s Holbrook, I think there’s equal possibility that it would be Mona or that it could be a major new plot twist and be someone else, like maybe that random girl, Sarah, whose posse came to talk to our own Pretty Little Liars that one time. So, let’s talk about the possibilities.

It’s Mona. Okay, maybe it is Mona. Maybe, for once, the PLL writers decided to make things “easy” and just have it be as simple as it sounds. Maybe “A” found out that Mona found out who (s)he really is and decided to get rid of her so that no one else would find out, especially not the Liars.

It’s Holbrook. As my friend, Courtney, said, “Whenever someone goes missing for really no reason, they end up dead.” This might just be the truest statement ever made about Pretty Little Liars. Alison is the only Rosewood resident to ever go missing and then come back. Based on past events, it is more than likely that Holbrook is dead and in that barrel. However, even if he’s not the one in the barrel, it’s still extremely likely that he is dead.

It’s Sarah. Someone recently mentioned that one of the random things to happen and not really be explained in Rosewood was that group of four friends who heard about the liars and went to talk to them because they had a friend disappear at the same time that Alison disappeared. Marlene recently said that by the end of the show, all of the random subplots we’ve seen would be explained. Maybe this will be one of the ways she’ll connect that story to the main plot? Who knows? I don’t really think that that would happen at this point in the story, but it would make a pretty good plot twist and if it’s not Mona or Holbrook in the barrel, I feel like the plot twist would have to be as big and random as this theory.

My Theory on Jason DeLaurentis

When I originally started writing this blog, my plan was not to write about who I think could potentially be “A,” but instead who probably isn’t “A” until the end of season five, but after tonight’s episode, a theory came to me that I just can’t shake and I really want to write about it, so I am! I read earlier (unfortunately I can’t remember where) that Marlene King allegedly posted something along the lines of “You’ll feel sorry for “A” when you find out who he/she is” on her twitter page. Then while watching tonight’s episode and thinking about it afterward,  I thought of an interesting, often visited, theory. Jason is “A.”

In an interview, Marlene said only one fan has ever figured out who “A” is. In another interview, she clarified that it wasn’t so much “who” the fan suspected that was unusual, but the “how and why.” So, who’s to say it’s not Jason? He’s had major connections to four of the five liars and has been scarce in some episodes and fully there in other episodes. To me it makes sense that he very likely could be “A.” In this post, I’ll list several of the reasons why I suspect him as being “A,” but by stating as many facts about him as I can think of.

Last thing we knew, Jason claimed that he could not remember any relevant details about the night Alison disappeared and Bethany was killed. After the incident, as he told Aria, he woke up to a note saying, “I know what you did.” One would suspect that Jason didn’t really do anything, but that “A” simply planted the note so that he would feel guilty. How do we know the real work of “A” wasn’t in fact that Jason was showing Aria the note in an effort to throw the suspicion off of himself? He also didn’t show up at Alison’s funeral. He may or may not have a good reason for that, but odds are whatever his reason may be, it’s not a good one. His sister had been allegedly murdered and he couldn’t even show up. Why? Was he the one who killed her? Or, did he know that she wasn’t really dead? Either way, it would take some inside scoops to know that information.

He has close connections with four of the five liars. First, he’s Alison’s brother and he always seems to take second place in the eyes of his parents compared to her, the sister he always seems to speak of in a jealous tone. Second, he is Spencer’s half-brother because of Jessica DiLaurentis and Peter Hastings’ secret affair. Third, he continues to seem to have a thing for Aria. He even kissed her in season two. If Jason were “A” and genuinely loves and cares for Aria, it would explain why the worst thing that generally happens to her is constant attacks on her relationship with Ezra, the man she chose over him. Fourth, as shown in the last two episodes, Jason now has connections with Hanna, because he allegedly slept with her mother.

