Who Isn’t “A?”

Warning: Do NOT read if you have not watched passed the Christmas episode!

“Who is “A?” That is what every person in the PLL Army is asking. However, I suggest, we stop asking, “Who is ‘A,’ and start asking, “Who isn’t ‘A?’” Everyone has a theory about who might be “A.” Many think it is Aria or Alison, maybe Ezra, or possibly someone’s secret twin. I highly doubt it’s any of them though.

I. Marlene King is a BRILLIANT writer. She is smart, incredibly clever, and extremely sneaky! I doubt that she would ever make any of the five girls be “A.” Smart writers never have their sleuths double as the villain. The whole reason people read and watch mysteries, like Pretty Little Liars, is to figure out “Who-dun-it.” Stalker/Murder mysteries are supposed to be as realistic as possible. If any of the girls are “A,” then it would mean that they have tortured themselves for the past two years for no other reason than to make friends, family, and fans alike believe that it couldn’t be them. Realistically, no one would torture themselves the way “A” has tortured them just to throw away suspicion. Furthermore, Spencer has not only technically already been a part of the “A TEAM,” but she is also suspect number one on the Rosewood Police’s suspect list, which can pretty much rule her out as being “A.” As for Alison, who did everyone, including the other four Liars suspect of being “A” in the very first episode? That’s right, Alison; therefore, she couldn’t possibly be “A” because we’ve all kind of been suspecting it the whole time. A great writer wouldn’t allow her viewers to discover the criminal in the very first episode. As for the other girls, most of the “Clues” gathered for theories against them can be picked apart so fast it will leave your head spinning, rendering the theories weak, at best.

Other popular theories try to prove that one of the “bed buddies” is “A,” which is absurd! Ezra, Toby, and possibly Caleb each have alibis as to why they couldn’t be “A,” Maya was murdered, and Paige… well, Paige could still possibly be “A,” but I highly doubt it. As we all know, if you abided by the warning signs and only began to read this upon watching season four of the show, Ezra’s alibi is that he was writing a true crime novel about Alison’s disappearance and that he originally only talked to Aria because he knew she was one of Ali’s closest friends. Then, upon finding that he was truly attracted to Aria, he stopped writing the book, only to pick it up again when everything in his life was seemingly upside down. Toby’s alibi was that he really was on the “A TEAM,” but only because he wanted to protect Spencer. Finally, Caleb’s alibi is that he worked with Jenna, before falling for Hanna, and probably that he faced a lot of crazy crap in Ravenswood that now makes him weary and skeptical of everything else. However, until we find out if he and Alison are connected in anyway (they always seem to share strange glances now that she’s back in Rosewood), we can’t completely rule him out as a suspect.

We also can’t really claim that Melissa could be “A” anymore either, because she revealed that the reason she was being so sketchy was because she buried Bethany Young in order to protect Spencer, whom she thought had killed Bethany in the first place. Thus, also potentially ruling out Peter Hastings, whom we know knew the truth about Melissa.

Furthermore, we may also be able to rule out Peter as a suspect, because his secret was that he is really Jason’s biological father, as well. However, we can’t know for sure if that’s a reliable alibi or not, because Peter is such a shady guy, that he may have very well attempted to kill Alison for blackmailing him and later killed Jessica DeLaurentis for saying that she couldn’t protect him anymore.

It’s liable that we can also rule out Noel Kahn and Cece Drake as suspects as well, because as it seems, their sketchiness has been based on the fact that they knew Alison was still alive. And that they have been and probably still are helping Alison escape the evil clutches of “A” and now the distrusting, watchful eyes of Alison’s “ex” best friends.

Other than that though, we can’t for sure rule out anyone except for those characters that have been killed. There are few characters that we can possibly rule out, based on certain evidence, but it’s not really proven evidence, so I won’t include them in this post, but in another post at a later date.



Alison DiLaurentis: Malicious or Just Misunderstood

In life, there is always a mean girl. She’s the girl whom everyone hates to love. There’s just something about her that makes you want to be her best friend, even though you know she’s one of the cruelest and most manipulative people around. She’s a bully and she doesn’t seem to be happy unless someone is whimpering for mercy at her feet. Deep down though, you know there’s a loving and caring person hidden inside that cold, black heart of hers. That sweet and innocent person doesn’t want to come out though, because she’s been hurt and tormented by someone else, someone who made her believe that having a vulnerable and sensitive side makes you weak. In Rosewood, Pennsylvania, that girl is Alison DiLaurentis.