The N.A.T. Club: Jason DiLaurentis was one of the founding members of the N.A.T. Club, a club created for the sole purpose of secretly watching and filming unsuspecting girls for entertainment. “A” is known for filming and photographing just about everyone in Rosewood, especially the Liars. If he is “A,” it would give more explanation for the pictures Spencer and Emily found in Jason’s tool shed of Aria sleeping. And, speaking of the N.A.T. club, he is the only founding member who is still alive. Coincidence or convenience? You decide.

Evidence? Most of the “evidence” anyone in Rosewood has found has allegedly pointed toward Alison and Spencer. Bethany, Jessica DiLaurentis’ possible other secret children, is dead. If that is true, then one of Jason’s sisters (whom also got more attention from Jessica than he did) is dead, another is in jail, and the other one is constantly being framed for people’s deaths. Maybe that’s why Jason was an alcoholic druggee in high school? Maybe he knew about Spencer and Bethany and just wanted to forget about it instead of confronting anyone, that is until after he graduated and “A” showed up, taunting Alison, potentially murdering Bethany, and stalking Spencer (and the other girls.)

Motive: Alison and Bethany were given more attention from his mother than he was, so he got jealous and decided to get rid of them if he could. This would explain why they were both there “that night,” why they were wearing the same clothes, and why they were both buried to be found in his biological father’s and half-sisters’ backyard. Spencer receives more attention from their biological father than he ever has. It would make sense that Melissa would be stalked too, but one must remember that Melissa was dating an NAT member and that she was seen with Ali and with the other two NAT members “that night.” That could have been his way of giving her an easy way out. Or it was simply that he knew she hated Alison as much as he did. Since the days when she wore pink highlights, Aria has always been a subject of his attention. He respected her and admired her for living outside of the box. He presumably thought she was beautiful (just about everyone does.) He kissed her. He allegedly took pictures of her while she was sleeping. She seems to get less of the brunt than any of the other girls do. Could this be because he is trying to spare her? Hanna replaced Alison as the “it girl” in school after she disappeared, maybe Jason didn’t like that? After all, Alison was his sister, even if he possibly tried to kill her. Finally, Emily also seems to get less attacks from “A,” than Alison, Spencer, and Hanna. Could it be because “A,” aka Jason, doesn’t really have anything against her accept the fact that she is close friends with Alison and Spencer?

My theory is likely faulty, but I didn’t really do any research like I have for my previous posts. However, even if it’s not the right theory, you must surely admit it’s a pretty interesting one? Anyway, tell me what you think? Could I be right or am I totally wrong? You decide!



P.S. I just remembered that Emily and Jason were connected for a little while in season (I think) 3!

Ezra, Toby, and Caleb :)

This week, instead of writing about the new episode, I’m going to write about the three male leads—Ezra, Toby, and Caleb—and their relationships with the girls.

EZRA FITZ: Ezra, Ezra, Ezra… He’s been quite the naughty boy! First, he illegally dates his student. Then, he secretly dates her behind her parents’ backs, even though they know and don’t approve. Not only does he secretly date her, but he also sleeps with her. Next, his girlfriend who is in high school learns that he got his high school girlfriend pregnant (but thank God, we find out that that was a lie). Later, Aria finds out that Ezra initially only spoke to her because he knew that she was a best friend of Alison DiLaurentis, a girl who was the subject of a book he was writing. Finally, he serves alcohol to five more of his underage students for Christmas dinner and later appears in front of them in only his boxers. Needless to say, Ezra may teach very well, but that doesn’t stop him from being a very bad teacher.

Regardless of his immoral tendencies as a teacher though, (almost) all of us still love and adore him. And it’s because of the way he treats all of his students, but especially Aria (I mean, aside from the whole “lying about the way they met” thing, but whatever). He treats them all like friends and helps them out whenever he gets a chance, like when Emily needed a tutor, he helped her out, and even gave her a make-up test of sorts when she failed, but still passed (thanks to Aria’s Mom), an English test. For more on Ezra go to the blog post I wrote about him called The Truth About Ezra Fitz.

TOBY CAVANAUGH: He’s the misunderstood troubled guy that every girl wants to love because the nurturing female instinct we have comes out at full strength when we see a guy like him. With his messy hair, black leather jacket, and constant run-ins with the law, he can’t help but wear an uneasy, brooding look on his face at all times. Behind his tough guy exterior though, we see a soft and warm heart of gold. He wants and tries to see the good in everyone, even though it’s sometimes very difficult for him, due to the fact that he’s been burned by just about every person who’s ever crossed his path. He’s sweet and he’s charming, and everything he does is in order to protect Spencer first, Emily second, and then, if he has time, himself. Even his darkest moment of all, the moment when he sold himself to the devil, aka “A,” as a minion, he was doing it because he was hoping it would keep Spencer safe.

CALEB RIVERS: Like the relationship of Ezria, the relationship of Haleb also started based on a lie. Jenna paid Caleb to get close to Hanna so that he could find a key that would lead Jenna to a USB stick that held her deepest, darkest, most regretted secret. When he realized he and Hanna actually had something going for them, though, he called things off with Jenna. Hanna found out though and ended things with him, for the first of many times. Eventually he came back though and made things right. They started dating again and everything was going fairly smoothly, until he broke up with her again because of what he learned in Ravenswood. (I’m not too sure what he learned, because I can’t find anywhere to watch Ravenswood, but it has something to do with that other girl dying and turning into a ghost) Finally, as of right now, Caleb and Hanna are happily dating again.

ARIA MONTGOMERY: Aria is the seventeen-year-old student of Ezra Fitz, the man who is not only her teacher, but also her twenty-five-year-old boyfriend (he was eighteen when he allegedly got Maggie pregnant, and Malcolm was mentioned to be seven years old in the episodes shortly following Ezra’s birthday.) Even though she has lied to everyone she knows because of her relationship with Ezra, their relationship has done a lot of good for her. In the beginning, it was a pleasant muse to distract her from her family drama and the drama that came with Alison DiLaurentis. Soon, it became a full-fledged relationship that has tested her in every way imaginable, though it has lead her to lie to everyone she’s ever known, it has also shown her how much she is willing to give for something or someone that she loves. She said it herself, “When you love someone, it’s worth fighting for no matter what the odds.” Furthermore, it has helped her grow up in ways that not even “A” could push her to grow up.

SPENCER HASTINGS: In the beginning, she was Toby’s biggest opponent, few people wanted him locked up more than she did, but then things changed. She watched him walk through the city as little boys crossed the street, just so they wouldn’t cross his path. She followed him into an alley and watched him lean against a wall, slide down it, and cry. Watching this softened her heart toward him and they eventually started working together to find out more about Jenna. As they worked together, they started to fall for each other, until they were eventually head over heels for each other. It got to a point that they were so in love with each other that Spencer put herself in Radley because she thought he was dead. Though it is still debatable whether she purposely landed in Radley or whether she was legitimately mental over Toby, we do know that she was willing to sell her soul to “A” in order to find him, and that in itself is enough to consider her crazy.

HANNA MARIN: She’s the peasant who turned into the princess and fell in love with a frog. A blonde with blue eyes who used to have money, Hanna Marin is the kind of girl who, based on stereotypes, is more fitted to be dating someone like Noel Kahn. Instead she dates Caleb Rivers, a long-haired boy with a dark past, unpredictable present and future, and the brain of a CIA agent who can hack into just about anything you want him to hack into. Their rollercoaster relationship is as typical as a high school relationship can get. They have broken up numerous times, fight about everything, and make up as if nothing happened, even if it’s been months since they were last happy together. They try to keep each other safe by lying to each other about what they’re doing sometimes, but everything they do is for the safety of the other.

In conclusion, Ezria has the unhealthiest relationship of all, based on the fact that everything has revolved around lying to each other and the people around them. In the end though, they are my favorite, because even though they have been toxic for each other, they’ve been able to filter out the things in their relationship that suffocate them and find the things that give them life. Spoby has the most passionate relationship. Of all the characters (other than Alison DiLaurentis), Toby is probably the most misunderstood character of all. Spencer is the only person in Rosewood who truly loves and understands him despite his tough exterior. She’s the only one who is willing to give up everything just to be with him. Toby understands Spencer in ways that no one else does; he’s completely and totally willing to drop everything and do anything for her, even if it means running away with nothing but her hand in his. Finally, Haleb has the most normal and healthiest relationship. They fight and break up, kiss and make up, and give each other all the space in the world to figure life out. They keep secrets from each other, hide things about their lives, and still trust each other with every ounce of trust they have.