Alison DiLaurentis is a beautiful girl with a rich daddy and a quick wit that can get her just about anything that money can’t. She used to be the ring leader at Rosewood High School, where all the guys wanted to date her and all the girls wanted to be her best friend. Just before her sophomore year though, she disappeared and didn’t comeback for over two years. Now that she is back, almost everyone hates her and her previously known as best friends think she is “A,” a psychotic murderer who has been stalking and tormenting them since the beginning of their junior year of high school. if you look at the evidence though, it just doesn’t make sense that Alison is “A.” Sure, there’s a possibility that she might have worked with “A” at some point, but she is not “A.”

In the first few episodes of season 5, all Ali can seem to think about is staying safe and possibly getting Aria and Ezra back together. Not only does her fear of being found by “A” seem genuine, but her concern for Aria and Ezra does also.

In 5×03,  Peter Hastings finds Alison walking the Rosewood streets alone at night. When she recognizes him, Alison seems afraid and on edge. It seems to me, that if either of these two are “A,” then it would be Peter and not Alison. (More on my Peter suspicions in a later post)

In 5×05, on her first day back to school, the background song is “Begin Again” by Rachel Platten. The lyrics to this song talk about wiping away the past, erasing your mistakes, and cleaning up all the messes you’ve made. It’s sung from an almost timid and shy point of view. I think it’s important to pay attention to the theme of this song when judging Alison, because if you do, her actions leading to this moment and following really seem to line up with the song.

     In 5×04, she looks at her social media profile and finds hateful comments after hateful comment. While she is looking at the page she seems genuinely sad and hurt over the comments, as if she truly regrets her actions toward everyone before she left. Then, before meeting up with her friends in front of the school, she apologizes to two of the girls she used to bully. Later, in 5×05, she apologizes to Paige and Emily for the way she treated them as well.

Also in 5×05, when Mona confronts Alison at the church, Ali seems to try to start off by being nice to Mona, but Mona doesn’t have it. She antagonizes Ali until she puts up her wall once more and starts talking smack back to Mona. Then, after she slaps Ali, she slaps her back. As if realizing that she is slipping into her old mold and giving Mona what she wants in the process, Ali walks away. The next day at school, Mona shows everyone the secret video she took of her confrontation with Alison the night before. It’s edited though. It neither shows Mona’s initial antagonistic comments, nor that she slapped Alison before Alison slapped her. The few people who were rooting for Alison to be a different and kinder person turn on her at this moment.

The last scene in 5×05 shows the girls and their boyfriends sitting in Emily’s living room watching a news report about the body found in Alison’s grave. When the name “Bethany Young” is announced, you can see a glimmer of recognition in Alison’s eyes. Stronger than recognition though is a look of mixture, shock, and fear. Skipping ahead to 5×13, we see that Alison did in fact know who Bethany was, that she might be afraid of her (based on the way she asked about her to Mona), and that she allegedly invited Bethany to Rosewood the very weekend she was murdered (I say “allegedly,” because in Rosewood, you never take “evidence” at face value). Finally, when she is talking to Mrs. Fields in 5×07, she repeatedly says, “I was ashamed.” I don’t think she said this for show. I think she really meant it. I think one of the reasons she was gone so long was because she was ashamed of the girl she was–the girl everyone in Rosewood knew to be malicious and manipulative– the girl who let everyone believe was dead.

Several episodes later, after the girls have shown that they don’t trust Alison, Ali puts up another wall and acts as if she neither wants, nor needs the girls to help her make it through “A’s” torment. She even enters the Ice Ball to another song by Rachel Platten called “Fight Song.” The lyrics to this song are similar to those of “Begin Again” but are sung in a more upbeat and empowered manner. The lyrics also speak of how she’s going to prove to everyone that she’s okay, she can take care of herself, and she doesn’t need anyone else to believe in her. However, while the girls and their significant others eat Christmas dinner together at Spencer’s house, Alison peeks inside the window to see them having fun without her. The look on her face when she turns away from the window is absolutely heartbreaking. It seems that in that moment, she realizes that she has completely blown her chances of making amends with them, at least while “A” is still out there tormenting them.

    I do not believe Alison is, was, or ever will be “A.” I think she is simply a girl who was raised in a household of deceit that made her put up walls to protect her from being hurt by other people. I believe that in season 7, after “A” is revealed in season 6 (according to Marlene King), that Alison will be able to reconcile with the other girls and that, among other things, the whole season will show the Liars trying to make things right with everyone, particularly Alison, and that Alison will spend the season genuinely trying to gain back everyone’s trust.