Ezria: “It feels so good, but you’re so bad for me.” – Bad for Me by Megan and Liz

Spoby: “I fell in love with him the way you fall asleep—slowly, then all at once.” – Hazel Grace from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Haleb: “If you love something, set it free. If it was meant to be, it will come back to you.” ― Meg Cabot



Emily Fields: She has an interesting relationship with both Ezra and Toby. Her simple relationship with Ezra is that he tutored her and now they’re somewhat friends. Her complicated relationship with Toby is that of a homosexual girl who is lost and confused and might be falling for a guy, but learns that she isn’t, he’s just a very good friend who becomes the first person to really accept her for who she is and not who she pretends to be. In a way, Emily and Toby understand each other in a few ways that not even the girls understand Emily and not even Spencer understands Toby, but that’s what makes them a great pair of friends. They’re always there for each other, even though we rarely see them together.

Who Killed Mona Vanderwall and is She Really Dead?

Spencer Hastings is no longer on trial for the death of Bethany Young. Mona Vanderwaal was allegedly murdered in her home by a blonde haired woman. Alison DiLaurentis is now in jail for the death of both Mona and Bethany. All seems to be going well for four of the six liars, but is all as it seems? Just before being arrested, a very scared Alison told her long lost friends that she was not “A” and that by allowing her to be arrested, they were giving the real “A” exactly what (s)he wanted. Not one Rosewood resident seems to believe her though, and with good reason, all the evidence points to Alison as the one who murdered Mona, and possibly Bethany, too. This is Rosewood though; you can’t take evidence as it comes. You have to dissect it once, twice, and a dozen more times before you have the real answer.

Based on this truth, there is little to no reason to believe that Alison killed Mona. It is also perfectly reasonable to doubt that Mona is truly dead. Yes, the girl in the video looks suspiciously like Alison, but no one can prove that it is her, at least not right now. For all we know, “A” really is framing Alison. Or maybe, Mona faked her death so that she could leave Rosewood. She is the one who helped Alison fake her own death for two years, who’s to say she isn’t doing it for herself as well?

Theory One: The video is the first honest piece of evidence the Rosewood police have ever found. The video has not been tampered with, Alison did show up at Mona’s house on Thanksgiving Day, and she did drag Mona from her bedroom, down the stairs, into the living room, and outside the house in a fit of murderous rage.

Theory Two: “A” wore a blonde wig to look like Alison, went to Mona’s house, confronted her in her bedroom, and murdered her because she knew too much.

Theory Three: “A” is a blonde (CeCe Drake, Meredith Sorenson, Hanna Marin, Hanna’s step-sister Kate) who is not Alison. That blonde went into Mona’s home and murdered her.

Theory Four: “A” has a blonde minion (see before mentioned blondes) and the minion killed Mona.

Theory Five: Mona staged her death. She got someone to wear a blonde wig, come into her house, pretend to drag her down the stairs, and make it look like she was being murdered.

Theory Six: Mona and Alison realized that “A” was bigger than their hatred for each other decided to work together. Alison really did go into Mona’s house, which is why she won’t tell anyone where she was, and helped Mona fake her own death the way Mona helped her two years ago.

Theory Seven: Alison has a twin who has been traumatizing her for years and decided to frame Alison for the murder of Bethany and Mona.

Theory Eight: Bethany is Alison’ twin, Bethany is not dead, and Bethany killed Mona.

Theory Nine: That blonde girl who was friends with that other random group of five that showed up in one episode is somehow apart of everything and she is the one framing Alison or is the one who was really murdered “that night.”

What do you think? Which is your favorite theory? Do you have a different theory? Please share your thoughts with me in the comments! 🙂



5×14 – Pretty Little Liars: Through a Glass, Darkly – Episode Overview

Tonight, the second half of Pretty Little Liars’ fifth season premiered. The episode takes place three months after Mona Vanderwaal was allegedly murdered and all eyes are turned suspiciously at Alison DiLaurentis. Even her four closest friends, or maybe ex-friends, suspect that Alison killed Mona. No one can prove it though, because Alison’s dad, Kenneth, and brother, Jason, both swear that she was with them during the time that the crime was committed.

Rosewood’s four little liars refuse to believe Alison’s alibi though, so Emily and Spencer decide to do whatever it takes to prove Alison’s guilt. They drop in at the DiLaurentis home and find Jason, whom Spencer confronts, accusing him of lying about being with Alison on Thanksgiving. At first, Jason refuses to admit that he was not with Alison, but then Spencer plays the “I’m your sister too” card and Jason’s silence says everything. After Emily and Spencer leave, Jason confronts Alison about where she really was on Thanksgiving. Alison swears up and down that she is being framed for Mona’s murder, but does not answer where she supposedly was instead.

Toward the middle of the episode, Emily and Spencer go into Mona’s home to place false evidence that Alison was indeed at the Vanderwaal home on Thanksgiving. While looking for a place to leave strands of hair from Ali’s hairbrush, Spencer looks inside the air vent and finds a hidden camera that she suspects Mona setup for evidence and safety.

After the girls tell Hanna and Aria about their find, Hanna goes to Mona’s mom and suggests that she ask the police to search her home one more time, because Mona had mentioned to her that she had wanted to set up hidden cameras around the house. Mrs. Vanderwaal follows Hanna’s advice and the police do find the hidden camera. On the camera, they see that Mona was dragged down the stairs and around the house by a blonde that looks suspiciously like Alison. The police decide the video is proof enough that Alison was the murderer and call Jason in for more questioning. This time, Jason admits that he lied about Alison being with him and that the person in the video does look like it could be Alison.

In the last few minutes of the episode, we see the police pull up at the DiLaurentis home while Alison is inside. Scared, she tries to run away, but the other four liars stop her in the yard and don’t let her pass. She argues that they are wrong. She did not kill Mona and that by letting the police arrest her, they are giving A exactly what (s)he wants. The girls don’t listen though and Alison is arrested. The final scene with the girls shows that A, presumably Alison, arranged for celebration fireworks to leave a giant “A” in the sky to scare them. The doubt is obvious in the girls’ eyes though; they seem to second guess their decision to believe that Alison is “A.”

Also throughout the episode, Aria worries about her future, because she has not been accepted by any of the schools where she has applied to attend. In an effort to find out if she or “A” is the reason that she’s not getting into the schools, she goes to Caleb to help her hack into the school systems to see why exactly she was rejected.

In addition, we watch Mike react, or not react, to Mona’s alleged death. For the most part, he seems stone cold, almost as if he doesn’t care, but then he has a talk with Aria and admits that he is hurting. He hates seeing the whole town, including Aria and the girls, pretending that they liked and knew Mona, when they didn’t know her at all. Aria asks Mike to tell her about the real Mona one day and Mike stares blankly at her before starting to cry. As Aria walks away, she hears Mike’s sobs for Mona, and stops at the exit of the living room to cry with and for him.

Finally, we see that the Young family has decided to revoke their decision to let Spencer go freely after being suspected of being Bethany Young’s murderer. However, Alison’s alleged murdering of Mona causes the police to believe she also killed Bethany, so Spencer is set free, while Alison is locked up in a prison cell.

After the episode ended and the “what’s to come” preview aired afterward, we see a brief picture of Jackie Molina, aka Ezra’s ex-fiance and one of Aria’s personal enemies. It is unknown at this time why Jackie would be shown in a preview for season five, when she hasn’t been seen since midway through season two, but it can be expected that if she’s showing up now, she’s going to have some major shade over her!